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openldap  2.4.31
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slap.h File Reference
#include "ldap_defaults.h"
#include <stdio.h>
#include <ac/stdlib.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <ac/syslog.h>
#include <ac/regex.h>
#include <ac/signal.h>
#include <ac/socket.h>
#include <ac/time.h>
#include <ac/param.h>
#include "avl.h"
#include "ldap_log.h"
#include <ldap.h>
#include <ldap_schema.h>
#include "lber_pvt.h"
#include "ldap_pvt.h"
#include "ldap_pvt_thread.h"
#include "ldap_queue.h"
#include "proto-slap.h"

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struct  slap_ssf_set
union  Sockaddr
struct  OidMacro
struct  Syntax
struct  slap_syntax_defs_rec
struct  MatchingRule
struct  MatchingRuleUse
struct  slap_mrule_defs_rec
struct  AttributeType
struct  ObjectClass
struct  ContentRule
struct  AttributeDescription
struct  AttributeName
struct  slap_internal_schema
struct  AttributeAssertion
struct  SubstringsAssertion
struct  MatchingRuleAssertion
struct  Filter
union  Filter::f_un_u
struct  ValuesReturnFilter
union  ValuesReturnFilter::vrf_un_u
struct  Attribute
struct  EntryHeader
struct  Entry
struct  Modification
struct  Modifications
struct  AuthorizationInformation
struct  slap_dn_access
struct  Access
struct  AccessControl
struct  AccessControlState
struct  AclRegexMatches
struct  slap_keepalive
struct  slap_bindconf
struct  slap_verbmasks
struct  slap_cf_aux_table
struct  slap_limits_set
struct  slap_limits
struct  sync_cookie
struct  BackendDB
struct  req_bind_s
struct  req_search_s
struct  req_compare_s
struct  req_modifications_s
struct  req_modify_s
struct  req_modrdn_s
struct  req_add_s
struct  req_abandon_s
struct  req_extended_s
struct  req_pwdexop_s
struct  rep_sasl_s
struct  rep_extended_s
struct  rep_search_s
struct  SlapReply
union  SlapReply::sr_u
struct  BackendInfo
struct  slap_callback
struct  slap_overinst
struct  slap_overinfo
struct  PagedResultsState
struct  slap_csn_entry
struct  GroupAssertion
struct  slap_control_ids
struct  slap_counters_t
struct  Opheader
union  OpRequest
struct  OpExtra
struct  OpExtraDB
struct  Operation
struct  OperationBuffer
struct  Connection
struct  Listener
struct  zone_object
struct  zone_latency_history
struct  zone_heap
struct  slap_oinit_t


