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openldap  2.4.31
Todo List
Member MDB_rel_func )(MDB_val *item, void *oldptr, void *newptr, void *relctx)
This feature is currently unimplemented.
Member mdb_set_relfunc (MDB_txn *txn, MDB_dbi dbi, MDB_rel_func *rel)
The relocation function is called whenever it is necessary to move the data of an item to a different position in the database (e.g. through tree balancing operations, shifts as a result of adds or deletes, etc.). It is intended to allow address/position-dependent data items to be stored in a database in an environment opened with the MDB_FIXEDMAP option. Currently the relocation feature is unimplemented and setting this function has no effect.
Group readers

We don't actually do such coalescing yet, we grab pages from one old transaction at a time.