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php5  5.3.10
cyr_convert.h File Reference
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 PHP_FUNCTION (convert_cyr_string)

Function Documentation

PHP_FUNCTION ( convert_cyr_string  )

Definition at line 272 of file cyr_convert.c.

       char *input, *fr_cs, *to_cs;
       int input_len, fr_cs_len, to_cs_len;
       unsigned char *str;

       if (zend_parse_parameters(ZEND_NUM_ARGS() TSRMLS_CC, "sss", &input, &input_len, &fr_cs, &fr_cs_len, &to_cs, &to_cs_len) == FAILURE) {

       str = (unsigned char*) estrndup(input, input_len);

       php_convert_cyr_string(str, input_len, fr_cs[0], to_cs[0] TSRMLS_CC);
       RETVAL_STRING((char *)str, 0)

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