#define ldap_debug   slap_debug
#define SLAP_MALLOC(s)   ber_memalloc((s))
#define SLAP_CALLOC(n, s)   ber_memcalloc((n),(s))
#define SLAP_REALLOC(p, s)   ber_memrealloc((p),(s))
#define SLAP_FREE(p)   ber_memfree((p))
#define SLAP_VFREE(v)   ber_memvfree((void**)(v))
#define SLAP_STRDUP(s)   ber_strdup((s))
#define SLAP_STRNDUP(s, l)   ber_strndup((s),(l))
#define SLAPD_ANONYMOUS   ""
#define SLAP_STRING_UNKNOWN   "unknown"
#define SLAP_MOD_SOFTADD   0x1000
#define SLAP_MOD_SOFTDEL   0x1001
#define SLAP_MOD_ADD_IF_NOT_PRESENT   0x1002
#define MAXREMATCHES   (100)
#define SLAP_SB_MAX_INCOMING_DEFAULT   ((1<<18) - 1)
#define SLAP_SB_MAX_INCOMING_AUTH   ((1<<24) - 1)
#define SLAP_TEXT_BUFLEN   (256)
#define SLAPD_ABANDON   (-1024)
#define SLAPD_DISCONNECT   (-1025)
#define SLAP_CONF_UNKNOWN   (-1026)
#define ASCII_SPACE(c)   ( (c) == ' ' )
#define ASCII_LOWER(c)   ( (c) >= 'a' && (c) <= 'z' )
#define ASCII_UPPER(c)   ( (c) >= 'A' && (c) <= 'Z' )
#define ASCII_ALPHA(c)   ( ASCII_LOWER(c) || ASCII_UPPER(c) )
#define ASCII_DIGIT(c)   ( (c) >= '0' && (c) <= '9' )
#define ASCII_HEXLOWER(c)   ( (c) >= 'a' && (c) <= 'f' )
#define ASCII_HEXUPPER(c)   ( (c) >= 'A' && (c) <= 'F' )
#define ASCII_HEX(c)
#define ASCII_ALNUM(c)   ( ASCII_ALPHA(c) || ASCII_DIGIT(c) )
#define ASCII_PRINTABLE(c)   ( (c) >= ' ' && (c) <= '~' )
#define SLAP_NIBBLE(c)   ((c)&0x0f)
#define SLAP_ESCAPE_CHAR   ('\\')
#define SLAP_ESCAPE_LO(c)   ( "0123456789ABCDEF"[SLAP_NIBBLE(c)] )
#define SLAP_ESCAPE_HI(c)   ( SLAP_ESCAPE_LO((c)>>4) )
#define FILTER_ESCAPE(c)
#define DN_ESCAPE(c)   ((c) == SLAP_ESCAPE_CHAR)
#define DN_SEPARATOR(c)   ((c) == ',')
#define RDN_ATTRTYPEANDVALUE_SEPARATOR(c)   ((c) == '+') /* RFC 4514 */
#define RDN_NEEDSESCAPE(c)   ((c) == '\\' || (c) == '"')
#define DESC_LEADCHAR(c)   ( ASCII_ALPHA(c) )
#define DESC_CHAR(c)   ( ASCII_ALNUM(c) || (c) == '-' )
#define OID_LEADCHAR(c)   ( ASCII_DIGIT(c) )
#define OID_SEPARATOR(c)   ( (c) == '.' )
#define OID_CHAR(c)   ( OID_LEADCHAR(c) || OID_SEPARATOR(c) )
#define ATTR_CHAR(c)   ( DESC_CHAR((c)) || OID_SEPARATOR(c) )
#define AD_LEADCHAR(c)   ( ATTR_LEADCHAR(c) )
#define AD_CHAR(c)   ( ATTR_CHAR(c) || (c) == ';' )
#define SLAP_NUMERIC(c)   ( ASCII_DIGIT(c) || ASCII_SPACE(c) )
#define SLAP_PRINTABLES(c)   ( SLAP_PRINTABLE(c) || (c) == '$' )
#define SLAPD_DN_SYNTAX   ""
#define SLAPD_GROUP_ATTR   "member"
#define SLAPD_GROUP_CLASS   "groupOfNames"
#define SLAPD_ROLE_ATTR   "roleOccupant"
#define SLAPD_ROLE_CLASS   "organizationalRole"
#define SLAPD_TOP_OID   ""
#define SLAP_INDEX_TYPE   0x00FFUL
#define SLAP_INDEX_PRESENT   0x0002UL
#define SLAP_INDEX_EQUALITY   0x0004UL
#define SLAP_INDEX_APPROX   0x0008UL
#define SLAP_INDEX_SUBSTR   0x0010UL
#define SLAP_INDEX_EXTENDED   0x0020UL
#define IS_SLAP_INDEX(mask, type)   (((mask) & (type)) == (type))
#define SLAP_INDEX_FLAGS   0xF000UL
#define SLAP_INDEX_NOSUBTYPES   0x1000UL /* don't use index w/ subtypes */
#define SLAP_INDEX_NOTAGS   0x2000UL /* don't use index w/ tags */
#define SLAP_INDEX_EQUALITY_PREFIX   '=' /* prefix for equality keys */
#define SLAP_INDEX_APPROX_PREFIX   '~' /* prefix for approx keys */
#define SLAP_INDEX_SUBSTR_PREFIX   '*' /* prefix for substring keys */
#define SLAP_INDEX_CONT_PREFIX   '.' /* prefix for continuation keys */
#define SLAP_OM_HARDCODE   0x10000U /* This is hardcoded schema */
#define ssyn_oid   ssyn_syn.syn_oid
#define ssyn_desc   ssyn_syn.syn_desc
#define ssyn_extensions   ssyn_syn.syn_extensions
#define ssyn_oidlen   ssyn_bvoid.bv_len
#define SLAP_SYNTAX_NONE   0x0000U
#define SLAP_SYNTAX_BLOB   0x0001U /* syntax treated as blob (audio) */
#define SLAP_SYNTAX_BINARY   0x0002U /* binary transfer required (certificate) */
#define SLAP_SYNTAX_BER   0x0004U /* stored in BER encoding (certificate) */
#define SLAP_SYNTAX_HIDE   0x8000U /* hide (do not publish) */
#define SLAP_SYNTAX_HARDCODE   0x10000U /* This is hardcoded schema */
#define SLAP_SYNTAX_DN   0x20000U /* Treat like a DN */
#define slap_syntax_is_flag(s, flag)   ((int)((s)->ssyn_flags & (flag)) ? 1 : 0)
#define slap_syntax_is_blob(s)   slap_syntax_is_flag((s),SLAP_SYNTAX_BLOB)
#define slap_syntax_is_binary(s)   slap_syntax_is_flag((s),SLAP_SYNTAX_BINARY)
#define slap_syntax_is_ber(s)   slap_syntax_is_flag((s),SLAP_SYNTAX_BER)
#define slap_syntax_is_hidden(s)   slap_syntax_is_flag((s),SLAP_SYNTAX_HIDE)
#define smr_oidlen   smr_bvoid.bv_len
#define SLAP_MR_HIDE   0x8000U
#define SLAP_MR_TYPE_MASK   0x0F00U
#define SLAP_MR_SUBTYPE_MASK   0x00F0U
#define SLAP_MR_USAGE   0x000FU
#define SLAP_MR_NONE   0x0000U
#define SLAP_MR_EQUALITY   0x0100U
#define SLAP_MR_ORDERING   0x0200U
#define SLAP_MR_SUBSTR   0x0400U
#define SLAP_MR_EXT   0x0800U /* implicitly extensible */
#define SLAP_MR_ORDERED_INDEX   0x1000U
#define SLAP_MR_SUBSTR_ANY   ( SLAP_MR_SUBSTR | 0x0020U )
#define SLAP_MR_IS_VALUE_OF_SYNTAX(usage)   (1)
#define SLAP_MR_IS_DENORMALIZE(usage)   ((usage) & SLAP_MR_DENORMALIZE )
#define SLAP_MR_ASSOCIATED(mr, amr)   (((mr) == (amr)) || ((mr)->smr_associated == (amr)))
#define smr_oid   smr_mrule.mr_oid
#define smr_names   smr_mrule.mr_names
#define smr_desc   smr_mrule.mr_desc
#define smr_obsolete   smr_mrule.mr_obsolete
#define smr_syntax_oid   smr_mrule.mr_syntax_oid
#define smr_extensions   smr_mrule.mr_extensions
#define smru_oid   smru_mruleuse.mru_oid
#define smru_names   smru_mruleuse.mru_names
#define smru_desc   smru_mruleuse.mru_desc
#define smru_obsolete   smru_mruleuse.mru_obsolete
#define smru_applies_oids   smru_mruleuse.mru_applies_oids
#define smru_usage   smru_mr->smr_usage
#define SLAP_AT_NONE   0x0000U
#define SLAP_AT_ABSTRACT   0x0100U /* cannot be instantiated */
#define SLAP_AT_FINAL   0x0200U /* cannot be subtyped */
#define SLAP_AT_HIDE   0x8000U /* hide attribute */
#define SLAP_AT_DYNAMIC   0x0400U /* dynamically generated */
#define SLAP_AT_MANAGEABLE   0x0800U /* no-user-mod can be by-passed */
#define SLAP_AT_ORDERED_VAL   0x0001U /* values are ordered */
#define SLAP_AT_ORDERED_SIB   0x0002U /* siblings are ordered */
#define SLAP_AT_ORDERED   0x0003U /* value has order index */
#define SLAP_AT_SORTED_VAL   0x0010U /* values should be sorted */
#define SLAP_AT_HARDCODE   0x10000U /* hardcoded schema */
#define SLAP_AT_DELETED   0x20000U
#define sat_oid   sat_atype.at_oid
#define sat_names   sat_atype.at_names
#define sat_desc   sat_atype.at_desc
#define sat_obsolete   sat_atype.at_obsolete
#define sat_sup_oid   sat_atype.at_sup_oid
#define sat_equality_oid   sat_atype.at_equality_oid
#define sat_ordering_oid   sat_atype.at_ordering_oid
#define sat_substr_oid   sat_atype.at_substr_oid
#define sat_syntax_oid   sat_atype.at_syntax_oid
#define sat_single_value   sat_atype.at_single_value
#define sat_collective   sat_atype.at_collective
#define sat_no_user_mod   sat_atype.at_no_user_mod
#define sat_usage   sat_atype.at_usage
#define sat_extensions   sat_atype.at_extensions
#define is_at_operational(at)   ((at)->sat_usage)
#define is_at_single_value(at)   ((at)->sat_single_value)
#define is_at_collective(at)   ((at)->sat_collective)
#define is_at_obsolete(at)   ((at)->sat_obsolete)
#define is_at_no_user_mod(at)   ((at)->sat_no_user_mod)
#define soc_oid   soc_oclass.oc_oid
#define soc_names   soc_oclass.oc_names
#define soc_desc   soc_oclass.oc_desc
#define soc_obsolete   soc_oclass.oc_obsolete
#define soc_sup_oids   soc_oclass.oc_sup_oids
#define soc_kind   soc_oclass.oc_kind
#define soc_at_oids_must   soc_oclass.oc_at_oids_must
#define soc_at_oids_may   soc_oclass.oc_at_oids_may
#define soc_extensions   soc_oclass.oc_extensions
#define SLAP_OCF_SET_FLAGS   0x1
#define SLAP_OCF_CHECK_SUP   0x2
#define SLAP_OC_ALIAS   0x0001
#define SLAP_OC_REFERRAL   0x0002
#define SLAP_OC_SUBENTRY   0x0004
#define SLAP_OC_DYNAMICOBJECT   0x0008
#define SLAP_OC_GLUE   0x0020
#define SLAP_OC__MASK   0x00FF
#define SLAP_OC__END   0x0100
#define SLAP_OC_OPERATIONAL   0x4000
#define SLAP_OC_HIDE   0x8000
#define SLAP_OC_HARDCODE   0x10000U /* This is hardcoded schema */
#define SLAP_OC_DELETED   0x20000U
#define scr_oid   scr_crule.cr_oid
#define scr_names   scr_crule.cr_names
#define scr_desc   scr_crule.cr_desc
#define scr_obsolete   scr_crule.cr_obsolete
#define scr_oc_oids_aux   scr_crule.cr_oc_oids_aux
#define scr_at_oids_must   scr_crule.cr_at_oids_must
#define scr_at_oids_may   scr_crule.cr_at_oids_may
#define scr_at_oids_not   scr_crule.cr_at_oids_not
#define SLAP_CR_HARDCODE   0x10000U
#define SLAP_DESC_NONE   0x00U
#define SLAP_DESC_BINARY   0x01U
#define SLAP_DESC_TAG_RANGE   0x80U
#define SLAP_DESC_TEMPORARY   0x1000U
#define SLAP_AD_UNDEF   0x00U
#define SLAP_AD_PROXIED   0x01U
#define SLAP_AD_NOINSERT   0x02U
#define SLAP_AN_OCEXCLUDE   0x01
#define SLAP_AN_OCINITED   0x02
#define slap_ad_is_tagged(ad)   ( (ad)->ad_tags.bv_len != 0 )
#define slap_ad_is_tag_range(ad)   ( ((ad)->ad_flags & SLAP_DESC_TAG_RANGE) ? 1 : 0 )
#define slap_ad_is_binary(ad)   ( ((ad)->ad_flags & SLAP_DESC_BINARY) ? 1 : 0 )
#define SLAPD_FILTER_MASK   0x7fff
#define f_desc   f_un.f_un_desc
#define f_ava   f_un.f_un_ava
#define f_av_desc   f_un.f_un_ava->aa_desc
#define f_av_value   f_un.f_un_ava->aa_value
#define f_sub   f_un.f_un_ssa
#define f_sub_desc   f_un.f_un_ssa->sa_desc
#define f_sub_initial   f_un.f_un_ssa->sa_initial
#define f_sub_any   f_un.f_un_ssa->sa_any
#define f_sub_final   f_un.f_un_ssa->sa_final
#define f_mra   f_un.f_un_mra
#define f_mr_rule   f_un.f_un_mra->ma_rule
#define f_mr_rule_text   f_un.f_un_mra->ma_rule_text
#define f_mr_desc   f_un.f_un_mra->ma_desc
#define f_mr_value   f_un.f_un_mra->ma_value
#define f_mr_dnattrs   f_un.f_un_mra->ma_dnattrs
#define f_result   f_un.f_un_result
#define f_and   f_un.f_un_complex
#define f_or   f_un.f_un_complex
#define f_not   f_un.f_un_complex
#define f_list   f_un.f_un_complex
#define SLAPD_COMPARE_UNDEFINED   ((ber_int_t) -1)
#define vrf_result   vrf_un.vrf_un_result
#define vrf_dn   vrf_un.vrf_un_dn
#define vrf_desc   vrf_un.vrf_un_desc
#define vrf_ava   vrf_un.vrf_un_ava
#define vrf_av_desc   vrf_un.vrf_un_ava->aa_desc
#define vrf_av_value   vrf_un.vrf_un_ava->aa_value
#define vrf_ssa   vrf_un.vrf_un_ssa
#define vrf_sub   vrf_un.vrf_un_ssa
#define vrf_sub_desc   vrf_un.vrf_un_ssa->sa_desc
#define vrf_sub_initial   vrf_un.vrf_un_ssa->sa_initial
#define vrf_sub_any   vrf_un.vrf_un_ssa->sa_any
#define vrf_sub_final   vrf_un.vrf_un_ssa->sa_final
#define vrf_mra   vrf_un.vrf_un_mra
#define vrf_mr_rule   vrf_un.vrf_un_mra->ma_rule
#define vrf_mr_rule_text   vrf_un.vrf_un_mra->ma_rule_text
#define vrf_mr_desc   vrf_un.vrf_un_mra->ma_desc
#define vrf_mr_value   vrf_un.vrf_un_mra->ma_value
#define vrf_mr_dnattrs   vrf_un.vrf_un_mra->ma_dnattrs
#define SLAP_ATTR_IXADD   0x1U
#define SLAP_ATTR_IXDEL   0x2U
#define SLAP_ATTR_SORTED_VALS   0x10U /* values are sorted */
#define NOID   ((ID)~0)
#define e_dn   e_name.bv_val
#define e_ndn   e_nname.bv_val
#define SLAP_MOD_INTERNAL   0x01
#define SLAP_MOD_MANAGING   0x02
#define sml_op   sml_mod.sm_op
#define sml_flags   sml_mod.sm_flags
#define sml_desc   sml_mod.sm_desc
#define sml_type   sml_mod.sm_type
#define sml_values   sml_mod.sm_values
#define sml_nvalues   sml_mod.sm_nvalues
#define sml_numvals   sml_mod.sm_numvals
#define a_pat   a_dnauthz.sai_dn
#define ACL_LEVEL(p)   ((p) & ACL_LEVEL_MASK)
#define ACL_QUALIFIERS(p)   ((p) & ~ACL_LEVEL_MASK)
#define ACL_ACCESS2PRIV(access)   ((0x01U << ACL_LEVEL((access))) | ACL_QUALIFIERS((access)))
#define ACL_PRIV_LEVEL   0x1000UL
#define ACL_PRIV_ADDITIVE   0x2000UL
#define ACL_PRIV_INVALID   0x0UL
#define ACL_PRIV_ISSET(m, p)   (((m) & (p)) == (p))
#define ACL_PRIV_ASSIGN(m, p)   do { (m) = (p); } while(0)
#define ACL_PRIV_SET(m, p)   do { (m) |= (p); } while(0)
#define ACL_PRIV_CLR(m, p)   do { (m) &= ~(p); } while(0)
#define ACL_IS_INVALID(m)   ((m) == ACL_PRIV_INVALID)
#define ACL_LVL(m, l)   (((m)&ACL_PRIV_MASK) == ((l)&ACL_PRIV_MASK))
#define a_dn_pat   a_dn.a_dnauthz.sai_dn
#define a_dn_at   a_dn.a_at
#define a_dn_self   a_dn.a_self
#define a_realdn_pat   a_realdn.a_dnauthz.sai_dn
#define a_realdn_at   a_realdn.a_at
#define a_realdn_self   a_realdn.a_self
#define a_authz   a_dn.a_dnauthz
#define ACL_STATE_INIT   { NULL, ACL_NONE, NULL, 0, 0, ACL_PRIV_NONE, -1, 0 }
#define SLAP_UNDEFINED_MODE   0x0000
#define SLAP_SERVER_MODE   0x0001
#define SLAP_TOOL_MODE   0x0002
#define SLAP_MODE   0x0003
#define SLAP_TRUNCATE_MODE   0x0100
#define SLAP_TOOL_READMAIN   0x0200
#define SLAP_TOOL_READONLY   0x0400
#define SLAP_TOOL_QUICK   0x0800
#define SLAP_TOOL_NO_SCHEMA_CHECK   0x1000
#define SLAP_TOOL_VALUE_CHECK   0x2000
#define SB_TLS_DEFAULT   (-1)
#define SB_TLS_OFF   0
#define SB_TLS_ON   1
#define SB_TLS_CRITICAL   2
#define SLAP_LIMIT_TIME   1
#define SLAP_LIMIT_SIZE   2
#define SLAP_NO_LIMIT   -1
#define SLAP_MAX_LIMIT   2147483647
#define SLAP_LIMITS_EXACT   0x0001U
#define SLAP_LIMITS_ONE   0x0002U
#define SLAP_LIMITS_SUBTREE   0x0003U
#define SLAP_LIMITS_CHILDREN   0x0004U
#define SLAP_LIMITS_REGEX   0x0005U
#define SLAP_LIMITS_USERS   0x0007U
#define SLAP_LIMITS_ANY   0x0008U
#define SLAP_LIMITS_MASK   0x000FU
#define SLAP_LIMITS_TYPE_SELF   0x0000U
#define SLAP_LIMITS_TYPE_GROUP   0x0010U
#define SLAP_LIMITS_TYPE_THIS   0x0020U
