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tar.h File Reference
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union  record
struct  record::header


#define RECORDSIZE   512
#define NAMSIZ   100
#define TUNMLEN   32
#define TGNMLEN   32
#define TMAGIC   "ustar" /* 5 chars and a null */
#define GNUTMAGIC   "ustar " /* 7 chars and a null */

Class Documentation

union record

Definition at line 51 of file tar.h.

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Class Members
char charptr
struct header header
struct record::header

Definition at line 53 of file tar.h.

Class Members
char chksum
char devmajor
char devminor
char gid
char gname
char linkflag
char linkname
char magic
char mode
char mtime
char name
char size
char uid
char uname

Define Documentation

#define GNUTMAGIC   "ustar " /* 7 chars and a null */

Definition at line 73 of file tar.h.

#define NAMSIZ   100

Definition at line 47 of file tar.h.

#define RECORDSIZE   512

Definition at line 46 of file tar.h.

#define TGNMLEN   32

Definition at line 49 of file tar.h.

#define TMAGIC   "ustar" /* 5 chars and a null */

Definition at line 72 of file tar.h.

#define TUNMLEN   32

Definition at line 48 of file tar.h.