#define nbackends   nBackendDB
#define backends   backendDB
#define SLAP_SYNC_RID_MAX   999
#define SLAP_SYNC_SID_MAX   4095 /* based on liblutil/csn.c field width */
#define SLAPD_SYNC_RID2SYNCCONN(rid)   (rid)
#define SLAP_MAX_CIDS   32 /* Maximum number of supported controls */
#define be_config   bd_info->bi_db_config
#define be_type   bd_info->bi_type
#define be_bind   bd_info->bi_op_bind
#define be_unbind   bd_info->bi_op_unbind
#define be_add   bd_info->bi_op_add
#define be_compare   bd_info->bi_op_compare
#define be_delete   bd_info->bi_op_delete
#define be_modify   bd_info->bi_op_modify
#define be_modrdn   bd_info->bi_op_modrdn
#define be_search   bd_info->bi_op_search
#define be_abandon   bd_info->bi_op_abandon
#define be_extended   bd_info->bi_extended
#define be_cancel   bd_info->bi_op_cancel
#define be_chk_referrals   bd_info->bi_chk_referrals
#define be_chk_controls   bd_info->bi_chk_controls
#define be_fetch   bd_info->bi_entry_get_rw
#define be_release   bd_info->bi_entry_release_rw
#define be_group   bd_info->bi_acl_group
#define be_attribute   bd_info->bi_acl_attribute
#define be_operational   bd_info->bi_operational
#define be_has_subordinates   bd_info->bi_has_subordinates
#define be_connection_init   bd_info->bi_connection_init
#define be_connection_destroy   bd_info->bi_connection_destroy
#define SLAP_DBFLAG_HIDDEN   0x0004U
#define SLAP_DBFLAG_ONE_SUFFIX   0x0008U
#define SLAP_DBFLAG_GLUE_INSTANCE   0x0010U /* a glue backend */
#define SLAP_DBFLAG_GLUE_SUBORDINATE   0x0020U /* child of a glue hierarchy */
#define SLAP_DBFLAG_GLUE_LINKED   0x0040U /* child is connected to parent */
#define SLAP_DBFLAG_GLUE_ADVERTISE   0x0080U /* advertise in rootDSE */
#define SLAP_DBFLAG_OVERLAY   0x0100U /* this db struct is an overlay */
#define SLAP_DBFLAG_GLOBAL_OVERLAY   0x0200U /* this db struct is a global overlay */
#define SLAP_DBFLAG_DYNAMIC   0x0400U /* this db allows dynamicObjects */
#define SLAP_DBFLAG_MONITORING   0x0800U /* custom monitoring enabled */
#define SLAP_DBFLAG_SHADOW   0x8000U /* a shadow */
#define SLAP_DBFLAG_SINGLE_SHADOW   0x4000U /* a single-master shadow */
#define SLAP_DBFLAG_SYNC_SHADOW   0x1000U /* a sync shadow */
#define SLAP_DBFLAG_SLURP_SHADOW   0x2000U /* a slurp shadow */
#define SLAP_DBFLAG_CLEAN   0x10000U /* was cleanly shutdown */
#define SLAP_DBFLAG_ACL_ADD   0x20000U /* check attr ACLs on adds */
#define SLAP_DBFLAG_SYNC_SUBENTRY   0x40000U /* use subentry for context */
#define SLAP_DBFLAG_MULTI_SHADOW   0x80000U /* uses mirrorMode/multi-master */
#define SLAP_DBFLAGS(be)   ((be)->be_flags)
#define SLAP_LASTMOD(be)   (!SLAP_NOLASTMOD(be))
#define SLAP_RESTRICT_OP_ADD   0x0001U
#define SLAP_RESTRICT_OP_BIND   0x0002U
#define SLAP_RESTRICT_READONLY   0x80000000U
#define SLAP_ALLOW_BIND_V2   0x0001U /* LDAPv2 bind */
#define SLAP_ALLOW_BIND_ANON_CRED   0x0002U /* cred should be empty */
#define SLAP_ALLOW_BIND_ANON_DN   0x0004U /* dn should be empty */
#define SLAP_ALLOW_UPDATE_ANON   0x0008U /* allow anonymous updates */
#define SLAP_ALLOW_PROXY_AUTHZ_ANON   0x0010U /* allow anonymous proxyAuthz */
#define SLAP_DISALLOW_BIND_ANON   0x0001U /* no anonymous */
#define SLAP_DISALLOW_BIND_SIMPLE   0x0002U /* simple authentication */
#define SLAP_DISALLOW_TLS_2_ANON   0x0010U /* StartTLS -> Anonymous */
#define SLAP_DISALLOW_TLS_AUTHC   0x0020U /* TLS while authenticated */
#define SLAP_DISALLOW_AUX_WO_CR   0x4000U
#define SLAP_REQUIRE_BIND   0x0001U /* bind before op */
#define SLAP_REQUIRE_LDAP_V3   0x0002U /* LDAPv3 before op */
#define SLAP_REQUIRE_AUTHC   0x0004U /* authentication before op */
#define SLAP_REQUIRE_SASL   0x0008U /* SASL before op */
#define SLAP_REQUIRE_STRONG   0x0010U /* strong authentication before op */
#define be_sizelimit   be_def_limit.lms_s_soft
#define be_timelimit   be_def_limit.lms_t_soft
#define SLAP_EXOP_HIDE   0x8000
#define SLAP_EXOP_WRITES   0x0001 /* Exop does writes */
#define SLAP_ATTRS_UNDEFINED   (0x00U)
#define SLAP_OPATTRS_NO   (0x01U)
#define SLAP_OPATTRS_YES   (0x02U)
#define SLAP_USERATTRS_NO   (0x10U)
#define SLAP_USERATTRS_YES   (0x20U)
#define REP_ENTRY_MODIFIABLE   ((slap_mask_t) 0x0001U)
#define REP_ENTRY_MUSTBEFREED   ((slap_mask_t) 0x0002U)
#define REP_ENTRY_MUSTRELEASE   ((slap_mask_t) 0x0004U)
#define REP_MATCHED_MUSTBEFREED   ((slap_mask_t) 0x0010U)
#define REP_REF_MUSTBEFREED   ((slap_mask_t) 0x0020U)
#define REP_CTRLS_MUSTBEFREED   ((slap_mask_t) 0x0040U)
#define REP_NO_ENTRYDN   ((slap_mask_t) 0x1000U)
#define REP_NO_SUBSCHEMA   ((slap_mask_t) 0x2000U)
#define sr_attrs   sr_un.sru_search.r_attrs
#define sr_entry   sr_un.sru_search.r_entry
#define sr_operational_attrs   sr_un.sru_search.r_operational_attrs
#define sr_attr_flags   sr_un.sru_search.r_attr_flags
#define sr_v2ref   sr_un.sru_search.r_v2ref
#define sr_nentries   sr_un.sru_search.r_nentries
#define sr_rspoid   sr_un.sru_extended.r_rspoid
#define sr_rspdata   sr_un.sru_extended.r_rspdata
#define sr_sasldata   sr_un.sru_sasl.r_sasldata
#define SLAP_INDEX_ADD_OP   0x0001
#define SLAP_INDEX_DELETE_OP   0x0002
#define SLAP_BFLAG_MONITOR   0x0001U /* a monitor backend */
#define SLAP_BFLAG_CONFIG   0x0002U /* a config backend */
#define SLAP_BFLAG_FRONTEND   0x0004U /* the frontendDB */
#define SLAP_BFLAG_INCREMENT   0x0100U
#define SLAP_BFLAG_ALIASES   0x1000U
#define SLAP_BFLAG_REFERRALS   0x2000U
#define SLAP_BFLAG_DYNAMIC   0x8000U
#define SLAPO_BFLAG_SINGLE   0x01000000U
#define SLAPO_BFLAG_DBONLY   0x02000000U
#define SLAPO_BFLAG_GLOBONLY   0x04000000U
#define SLAPO_BFLAG_MASK   0xFF000000U
#define SLAP_BFLAGS(be)   ((be)->bd_info->bi_flags)
#define c_authtype   c_authz.sai_method
#define c_authmech   c_authz.sai_mech
#define c_dn   c_authz.sai_dn
#define c_ndn   c_authz.sai_ndn
#define c_ssf   c_authz.sai_ssf
#define c_transport_ssf   c_authz.sai_transport_ssf
#define c_tls_ssf   c_authz.sai_tls_ssf
#define c_sasl_ssf   c_authz.sai_sasl_ssf
#define o_authtype   o_authz.sai_method
#define o_authmech   o_authz.sai_mech
#define o_dn   o_authz.sai_dn
#define o_ndn   o_authz.sai_ndn
#define o_ssf   o_authz.sai_ssf
#define o_transport_ssf   o_authz.sai_transport_ssf
#define o_tls_ssf   o_authz.sai_tls_ssf
#define o_sasl_ssf   o_authz.sai_sasl_ssf
#define SLAP_CB_BYPASS   0x08800
#define SLAP_CB_CONTINUE   0x08000
#define SLAP_CSN_PENDING   1
#define SLAP_CSN_COMMIT   2
#define o_opid   o_hdr->oh_opid
#define o_connid   o_hdr->oh_connid
#define o_conn   o_hdr->oh_conn
#define o_msgid   o_hdr->oh_msgid
#define o_protocol   o_hdr->oh_protocol
#define o_tid   o_hdr->oh_tid
#define o_threadctx   o_hdr->oh_threadctx
#define o_tmpmemctx   o_hdr->oh_tmpmemctx
#define o_tmpmfuncs   o_hdr->oh_tmpmfuncs
#define o_counters   o_hdr->oh_counters
#define o_tmpalloc   o_tmpmfuncs->bmf_malloc
#define o_tmpcalloc   o_tmpmfuncs->bmf_calloc
#define o_tmprealloc   o_tmpmfuncs->bmf_realloc
#define o_tmpfree   o_tmpmfuncs->bmf_free
#define o_log_prefix   o_hdr->oh_log_prefix
#define oq_add   o_request.oq_add
#define oq_bind   o_request.oq_bind
#define oq_compare   o_request.oq_compare
#define oq_modify   o_request.oq_modify
#define oq_modrdn   o_request.oq_modrdn
#define oq_search   o_request.oq_search
#define oq_abandon   o_request.oq_abandon
#define oq_cancel   o_request.oq_cancel
#define oq_extended   o_request.oq_extended
#define oq_pwdexop   o_request.oq_pwdexop
#define orb_method   oq_bind.rb_method
#define orb_cred   oq_bind.rb_cred
#define orb_edn   oq_bind.rb_edn
#define orb_ssf   oq_bind.rb_ssf
#define orb_mech   oq_bind.rb_mech
#define ors_scope   oq_search.rs_scope
#define ors_deref   oq_search.rs_deref
#define ors_slimit   oq_search.rs_slimit
#define ors_tlimit   oq_search.rs_tlimit
#define ors_limit   oq_search.rs_limit
#define ors_attrsonly   oq_search.rs_attrsonly
#define ors_attrs   oq_search.rs_attrs
#define ors_filter   oq_search.rs_filter
#define ors_filterstr   oq_search.rs_filterstr
#define orr_modlist   oq_modrdn.rs_mods.rs_modlist
#define orr_no_opattrs   oq_modrdn.rs_mods.rs_no_opattrs
#define orr_deleteoldrdn   oq_modrdn.rs_deleteoldrdn
#define orr_newrdn   oq_modrdn.rs_newrdn
#define orr_nnewrdn   oq_modrdn.rs_nnewrdn
#define orr_newSup   oq_modrdn.rs_newSup
#define orr_nnewSup   oq_modrdn.rs_nnewSup
#define orc_ava   oq_compare.rs_ava
#define ora_e   oq_add.rs_e
#define ora_modlist   oq_add.rs_modlist
#define orn_msgid   oq_abandon.rs_msgid
#define orm_modlist   oq_modify.rs_mods.rs_modlist
#define orm_no_opattrs   oq_modify.rs_mods.rs_no_opattrs
#define orm_increment   oq_modify.rs_increment
#define ore_reqoid   oq_extended.rs_reqoid
#define ore_flags   oq_extended.rs_flags
#define ore_reqdata   oq_extended.rs_reqdata
#define SLAP_CANCEL_NONE   0x00
#define SLAP_CANCEL_REQ   0x01
#define SLAP_CANCEL_ACK   0x02
#define SLAP_CANCEL_DONE   0x03
#define get_no_schema_check(op)   ((op)->o_no_schema_check)
#define get_no_subordinate_glue(op)   ((op)->o_no_subordinate_glue)
#define SLAP_CONTROL_SHIFT   4 /* shift to reach data bits */
#define SLAP_CONTROL_DATA0   0x10
#define SLAP_CONTROL_DATA1   0x20
#define SLAP_CONTROL_DATA2   0x40
#define SLAP_CONTROL_DATA3   0x80
#define _SCM(x)   ((x) & SLAP_CONTROL_MASK)
#define o_dontUseCopy   o_ctrlflag[slap_cids.sc_dontUseCopy]
#define get_dontUseCopy(op)   _SCM((op)->o_dontUseCopy)
#define o_relax   o_ctrlflag[slap_cids.sc_relax]
#define get_relax(op)   _SCM((op)->o_relax)
#define o_managedsait   o_ctrlflag[slap_cids.sc_manageDSAit]
#define get_manageDSAit(op)   _SCM((op)->o_managedsait)
#define o_noop   o_ctrlflag[slap_cids.sc_noOp]
#define o_proxy_authz   o_ctrlflag[slap_cids.sc_proxyAuthz]
#define o_subentries   o_ctrlflag[slap_cids.sc_subentries]
#define get_subentries(op)   _SCM((op)->o_subentries)
#define o_subentries_visibility   o_ctrlflag[slap_cids.sc_subentries]
#define set_subentries_visibility(op)   ((op)->o_subentries |= SLAP_CONTROL_DATA0)
#define get_subentries_visibility(op)   (((op)->o_subentries & SLAP_CONTROL_DATA0) != 0)
#define o_assert   o_ctrlflag[slap_cids.sc_assert]
#define get_assert(op)   ((int)(op)->o_assert)
#define o_assertion   o_controls[slap_cids.sc_assert]
#define get_assertion(op)   ((op)->o_assertion)
#define o_valuesreturnfilter   o_ctrlflag[slap_cids.sc_valuesReturnFilter]
#define o_vrFilter   o_controls[slap_cids.sc_valuesReturnFilter]
#define o_permissive_modify   o_ctrlflag[slap_cids.sc_permissiveModify]
#define get_permissiveModify(op)   ((int)(op)->o_permissive_modify)
#define o_domain_scope   o_ctrlflag[slap_cids.sc_domainScope]
#define get_domainScope(op)   ((int)(op)->o_domain_scope)
#define o_tree_delete   o_ctrlflag[slap_cids.sc_treeDelete]
#define get_treeDelete(op)   ((int)(op)->o_tree_delete)
#define o_preread   o_ctrlflag[slap_cids.sc_preRead]
#define o_postread   o_ctrlflag[slap_cids.sc_postRead]
#define o_preread_attrs   o_controls[slap_cids.sc_preRead]
#define o_postread_attrs   o_controls[slap_cids.sc_postRead]
#define o_pagedresults   o_ctrlflag[slap_cids.sc_pagedResults]
#define o_pagedresults_state   o_controls[slap_cids.sc_pagedResults]
#define get_pagedresults(op)   ((int)(op)->o_pagedresults)
#define o_session_tracking   o_ctrlflag[slap_cids.sc_sessionTracking]
#define o_tracked_sessions   o_controls[slap_cids.sc_sessionTracking]
#define get_sessionTracking(op)   ((int)(op)->o_session_tracking)
#define o_sync   o_ctrlflag[slap_cids.sc_LDAPsync]
#define send_ldap_error(op, rs, err, text)
#define send_ldap_discon(op, rs, err, text)
#define send_ldap_result(op, rs)   ((op)->o_conn->c_send_ldap_result)( op, rs )
#define send_search_entry(op, rs)   ((op)->o_conn->c_send_search_entry)( op, rs )
#define send_search_reference(op, rs)   ((op)->o_conn->c_send_search_reference)( op, rs )
#define send_ldap_extended(op, rs)   ((op)->o_conn->c_send_ldap_extended)( op, rs )
#define send_ldap_intermediate(op, rs)   ((op)->o_conn->c_send_ldap_intermediate)( op, rs )
#define c_listener_url   c_listener->sl_url /* listener URL */
#define c_sock_name   c_listener->sl_name /* sock name (trans=addr:port) */
#define CONN_IS_TLS   1
#define CONN_IS_UDP   2
#define CONN_IS_CLIENT   4
#define CONN_IS_IPC   8
#define Statslog(level, fmt, connid, opid, arg1, arg2, arg3)   ((void) 0)
#define StatslogTest(level)   (0)
#define sl_addr   sl_sa.sa_in_addr
#define SLAP_LDAPDN_PRETTY   0x1
#define SLAP_LDAPDN_MAXLEN   8192
#define SLAP_CTRL_HIDE   0x80000000U
#define SLAP_CTRL_REQUIRES_ROOT   0x40000000U /* for Relax */
#define SLAP_CTRL_GLOBAL   0x00800000U
#define SLAP_CTRL_GLOBAL_SEARCH   0x00010000U /* for NOOP */
#define SLAP_CTRL_ABANDON   0x00000001U
#define SLAP_CTRL_ADD   0x00002002U
#define SLAP_CTRL_BIND   0x00000004U
#define SLAP_CTRL_COMPARE   0x00001008U
#define SLAP_CTRL_DELETE   0x00002010U
#define SLAP_CTRL_MODIFY   0x00002020U
#define SLAP_CTRL_RENAME   0x00002040U
#define SLAP_CTRL_SEARCH   0x00001080U
#define SLAP_CTRL_UNBIND   0x00000100U
#define SLAP_SLAB_SIZE   (1024*1024)
#define SLAP_SLAB_STACK   1
#define SLAP_ZONE_ALLOC   1
#define SLAP_ZONE_SIZE   0x80000 /* 512KB */
#define SLAP_ZONE_SHIFT   19
#define SLAP_ZONE_INITSIZE   0x800000 /* 8MB */
#define SLAP_ZONE_MAXSIZE   0x80000000/* 2GB */
#define SLAP_ZONE_DELTA   0x800000 /* 8MB */
#define SLAP_ZONE_ZOBLOCK   256


typedef unsigned long slap_mask_t
typedef unsigned slap_ssf_t
typedef struct slap_ssf_set slap_ssf_set_t
typedef struct Syntax
typedef struct MatchingRule
typedef struct MatchingRuleUse
typedef struct MatchingRuleAssertion
typedef struct OidMacro
typedef struct ObjectClass
typedef struct AttributeType
typedef struct AttributeDescription
typedef struct AttributeName
typedef struct ContentRule
typedef struct AttributeAssertion
typedef struct SubstringsAssertion
typedef struct Filter
typedef struct ValuesReturnFilter
typedef struct Attribute
typedef struct Entry
typedef struct Modification
typedef struct Modifications
typedef struct LDAPModList
typedef struct BackendInfo
typedef struct BackendDB
typedef struct Connection
typedef struct Operation
typedef struct SlapReply
typedef union Sockaddr Sockaddr
typedef int
LDAP_P ((Syntax *syntax, struct berval *in))
typedef struct slap_syntax_defs_rec slap_syntax_defs_rec
typedef struct slap_mrule_defs_rec slap_mrule_defs_rec
typedef intAttributeTypeSchemaCheckFN )(BackendDB *be, Entry *e, Attribute *attr, const char **text, char *textbuf, size_t textlen)
typedef intObjectClassSchemaCheckFN )(BackendDB *be, Entry *e, ObjectClass *oc, const char **text, char *textbuf, size_t textlen)
typedef unsigned long ID
typedef struct EntryHeader EntryHeader
typedef enum slap_access_t slap_access_t
typedef enum slap_control_e slap_control_t
typedef enum slap_style_e slap_style_t
typedef struct
typedef struct slap_dn_access slap_dn_access
typedef struct Access Access
typedef struct AccessControl AccessControl
typedef struct AccessControlState AccessControlState
typedef struct AclRegexMatches AclRegexMatches
typedef struct slap_keepalive slap_keepalive
typedef struct slap_bindconf slap_bindconf
typedef struct slap_verbmasks slap_verbmasks
typedef struct slap_cf_aux_table slap_cf_aux_table
typedef BackendDB Backend
typedef BI_bi_func BI_init
typedef BI_bi_func BI_open
typedef BI_bi_func BI_close
typedef BI_bi_func BI_destroy
typedef const char * fname
typedef const char int lineno
typedef const char int int argc
typedef const char int int char ** argv
typedef struct config_reply_s
typedef ConfigReply * cr
typedef BI_db_func BI_db_init
typedef BI_db_func BI_db_open
typedef BI_db_func BI_db_close
typedef BI_db_func BI_db_destroy
typedef struct req_bind_s req_bind_s
typedef struct req_search_s req_search_s
typedef struct req_compare_s req_compare_s
typedef struct req_modifications_s req_modifications_s
typedef struct req_modify_s req_modify_s
typedef struct req_modrdn_s req_modrdn_s
typedef struct req_add_s req_add_s
typedef struct req_abandon_s req_abandon_s
typedef struct req_extended_s req_extended_s
typedef struct req_pwdexop_s req_pwdexop_s
typedef enum slap_reply_e slap_reply_t
typedef struct rep_sasl_s rep_sasl_s
typedef struct rep_extended_s rep_extended_s
typedef struct rep_search_s rep_search_s
typedef SlapReplyrs
typedef BI_op_func BI_op_bind
typedef BI_op_func BI_op_unbind
typedef BI_op_func BI_op_search
typedef BI_op_func BI_op_compare
typedef BI_op_func BI_op_modify
typedef BI_op_func BI_op_modrdn
typedef BI_op_func BI_op_add
typedef BI_op_func BI_op_delete
typedef BI_op_func BI_op_abandon
typedef BI_op_func BI_op_extended
typedef BI_op_func BI_op_cancel
typedef BI_op_func BI_chk_referrals
typedef BI_op_func BI_chk_controls
typedef Entrye
typedef Entry int rw
typedef struct bervalndn
typedef struct berval ObjectClassoc
typedef struct berval
typedef Entry inthasSubs
typedef Entry
typedef Entry
AttributeDescription struct
typedef Entry
AttributeDescription struct
berval slap_access_t 
typedef Entry
AttributeDescription struct
berval slap_access_t
typedef Entry
AttributeDescription struct
berval slap_access_t
AccessControlState slap_mask_t
typedef Entrytarget
typedef Entry struct bervalgr_ndn
typedef Entry struct berval
struct berval
typedef Entry struct berval
struct berval ObjectClass
typedef Entry struct berval
struct berval ObjectClass
typedef Entry struct bervalentry_ndn
typedef Entry struct berval
typedef Entry struct berval
AttributeDescription BerVarray
typedef Connectionc
typedef BI_conn_func BI_connection_init
typedef BI_conn_func BI_connection_destroy
typedef int mode
typedef struct bervalbase
typedef struct berval int scope
typedef struct berval int Filterf
typedef Entry struct bervaltext
typedef ID id
typedef ID AttributeDescription ** adv
typedef struct bervaldn
typedef intslap_response )(Operation *, SlapReply *)
typedef struct slap_callback slap_callback
typedef enum slap_operation_e slap_operation_t
typedef struct slap_overinst slap_overinst
typedef struct slap_overinfo slap_overinfo
typedef unsigned long PagedResultsCookie
typedef struct PagedResultsState PagedResultsState
typedef struct GroupAssertion GroupAssertion
typedef struct slap_counters_t slap_counters_t
typedef struct Opheader Opheader
typedef union OpRequest OpRequest
typedef struct OpExtra OpExtra
typedef struct OpExtraDB OpExtraDB
typedef struct OperationBuffer OperationBuffer
typedef voidSEND_LDAP_RESULT )(Operation *op, SlapReply *rs)
typedef intSEND_SEARCH_ENTRY )(Operation *op, SlapReply *rs)
typedef intSEND_SEARCH_REFERENCE )(Operation *op, SlapReply *rs)
typedef voidSEND_LDAP_EXTENDED )(Operation *op, SlapReply *rs)
typedef voidSEND_LDAP_INTERMEDIATE )(Operation *op, SlapReply *rs)
typedef struct Listener
typedef SlapReply LDAPControlctrl
typedef intOV_init )(void)
typedef struct slap_oinit_t OverlayInit


enum  {
enum  slap_access_t {
  ACL_QUALIFIER2 = 0x0200, ACL_QUALIFIER3 = 0x0400, ACL_QUALIFIER4 = 0x0800, ACL_QUALIFIER_MASK = 0x0f00,
enum  slap_style_e {
enum  slap_reply_e {
enum  slap_operation_e {
  op_bind = 0, op_unbind, op_search, op_compare,
  op_modify, op_modrdn, op_add, op_delete,
  op_abandon, op_extended, op_cancel, op_aux_operational,
  op_aux_chk_referrals, op_aux_chk_controls, op_last
enum  slap_op_t {
enum  sc_conn_state {


 LDAP_SLAPD_V (int) slap_debug
typedef LDAP_STAILQ_HEAD (BeI, BackendInfo) slap_bi_head
typedef LDAP_STAILQ_HEAD (BeDB, BackendDB) slap_be_head
 LDAP_SLAPD_V (slap_bi_head) backendInfo
 LDAP_SLAPD_V (slap_be_head) backendDB
 LDAP_SLAPD_V (BackendDB *) frontendDB
 LDAP_STAILQ_HEAD (slap_sync_cookie_s, sync_cookie)
 LDAP_TAILQ_HEAD (be_pcl, slap_csn_entry)
typedef int (BI_bi_func) LDAP_P((BackendInfo *bi))
typedef int (BI_config) LDAP_P((BackendInfo *bi
typedef int (BI_db_func) LDAP_P((Backend *bd
typedef int (BI_db_config) LDAP_P((Backend *bd
typedef int (BI_op_func) LDAP_P((Operation *op
typedef int (BI_entry_release_rw) LDAP_P((Operation *op
typedef int (BI_entry_get_rw) LDAP_P((Operation *op
typedef int (BI_operational) LDAP_P((Operation *op
typedef int (BI_has_subordinates) LDAP_P((Operation *op
typedef int (BI_access_allowed) LDAP_P((Operation *op
typedef int (BI_acl_group) LDAP_P((Operation *op
typedef int (BI_acl_attribute) LDAP_P((Operation *op
typedef int (BI_conn_func) LDAP_P((BackendDB *bd
typedef int (BI_tool_entry_open) LDAP_P((BackendDB *be
typedef int (BI_tool_entry_close) LDAP_P((BackendDB *be))
typedef ID (BI_tool_entry_first) LDAP_P((BackendDB *be))
typedef ID (BI_tool_entry_first_x) LDAP_P((BackendDB *be
typedef ID (BI_tool_entry_next) LDAP_P((BackendDB *be))
typedef ID (BI_tool_entry_put) LDAP_P((BackendDB *be
typedef int (BI_tool_entry_reindex) LDAP_P((BackendDB *be
typedef int (BI_tool_sync) LDAP_P((BackendDB *be))
typedef ID (BI_tool_dn2id_get) LDAP_P((BackendDB *be
typedef ID (BI_tool_entry_modify) LDAP_P((BackendDB *be
typedef int (SLAP_CTRL_PARSE_FN) LDAP_P((Operation *op

Class Documentation

struct slap_ssf_set

Definition at line 222 of file slap.h.

Class Members
slap_ssf_t sss_sasl
slap_ssf_t sss_simple_bind
slap_ssf_t sss_ssf
slap_ssf_t sss_tls
slap_ssf_t sss_transport
slap_ssf_t sss_update_sasl
slap_ssf_t sss_update_ssf
slap_ssf_t sss_update_tls
slap_ssf_t sss_update_transport
union Sockaddr

Definition at line 368 of file slap.h.

struct slap_syntax_defs_rec

Definition at line 463 of file slap.h.

Class Members
char * sd_desc
int sd_flags
slap_syntax_transform_func * sd_pretty
char ** sd_sups
slap_syntax_validate_func * sd_validate
struct slap_mrule_defs_rec

Definition at line 670 of file slap.h.

Class Members
char * mrd_associated
char ** mrd_compat_syntaxes
slap_mr_convert_func * mrd_convert
char * mrd_desc
slap_mr_filter_func * mrd_filter
slap_mr_indexer_func * mrd_indexer
slap_mr_match_func * mrd_match
slap_mr_normalize_func * mrd_normalize
slap_mask_t mrd_usage
struct AttributeDescription

Definition at line 843 of file slap.h.

Collaboration diagram for AttributeDescription:
Class Members
unsigned ad_flags
unsigned ad_index
AttributeDescription * ad_next
AttributeType * ad_type
struct AttributeName

Definition at line 866 of file slap.h.

Collaboration diagram for AttributeName:
Class Members
AttributeDescription * an_desc
int an_flags
ObjectClass * an_oc
struct slap_internal_schema

Definition at line 882 of file slap.h.

Collaboration diagram for slap_internal_schema:
Class Members
AttributeDescription * si_ad_administrativeRole
AttributeDescription * si_ad_aliasedObjectName
AttributeDescription * si_ad_altServer
AttributeDescription * si_ad_attributeTypes
AttributeDescription * si_ad_children
AttributeDescription * si_ad_cn
AttributeDescription * si_ad_collectiveExclusions
AttributeDescription * si_ad_collectiveSubentries
AttributeDescription * si_ad_configContext
AttributeDescription * si_ad_contextCSN
AttributeDescription * si_ad_createTimestamp
AttributeDescription * si_ad_creatorsName
AttributeDescription * si_ad_description
AttributeDescription * si_ad_distinguishedName
AttributeDescription * si_ad_ditContentRules
AttributeDescription * si_ad_ditStructureRules
AttributeDescription * si_ad_dseType
AttributeDescription * si_ad_dynamicSubtrees
AttributeDescription * si_ad_entry
AttributeDescription * si_ad_entryCSN
AttributeDescription * si_ad_entryDN
AttributeDescription * si_ad_entryTtl
AttributeDescription * si_ad_entryUUID
AttributeDescription * si_ad_gidNumber
AttributeDescription * si_ad_hasSubordinates
AttributeDescription * si_ad_labeledURI
AttributeDescription * si_ad_ldapSyntaxes
AttributeDescription * si_ad_matchingRules
AttributeDescription * si_ad_matchingRuleUse
AttributeDescription * si_ad_modifiersName
AttributeDescription * si_ad_modifyTimestamp
AttributeDescription * si_ad_monitorContext
AttributeDescription * si_ad_name
AttributeDescription * si_ad_nameForms
AttributeDescription * si_ad_namingContexts
AttributeDescription * si_ad_namingCSN
AttributeDescription * si_ad_objectClass
AttributeDescription * si_ad_objectClasses
AttributeDescription * si_ad_ref
AttributeDescription * si_ad_saslAuthzFrom
AttributeDescription * si_ad_saslAuthzTo
AttributeDescription * si_ad_seeAlso
AttributeDescription * si_ad_structuralObjectClass
AttributeDescription * si_ad_subschemaSubentry
AttributeDescription * si_ad_subtreeSpecification
AttributeDescription * si_ad_supportedControl
AttributeDescription * si_ad_supportedExtension
AttributeDescription * si_ad_supportedFeatures
AttributeDescription * si_ad_supportedLDAPVersion
AttributeDescription * si_ad_supportedSASLMechanisms
AttributeDescription * si_ad_syncreplCookie
AttributeDescription * si_ad_syncTimestamp
AttributeDescription * si_ad_uid
AttributeDescription * si_ad_uidNumber
AttributeDescription * si_ad_userPassword
AttributeDescription * si_ad_vendorName
AttributeDescription * si_ad_vendorVersion
AttributeType * si_at_proxied
AttributeType * si_at_undefined
MatchingRule * si_mr_caseExactIA5Match
MatchingRule * si_mr_caseExactMatch
MatchingRule * si_mr_caseExactSubstringsMatch
MatchingRule * si_mr_caseIgnoreListMatch
MatchingRule * si_mr_caseIgnoreMatch
MatchingRule * si_mr_distinguishedNameMatch
MatchingRule * si_mr_dnOneLevelMatch
MatchingRule * si_mr_dnSubordinateMatch
MatchingRule * si_mr_dnSubtreeMatch
MatchingRule * si_mr_dnSuperiorMatch
MatchingRule * si_mr_integerFirstComponentMatch
MatchingRule * si_mr_integerMatch
MatchingRule * si_mr_objectIdentifierFirstComponentMatch
ObjectClass * si_oc_alias
ObjectClass * si_oc_collectiveAttributeSubentry
ObjectClass * si_oc_dynamicObject
ObjectClass * si_oc_extensibleObject
ObjectClass * si_oc_glue
ObjectClass * si_oc_referral
ObjectClass * si_oc_rootdse
ObjectClass * si_oc_subentry
ObjectClass * si_oc_subschema
ObjectClass * si_oc_syncConsumerSubentry
ObjectClass * si_oc_syncProviderSubentry
ObjectClass * si_oc_top
Syntax * si_syn_attributeTypeDesc
Syntax * si_syn_directoryString
Syntax * si_syn_distinguishedName
Syntax * si_syn_ditContentRuleDesc
Syntax * si_syn_ditStructureRuleDesc
Syntax * si_syn_integer
Syntax * si_syn_ldapSyntaxDesc
Syntax * si_syn_matchingRuleDesc
Syntax * si_syn_matchingRuleUseDesc
Syntax * si_syn_nameFormDesc
Syntax * si_syn_objectClassDesc
Syntax * si_syn_octetString
struct AttributeAssertion

Definition at line 1016 of file slap.h.

Collaboration diagram for AttributeAssertion:
Class Members
AttributeDescription * aa_desc
struct SubstringsAssertion

Definition at line 1029 of file slap.h.

Collaboration diagram for SubstringsAssertion:
Class Members
struct berval * sa_any
AttributeDescription * sa_desc
struct MatchingRuleAssertion

Definition at line 1036 of file slap.h.

Collaboration diagram for MatchingRuleAssertion:
Class Members
AttributeDescription * ma_desc
int ma_dnattrs
MatchingRule * ma_rule
struct Filter

Definition at line 1050 of file slap.h.

Collaboration diagram for Filter:
Class Members
ber_tag_t f_choice
Filter * f_next
union f_un_u f_un
union Filter::f_un_u

Definition at line 1056 of file slap.h.

Collaboration diagram for Filter::f_un_u:
Class Members
AttributeAssertion * f_un_ava
Filter * f_un_complex
AttributeDescription * f_un_desc
MatchingRuleAssertion * f_un_mra
ber_int_t f_un_result
SubstringsAssertion * f_un_ssa
struct ValuesReturnFilter

Definition at line 1104 of file slap.h.

Collaboration diagram for ValuesReturnFilter:
Class Members
ber_tag_t vrf_choice
ValuesReturnFilter * vrf_next
union vrf_un_u vrf_un
union ValuesReturnFilter::vrf_un_u

Definition at line 1107 of file slap.h.

Collaboration diagram for ValuesReturnFilter::vrf_un_u:
Class Members
AttributeAssertion * vrf_un_ava
AttributeDescription * vrf_un_desc
char * vrf_un_dn
MatchingRuleAssertion * vrf_un_mra
ber_int_t vrf_un_result
SubstringsAssertion * vrf_un_ssa
struct Attribute

Definition at line 1155 of file slap.h.

Collaboration diagram for Attribute:
Class Members
AttributeDescription * a_desc
unsigned a_flags
Attribute * a_next
unsigned a_numvals
BerVarray a_nvals
BerVarray a_vals
struct EntryHeader

Definition at line 1184 of file slap.h.

Class Members
char * data
int nattrs
int nvals
struct Entry

Definition at line 1194 of file slap.h.

Collaboration diagram for Entry:
Class Members
Attribute * e_attrs
ID e_id
slap_mask_t e_ocflags
void * e_private
struct Modification

Definition at line 1223 of file slap.h.

Collaboration diagram for Modification:
Class Members
AttributeDescription * sm_desc
short sm_flags
unsigned sm_numvals
BerVarray sm_nvalues
short sm_op
BerVarray sm_values
struct Modifications

Definition at line 1238 of file slap.h.

Collaboration diagram for Modifications:
Class Members
Modification sml_mod
Modifications * sml_next
struct AuthorizationInformation

Definition at line 1308 of file slap.h.

Class Members
ber_tag_t sai_method
slap_ssf_t sai_sasl_ssf
slap_ssf_t sai_ssf
slap_ssf_t sai_tls_ssf
slap_ssf_t sai_transport_ssf
struct slap_dn_access

Definition at line 1354 of file slap.h.

Collaboration diagram for slap_dn_access:
Class Members
AttributeDescription * a_at
AuthorizationInformation a_dnauthz
int a_expand
int a_level
int a_self
int a_self_level
slap_style_t a_style
struct Access

Definition at line 1368 of file slap.h.

Collaboration diagram for Access:
Class Members
slap_mask_t a_access_mask
slap_dn_access a_dn
int a_domain_expand
slap_style_t a_domain_style
AttributeDescription * a_group_at
ObjectClass * a_group_oc
slap_style_t a_group_style
struct Access * a_next
unsigned long a_peername_addr
unsigned long a_peername_mask
int a_peername_port
slap_style_t a_peername_style
slap_dn_access a_realdn
slap_style_t a_set_style
slap_style_t a_sockname_style
slap_style_t a_sockurl_style
slap_control_t a_type
struct AccessControl

Definition at line 1532 of file slap.h.

Collaboration diagram for AccessControl:
Class Members
Access * acl_access
AttributeName * acl_attrs
MatchingRule * acl_attrval_mr
regex_t acl_attrval_re
slap_style_t acl_attrval_style
regex_t acl_dn_re
slap_style_t acl_dn_style
Filter * acl_filter
struct AccessControl * acl_next
struct AccessControlState

Definition at line 1550 of file slap.h.

Collaboration diagram for AccessControlState:
Class Members
slap_access_t as_access
AttributeDescription * as_desc
int as_fe_done
int as_result
AccessControl * as_vd_acl
int as_vd_acl_count
int as_vd_acl_present
slap_mask_t as_vd_mask
struct AclRegexMatches

Definition at line 1573 of file slap.h.

Class Members
int dn_count
regmatch_t dn_data
int val_count
regmatch_t val_data
struct slap_keepalive

Definition at line 1612 of file slap.h.

Class Members
int sk_idle
int sk_interval
int sk_probes
struct slap_bindconf

Definition at line 1618 of file slap.h.

Collaboration diagram for slap_bindconf:
Class Members
slap_keepalive sb_keepalive
int sb_method
char * sb_secprops
int sb_timeout_api
int sb_timeout_net
int sb_tls
int sb_version
struct slap_verbmasks

Definition at line 1649 of file slap.h.

Class Members
const slap_mask_t mask
struct slap_cf_aux_table

Definition at line 1654 of file slap.h.

Class Members
void * aux
int off
char quote
char type
struct slap_limits_set

Definition at line 1673 of file slap.h.

Class Members
int lms_s_hard
int lms_s_pr
int lms_s_pr_hide
int lms_s_pr_total
int lms_s_soft
int lms_s_unchecked
int lms_t_hard
int lms_t_soft
struct slap_limits

Definition at line 1691 of file slap.h.

Collaboration diagram for slap_limits:
Class Members
unsigned lm_flags
AttributeDescription * lm_group_ad
ObjectClass * lm_group_oc
regex_t lm_regex
struct req_bind_s

Definition at line 1993 of file slap.h.

Class Members
int rb_method
slap_ssf_t rb_ssf
struct req_search_s

Definition at line 2001 of file slap.h.

Collaboration diagram for req_search_s:
Class Members
AttributeName * rs_attrs
int rs_attrsonly
int rs_deref
Filter * rs_filter
struct slap_limits_set * rs_limit
int rs_scope
int rs_slimit
int rs_tlimit
struct req_compare_s

Definition at line 2014 of file slap.h.

Collaboration diagram for req_compare_s:
Class Members
AttributeAssertion * rs_ava
struct req_modifications_s

Definition at line 2018 of file slap.h.

Collaboration diagram for req_modifications_s:
Class Members
Modifications * rs_modlist
char rs_no_opattrs
struct req_modify_s

Definition at line 2023 of file slap.h.

Collaboration diagram for req_modify_s:
Class Members
int rs_increment
req_modifications_s rs_mods
struct req_modrdn_s

Definition at line 2028 of file slap.h.

Collaboration diagram for req_modrdn_s:
Class Members
int rs_deleteoldrdn
req_modifications_s rs_mods
struct berval * rs_newSup
struct berval * rs_nnewSup
struct req_add_s

Definition at line 2037 of file slap.h.

Collaboration diagram for req_add_s:
Class Members
Entry * rs_e
Modifications * rs_modlist
struct req_abandon_s

Definition at line 2042 of file slap.h.

Class Members
ber_int_t rs_msgid
struct req_extended_s

Definition at line 2053 of file slap.h.

Collaboration diagram for req_extended_s:
Class Members
int rs_flags
struct berval * rs_reqdata
struct req_pwdexop_s

Definition at line 2059 of file slap.h.

Collaboration diagram for req_pwdexop_s:
Class Members
Modifications * rs_mods
Modifications ** rs_modtail
struct rep_sasl_s

Definition at line 2077 of file slap.h.

Collaboration diagram for rep_sasl_s:
Class Members
struct berval * r_sasldata
struct rep_extended_s

Definition at line 2081 of file slap.h.

Collaboration diagram for rep_extended_s:
Class Members
struct berval * r_rspdata
const char * r_rspoid
struct rep_search_s

Definition at line 2086 of file slap.h.

Collaboration diagram for rep_search_s:
Class Members
slap_mask_t r_attr_flags
AttributeName * r_attrs
Entry * r_entry
int r_nentries
Attribute * r_operational_attrs
BerVarray r_v2ref
struct SlapReply

Definition at line 2106 of file slap.h.

Collaboration diagram for SlapReply:
Class Members
LDAPControl ** sr_ctrls
ber_int_t sr_err
slap_mask_t sr_flags
const char * sr_matched
ber_int_t sr_msgid
BerVarray sr_ref
ber_tag_t sr_tag
const char * sr_text
slap_reply_t sr_type
union sr_u sr_un
union SlapReply::sr_u

Definition at line 2115 of file slap.h.

Collaboration diagram for SlapReply::sr_u:
Class Members
rep_extended_s sru_extended
rep_sasl_s sru_sasl
rep_search_s sru_search
struct slap_callback

Definition at line 2368 of file slap.h.

Collaboration diagram for slap_callback:
Class Members
slap_response * sc_cleanup
struct slap_callback * sc_next
void * sc_private
slap_response * sc_response
struct slap_overinst

Definition at line 2395 of file slap.h.

Collaboration diagram for slap_overinst:
Class Members
BackendInfo on_bi
struct slap_overinfo * on_info
struct slap_overinst * on_next
slap_response * on_response
struct slap_overinfo

Definition at line 2402 of file slap.h.

Collaboration diagram for slap_overinfo:
Class Members
BackendInfo oi_bi
struct slap_overinst * oi_list
BackendInfo * oi_orig
BackendDB * oi_origdb
struct PagedResultsState

Definition at line 2417 of file slap.h.

Collaboration diagram for PagedResultsState:
Class Members
Backend * ps_be
PagedResultsCookie ps_cookie
int ps_count
ber_int_t ps_size
struct GroupAssertion

Definition at line 2439 of file slap.h.

Collaboration diagram for GroupAssertion:
Class Members
AttributeDescription * ga_at
Backend * ga_be
ber_len_t ga_len
char ga_ndn
struct GroupAssertion * ga_next
ObjectClass * ga_oc
int ga_res
struct slap_control_ids

Definition at line 2449 of file slap.h.

Class Members
int sc_assert
int sc_domainScope
int sc_dontUseCopy
int sc_LDAPsync
int sc_manageDSAit
int sc_modifyIncrement
int sc_noOp
int sc_pagedResults
int sc_permissiveModify
int sc_postRead
int sc_preRead
int sc_proxyAuthz
int sc_relax
int sc_searchOptions
int sc_sessionTracking
int sc_subentries
int sc_treeDelete
int sc_valuesReturnFilter
struct slap_counters_t

Definition at line 2500 of file slap.h.

Collaboration diagram for slap_counters_t:
Class Members
ldap_pvt_mp_t sc_bytes
ldap_pvt_mp_t sc_entries
ldap_pvt_thread_mutex_t sc_mutex
struct slap_counters_t * sc_next
ldap_pvt_mp_t sc_ops_completed
ldap_pvt_mp_t sc_ops_initiated
ldap_pvt_mp_t sc_pdu
ldap_pvt_mp_t sc_refs
struct Opheader

Definition at line 2519 of file slap.h.

Collaboration diagram for Opheader:
Class Members
Connection * oh_conn
unsigned long oh_connid
slap_counters_t * oh_counters
char oh_log_prefix
ber_int_t oh_msgid
unsigned long oh_opid
ber_int_t oh_protocol
void * oh_threadctx
ldap_pvt_thread_t oh_tid
void * oh_tmpmemctx
BerMemoryFunctions * oh_tmpmfuncs
union OpRequest

Definition at line 2542 of file slap.h.

Collaboration diagram for OpRequest:
Class Members
req_abandon_s oq_abandon
req_add_s oq_add
req_bind_s oq_bind
req_abandon_s oq_cancel
req_compare_s oq_compare
req_extended_s oq_extended
req_modify_s oq_modify
req_modrdn_s oq_modrdn
req_pwdexop_s oq_pwdexop
req_search_s oq_search
struct OpExtraDB

Definition at line 2564 of file slap.h.

Collaboration diagram for OpExtraDB:
Class Members
OpExtra oe
BackendDB * oe_db
struct OperationBuffer

Definition at line 2773 of file slap.h.

Collaboration diagram for OperationBuffer:
Class Members
void * ob_controls
Opheader ob_hdr
Operation ob_op
struct Connection

Definition at line 2832 of file slap.h.

struct Listener

Definition at line 2974 of file slap.h.

Collaboration diagram for Listener:
Class Members
int sl_busy
int sl_mute
mode_t sl_perms
Sockaddr sl_sa
ber_socket_t sl_sd
struct slap_oinit_t

Definition at line 3331 of file slap.h.

Class Members
OV_init * ov_init
const char * ov_type

Define Documentation

#define _SCM (   x)    ((x) & SLAP_CONTROL_MASK)

Definition at line 2684 of file slap.h.

#define a_authz   a_dn.a_dnauthz

Definition at line 1465 of file slap.h.

#define a_dn_at   a_dn.a_at

Definition at line 1454 of file slap.h.

#define a_dn_pat   a_dn.a_dnauthz.sai_dn

Definition at line 1453 of file slap.h.

#define a_dn_self   a_dn.a_self

Definition at line 1455 of file slap.h.

#define a_pat   a_dnauthz.sai_dn

Definition at line 1357 of file slap.h.

#define a_realdn_at   a_realdn.a_at

Definition at line 1460 of file slap.h.

#define a_realdn_pat   a_realdn.a_dnauthz.sai_dn

Definition at line 1459 of file slap.h.

#define a_realdn_self   a_realdn.a_self

Definition at line 1461 of file slap.h.

#define ACL_ACCESS2PRIV (   access)    ((0x01U << ACL_LEVEL((access))) | ACL_QUALIFIERS((access)))

Definition at line 1375 of file slap.h.

#define ACL_GRANT (   m,

Definition at line 1407 of file slap.h.

#define ACL_INIT (   m)    ACL_PRIV_ASSIGN((m), ACL_PRIV_NONE)

Definition at line 1404 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 1405 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 1412 of file slap.h.

#define ACL_IS_INVALID (   m)    ((m) == ACL_PRIV_INVALID)

Definition at line 1409 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 1411 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 1413 of file slap.h.

#define ACL_LEVEL (   p)    ((p) & ACL_LEVEL_MASK)

Definition at line 1372 of file slap.h.

#define ACL_LVL (   m,
)    (((m)&ACL_PRIV_MASK) == ((l)&ACL_PRIV_MASK))

Definition at line 1426 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 1440 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 1441 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 1439 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 1447 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 1438 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 1443 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 1442 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 1444 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 1445 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 1446 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 1417 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 1418 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 1416 of file slap.h.

#define ACL_LVL_IS_AUTH (   m)    ACL_LVL((m),ACL_LVL_AUTH)

Definition at line 1429 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 1430 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 1428 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 1436 of file slap.h.

#define ACL_LVL_IS_NONE (   m)    ACL_LVL((m),ACL_LVL_NONE)

Definition at line 1427 of file slap.h.

#define ACL_LVL_IS_READ (   m)    ACL_LVL((m),ACL_LVL_READ)

Definition at line 1432 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 1431 of file slap.h.

#define ACL_LVL_IS_WADD (   m)    ACL_LVL((m),ACL_LVL_WADD)

Definition at line 1433 of file slap.h.

#define ACL_LVL_IS_WDEL (   m)    ACL_LVL((m),ACL_LVL_WDEL)

Definition at line 1434 of file slap.h.

#define ACL_LVL_IS_WRITE (   m)    ACL_LVL((m),ACL_LVL_WRITE)

Definition at line 1435 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 1424 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 1415 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 1420 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 1419 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 1421 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 1422 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 1423 of file slap.h.

#define ACL_PRIV_ADDITIVE   0x2000UL

Definition at line 1393 of file slap.h.

#define ACL_PRIV_ASSIGN (   m,
)    do { (m) = (p); } while(0)

Definition at line 1400 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 1379 of file slap.h.

#define ACL_PRIV_CLR (   m,
)    do { (m) &= ~(p); } while(0)

Definition at line 1402 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 1380 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 1378 of file slap.h.

#define ACL_PRIV_INVALID   0x0UL

Definition at line 1397 of file slap.h.

#define ACL_PRIV_ISSET (   m,
)    (((m) & (p)) == (p))

Definition at line 1399 of file slap.h.

#define ACL_PRIV_LEVEL   0x1000UL

Definition at line 1392 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 1386 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 1389 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 1377 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 1382 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 1381 of file slap.h.

#define ACL_PRIV_SET (   m,
)    do { (m) |= (p); } while(0)

Definition at line 1401 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 1394 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 1383 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 1384 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 1385 of file slap.h.

#define ACL_QUALIFIERS (   p)    ((p) & ~ACL_LEVEL_MASK)

Definition at line 1373 of file slap.h.

#define ACL_STATE_INIT   { NULL, ACL_NONE, NULL, 0, 0, ACL_PRIV_NONE, -1, 0 }

Definition at line 1571 of file slap.h.

#define AD_CHAR (   c)    ( ATTR_CHAR(c) || (c) == ';' )

Definition at line 194 of file slap.h.

#define AD_LEADCHAR (   c)    ( ATTR_LEADCHAR(c) )

Definition at line 193 of file slap.h.

#define ASCII_ALNUM (   c)    ( ASCII_ALPHA(c) || ASCII_DIGIT(c) )

Definition at line 164 of file slap.h.

#define ASCII_ALPHA (   c)    ( ASCII_LOWER(c) || ASCII_UPPER(c) )

Definition at line 158 of file slap.h.

#define ASCII_DIGIT (   c)    ( (c) >= '0' && (c) <= '9' )

Definition at line 159 of file slap.h.

#define ASCII_HEX (   c)
( ASCII_DIGIT(c) || \

Definition at line 162 of file slap.h.

#define ASCII_HEXLOWER (   c)    ( (c) >= 'a' && (c) <= 'f' )

Definition at line 160 of file slap.h.

#define ASCII_HEXUPPER (   c)    ( (c) >= 'A' && (c) <= 'F' )

Definition at line 161 of file slap.h.

#define ASCII_LOWER (   c)    ( (c) >= 'a' && (c) <= 'z' )

Definition at line 156 of file slap.h.

#define ASCII_PRINTABLE (   c)    ( (c) >= ' ' && (c) <= '~' )

Definition at line 165 of file slap.h.

#define ASCII_SPACE (   c)    ( (c) == ' ' )

Definition at line 155 of file slap.h.

#define ASCII_UPPER (   c)    ( (c) >= 'A' && (c) <= 'Z' )

Definition at line 157 of file slap.h.

#define ATTR_CHAR (   c)    ( DESC_CHAR((c)) || OID_SEPARATOR(c) )

Definition at line 191 of file slap.h.

#define ATTR_LEADCHAR (   c)    ( DESC_LEADCHAR(c) || OID_LEADCHAR(c) )

Definition at line 190 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 1026 of file slap.h.

#define backends   backendDB

Definition at line 1733 of file slap.h.

#define be_abandon   bd_info->bi_op_abandon

Definition at line 1791 of file slap.h.

#define be_add   bd_info->bi_op_add

Definition at line 1785 of file slap.h.

#define be_attribute   bd_info->bi_acl_attribute

Definition at line 1801 of file slap.h.

#define be_bind   bd_info->bi_op_bind

Definition at line 1783 of file slap.h.

#define be_cancel   bd_info->bi_op_cancel

Definition at line 1794 of file slap.h.

#define be_chk_controls   bd_info->bi_chk_controls

Definition at line 1797 of file slap.h.

#define be_chk_referrals   bd_info->bi_chk_referrals

Definition at line 1796 of file slap.h.

#define be_compare   bd_info->bi_op_compare

Definition at line 1786 of file slap.h.

#define be_config   bd_info->bi_db_config

Definition at line 1780 of file slap.h.

#define be_connection_destroy   bd_info->bi_connection_destroy

Definition at line 1811 of file slap.h.

#define be_connection_init   bd_info->bi_connection_init

Definition at line 1810 of file slap.h.

#define be_delete   bd_info->bi_op_delete

Definition at line 1787 of file slap.h.

#define be_extended   bd_info->bi_extended

Definition at line 1793 of file slap.h.

#define be_fetch   bd_info->bi_entry_get_rw

Definition at line 1798 of file slap.h.

#define be_group   bd_info->bi_acl_group

Definition at line 1800 of file slap.h.

#define be_has_subordinates   bd_info->bi_has_subordinates

Definition at line 1808 of file slap.h.

#define be_modify   bd_info->bi_op_modify

Definition at line 1788 of file slap.h.

#define be_modrdn   bd_info->bi_op_modrdn

Definition at line 1789 of file slap.h.

#define be_operational   bd_info->bi_operational

Definition at line 1802 of file slap.h.

#define be_release   bd_info->bi_entry_release_rw

Definition at line 1799 of file slap.h.

#define be_search   bd_info->bi_op_search

Definition at line 1790 of file slap.h.

#define be_sizelimit   be_def_limit.lms_s_soft

Definition at line 1951 of file slap.h.

#define be_timelimit   be_def_limit.lms_t_soft

Definition at line 1952 of file slap.h.

#define be_type   bd_info->bi_type

Definition at line 1781 of file slap.h.

#define be_unbind   bd_info->bi_op_unbind

Definition at line 1784 of file slap.h.

#define c_authmech   c_authz.sai_mech

Definition at line 2349 of file slap.h.

#define c_authtype   c_authz.sai_method

Definition at line 2348 of file slap.h.

#define c_dn   c_authz.sai_dn

Definition at line 2350 of file slap.h.

#define c_listener_url   c_listener->sl_url /* listener URL */
#define c_ndn   c_authz.sai_ndn

Definition at line 2351 of file slap.h.

#define c_sasl_ssf   c_authz.sai_sasl_ssf

Definition at line 2355 of file slap.h.

#define c_sock_name   c_listener->sl_name /* sock name (trans=addr:port) */
#define c_ssf   c_authz.sai_ssf

Definition at line 2352 of file slap.h.

#define c_tls_ssf   c_authz.sai_tls_ssf

Definition at line 2354 of file slap.h.

#define c_transport_ssf   c_authz.sai_transport_ssf

Definition at line 2353 of file slap.h.

#define CONN_IS_CLIENT   4
#define CONN_IS_IPC   8
#define CONN_IS_TLS   1
#define CONN_IS_UDP   2
#define DESC_CHAR (   c)    ( ASCII_ALNUM(c) || (c) == '-' )

Definition at line 185 of file slap.h.

#define DESC_LEADCHAR (   c)    ( ASCII_ALPHA(c) )

Definition at line 184 of file slap.h.

#define DN_ESCAPE (   c)    ((c) == SLAP_ESCAPE_CHAR)

Definition at line 175 of file slap.h.

#define DN_SEPARATOR (   c)    ((c) == ',')

Definition at line 179 of file slap.h.

#define e_dn   e_name.bv_val

Definition at line 1206 of file slap.h.

#define e_ndn   e_nname.bv_val

Definition at line 1207 of file slap.h.

#define f_and   f_un.f_un_complex

Definition at line 1093 of file slap.h.

#define f_av_desc   f_un.f_un_ava->aa_desc

Definition at line 1074 of file slap.h.

#define f_av_value   f_un.f_un_ava->aa_value

Definition at line 1075 of file slap.h.

#define f_ava   f_un.f_un_ava

Definition at line 1073 of file slap.h.

#define f_desc   f_un.f_un_desc

Definition at line 1072 of file slap.h.

#define f_list   f_un.f_un_complex

Definition at line 1096 of file slap.h.

#define f_mr_desc   f_un.f_un_mra->ma_desc

Definition at line 1084 of file slap.h.

#define f_mr_dnattrs   f_un.f_un_mra->ma_dnattrs

Definition at line 1086 of file slap.h.

#define f_mr_rule   f_un.f_un_mra->ma_rule

Definition at line 1082 of file slap.h.

#define f_mr_rule_text   f_un.f_un_mra->ma_rule_text

Definition at line 1083 of file slap.h.

#define f_mr_value   f_un.f_un_mra->ma_value

Definition at line 1085 of file slap.h.

#define f_mra   f_un.f_un_mra

Definition at line 1081 of file slap.h.

#define f_not   f_un.f_un_complex

Definition at line 1095 of file slap.h.

#define f_or   f_un.f_un_complex

Definition at line 1094 of file slap.h.

#define f_result   f_un.f_un_result

Definition at line 1092 of file slap.h.

#define f_sub   f_un.f_un_ssa

Definition at line 1076 of file slap.h.

#define f_sub_any   f_un.f_un_ssa->sa_any

Definition at line 1079 of file slap.h.

#define f_sub_desc   f_un.f_un_ssa->sa_desc

Definition at line 1077 of file slap.h.

#define f_sub_final   f_un.f_un_ssa->sa_final

Definition at line 1080 of file slap.h.

#define f_sub_initial   f_un.f_un_ssa->sa_initial

Definition at line 1078 of file slap.h.

#define FILTER_ESCAPE (   c)
( (c) == '*' || (c) == '\\' \
       || (c) == '(' || (c) == ')' || !ASCII_PRINTABLE(c) )

Definition at line 172 of file slap.h.

#define get_assert (   op)    ((int)(op)->o_assert)

Definition at line 2709 of file slap.h.

#define get_assertion (   op)    ((op)->o_assertion)

Definition at line 2711 of file slap.h.

#define get_domainScope (   op)    ((int)(op)->o_domain_scope)

Definition at line 2720 of file slap.h.

#define get_dontUseCopy (   op)    _SCM((op)->o_dontUseCopy)

Definition at line 2690 of file slap.h.

#define get_manageDSAit (   op)    _SCM((op)->o_managedsait)

Definition at line 2696 of file slap.h.

#define get_no_schema_check (   op)    ((op)->o_no_schema_check)

Definition at line 2667 of file slap.h.

#define get_no_subordinate_glue (   op)    ((op)->o_no_subordinate_glue)

Definition at line 2669 of file slap.h.

#define get_pagedresults (   op)    ((int)(op)->o_pagedresults)

Definition at line 2735 of file slap.h.

#define get_permissiveModify (   op)    ((int)(op)->o_permissive_modify)

Definition at line 2717 of file slap.h.

#define get_relax (   op)    _SCM((op)->o_relax)

Definition at line 2693 of file slap.h.

#define get_sessionTracking (   op)    ((int)(op)->o_session_tracking)

Definition at line 2748 of file slap.h.

#define get_subentries (   op)    _SCM((op)->o_subentries)

Definition at line 2702 of file slap.h.

#define get_subentries_visibility (   op)    (((op)->o_subentries & SLAP_CONTROL_DATA0) != 0)

Definition at line 2706 of file slap.h.

#define get_treeDelete (   op)    ((int)(op)->o_tree_delete)

Definition at line 2724 of file slap.h.

#define is_at_collective (   at)    ((at)->sat_collective)

Definition at line 760 of file slap.h.

#define is_at_no_user_mod (   at)    ((at)->sat_no_user_mod)

Definition at line 762 of file slap.h.

#define is_at_obsolete (   at)    ((at)->sat_obsolete)

Definition at line 761 of file slap.h.

#define is_at_operational (   at)    ((at)->sat_usage)

Definition at line 758 of file slap.h.

#define is_at_single_value (   at)    ((at)->sat_single_value)

Definition at line 759 of file slap.h.

#define IS_SLAP_INDEX (   mask,
)    (((mask) & (type)) == (type))

Definition at line 251 of file slap.h.

#define ldap_debug   slap_debug

Definition at line 46 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 72 of file slap.h.

#define MAXREMATCHES   (100)

Definition at line 133 of file slap.h.

#define nbackends   nBackendDB

Definition at line 1732 of file slap.h.

#define NOID   ((ID)~0)

Definition at line 1182 of file slap.h.

#define o_assert   o_ctrlflag[slap_cids.sc_assert]

Definition at line 2708 of file slap.h.

#define o_assertion   o_controls[slap_cids.sc_assert]

Definition at line 2710 of file slap.h.

#define o_authmech   o_authz.sai_mech

Definition at line 2358 of file slap.h.

#define o_authtype   o_authz.sai_method

Definition at line 2357 of file slap.h.

#define o_conn   o_hdr->oh_conn

Definition at line 2574 of file slap.h.

#define o_connid   o_hdr->oh_connid

Definition at line 2573 of file slap.h.

#define o_counters   o_hdr->oh_counters

Definition at line 2581 of file slap.h.

#define o_dn   o_authz.sai_dn

Definition at line 2359 of file slap.h.

#define o_domain_scope   o_ctrlflag[slap_cids.sc_domainScope]

Definition at line 2719 of file slap.h.

#define o_dontUseCopy   o_ctrlflag[slap_cids.sc_dontUseCopy]

Definition at line 2689 of file slap.h.

#define o_log_prefix   o_hdr->oh_log_prefix

Definition at line 2588 of file slap.h.

#define o_managedsait   o_ctrlflag[slap_cids.sc_manageDSAit]

Definition at line 2695 of file slap.h.

#define o_msgid   o_hdr->oh_msgid

Definition at line 2575 of file slap.h.

#define o_ndn   o_authz.sai_ndn

Definition at line 2360 of file slap.h.

#define o_noop   o_ctrlflag[slap_cids.sc_noOp]

Definition at line 2698 of file slap.h.

#define o_opid   o_hdr->oh_opid

Definition at line 2572 of file slap.h.

#define o_pagedresults   o_ctrlflag[slap_cids.sc_pagedResults]

Definition at line 2733 of file slap.h.

#define o_pagedresults_state   o_controls[slap_cids.sc_pagedResults]

Definition at line 2734 of file slap.h.

#define o_permissive_modify   o_ctrlflag[slap_cids.sc_permissiveModify]

Definition at line 2716 of file slap.h.

#define o_postread   o_ctrlflag[slap_cids.sc_postRead]

Definition at line 2728 of file slap.h.

#define o_postread_attrs   o_controls[slap_cids.sc_postRead]

Definition at line 2731 of file slap.h.

#define o_preread   o_ctrlflag[slap_cids.sc_preRead]

Definition at line 2727 of file slap.h.

#define o_preread_attrs   o_controls[slap_cids.sc_preRead]

Definition at line 2730 of file slap.h.

#define o_protocol   o_hdr->oh_protocol

Definition at line 2576 of file slap.h.

#define o_proxy_authz   o_ctrlflag[slap_cids.sc_proxyAuthz]

Definition at line 2699 of file slap.h.

#define o_relax   o_ctrlflag[slap_cids.sc_relax]

Definition at line 2692 of file slap.h.

#define o_sasl_ssf   o_authz.sai_sasl_ssf

Definition at line 2364 of file slap.h.

#define o_session_tracking   o_ctrlflag[slap_cids.sc_sessionTracking]

Definition at line 2746 of file slap.h.

#define o_ssf   o_authz.sai_ssf

Definition at line 2361 of file slap.h.

#define o_subentries   o_ctrlflag[slap_cids.sc_subentries]

Definition at line 2700 of file slap.h.

#define o_subentries_visibility   o_ctrlflag[slap_cids.sc_subentries]

Definition at line 2703 of file slap.h.

#define o_sync   o_ctrlflag[slap_cids.sc_LDAPsync]

Definition at line 2756 of file slap.h.

#define o_threadctx   o_hdr->oh_threadctx

Definition at line 2578 of file slap.h.

#define o_tid   o_hdr->oh_tid

Definition at line 2577 of file slap.h.

#define o_tls_ssf   o_authz.sai_tls_ssf

Definition at line 2363 of file slap.h.

#define o_tmpalloc   o_tmpmfuncs->bmf_malloc

Definition at line 2583 of file slap.h.

#define o_tmpcalloc   o_tmpmfuncs->bmf_calloc

Definition at line 2584 of file slap.h.

#define o_tmpfree   o_tmpmfuncs->bmf_free

Definition at line 2586 of file slap.h.

#define o_tmpmemctx   o_hdr->oh_tmpmemctx

Definition at line 2579 of file slap.h.

#define o_tmpmfuncs   o_hdr->oh_tmpmfuncs

Definition at line 2580 of file slap.h.

#define o_tmprealloc   o_tmpmfuncs->bmf_realloc

Definition at line 2585 of file slap.h.

#define o_tracked_sessions   o_controls[slap_cids.sc_sessionTracking]

Definition at line 2747 of file slap.h.

#define o_transport_ssf   o_authz.sai_transport_ssf

Definition at line 2362 of file slap.h.

#define o_tree_delete   o_ctrlflag[slap_cids.sc_treeDelete]

Definition at line 2723 of file slap.h.

#define o_valuesreturnfilter   o_ctrlflag[slap_cids.sc_valuesReturnFilter]

Definition at line 2713 of file slap.h.

#define o_vrFilter   o_controls[slap_cids.sc_valuesReturnFilter]

Definition at line 2714 of file slap.h.

#define OID_CHAR (   c)    ( OID_LEADCHAR(c) || OID_SEPARATOR(c) )

Definition at line 188 of file slap.h.

#define OID_LEADCHAR (   c)    ( ASCII_DIGIT(c) )

Definition at line 186 of file slap.h.

#define OID_SEPARATOR (   c)    ( (c) == '.' )

Definition at line 187 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 2607 of file slap.h.

#define oq_add   o_request.oq_add

Definition at line 2601 of file slap.h.

#define oq_bind   o_request.oq_bind

Definition at line 2602 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 2608 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 2603 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 2609 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 2604 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 2605 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 2610 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 2606 of file slap.h.

#define ora_e   oq_add.rs_e

Definition at line 2639 of file slap.h.

#define ora_modlist   oq_add.rs_modlist

Definition at line 2640 of file slap.h.

#define orb_cred   oq_bind.rb_cred

Definition at line 2614 of file slap.h.

#define orb_edn   oq_bind.rb_edn

Definition at line 2615 of file slap.h.

#define orb_mech   oq_bind.rb_mech

Definition at line 2617 of file slap.h.

#define orb_method   oq_bind.rb_method

Definition at line 2613 of file slap.h.

#define orb_ssf   oq_bind.rb_ssf

Definition at line 2616 of file slap.h.

#define orc_ava   oq_compare.rs_ava

Definition at line 2637 of file slap.h.

#define ore_flags   oq_extended.rs_flags

Definition at line 2649 of file slap.h.

#define ore_reqdata   oq_extended.rs_reqdata

Definition at line 2650 of file slap.h.

#define ore_reqoid   oq_extended.rs_reqoid

Definition at line 2648 of file slap.h.

#define orm_increment   oq_modify.rs_increment

Definition at line 2646 of file slap.h.

#define orm_modlist   oq_modify.rs_mods.rs_modlist

Definition at line 2644 of file slap.h.

#define orm_no_opattrs   oq_modify.rs_mods.rs_no_opattrs

Definition at line 2645 of file slap.h.

#define orn_msgid   oq_abandon.rs_msgid

Definition at line 2642 of file slap.h.

#define orr_deleteoldrdn   oq_modrdn.rs_deleteoldrdn

Definition at line 2631 of file slap.h.

#define orr_modlist   oq_modrdn.rs_mods.rs_modlist

Definition at line 2629 of file slap.h.

#define orr_newrdn   oq_modrdn.rs_newrdn

Definition at line 2632 of file slap.h.

#define orr_newSup   oq_modrdn.rs_newSup

Definition at line 2634 of file slap.h.

#define orr_nnewrdn   oq_modrdn.rs_nnewrdn

Definition at line 2633 of file slap.h.

#define orr_nnewSup   oq_modrdn.rs_nnewSup

Definition at line 2635 of file slap.h.

#define orr_no_opattrs   oq_modrdn.rs_mods.rs_no_opattrs

Definition at line 2630 of file slap.h.

#define ors_attrs   oq_search.rs_attrs

Definition at line 2625 of file slap.h.

#define ors_attrsonly   oq_search.rs_attrsonly

Definition at line 2624 of file slap.h.

#define ors_deref   oq_search.rs_deref

Definition at line 2620 of file slap.h.

#define ors_filter   oq_search.rs_filter

Definition at line 2626 of file slap.h.

#define ors_filterstr   oq_search.rs_filterstr

Definition at line 2627 of file slap.h.

#define ors_limit   oq_search.rs_limit

Definition at line 2623 of file slap.h.

#define ors_scope   oq_search.rs_scope

Definition at line 2619 of file slap.h.

#define ors_slimit   oq_search.rs_slimit

Definition at line 2621 of file slap.h.

#define ors_tlimit   oq_search.rs_tlimit

Definition at line 2622 of file slap.h.

#define RDN_ATTRTYPEANDVALUE_SEPARATOR (   c)    ((c) == '+') /* RFC 4514 */

Definition at line 180 of file slap.h.

#define RDN_NEEDSESCAPE (   c)    ((c) == '\\' || (c) == '"')

Definition at line 182 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 181 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 2134 of file slap.h.

#define REP_CTRLS_MUSTBEFREED   ((slap_mask_t) 0x0040U)

Definition at line 2133 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 2124 of file slap.h.

#define REP_ENTRY_MODIFIABLE   ((slap_mask_t) 0x0001U)

Definition at line 2121 of file slap.h.

#define REP_ENTRY_MUSTBEFREED   ((slap_mask_t) 0x0002U)

Definition at line 2122 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 2125 of file slap.h.

#define REP_ENTRY_MUSTRELEASE   ((slap_mask_t) 0x0004U)

Definition at line 2123 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 2128 of file slap.h.

#define REP_MATCHED_MUSTBEFREED   ((slap_mask_t) 0x0010U)

Definition at line 2127 of file slap.h.

#define REP_NO_ENTRYDN   ((slap_mask_t) 0x1000U)

Definition at line 2136 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 2138 of file slap.h.

#define REP_NO_SUBSCHEMA   ((slap_mask_t) 0x2000U)

Definition at line 2137 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 2131 of file slap.h.

#define REP_REF_MUSTBEFREED   ((slap_mask_t) 0x0020U)

Definition at line 2130 of file slap.h.

#define sat_collective   sat_atype.at_collective

Definition at line 749 of file slap.h.

#define sat_desc   sat_atype.at_desc

Definition at line 741 of file slap.h.

#define sat_equality_oid   sat_atype.at_equality_oid

Definition at line 744 of file slap.h.

#define sat_extensions   sat_atype.at_extensions

Definition at line 752 of file slap.h.

#define sat_names   sat_atype.at_names

Definition at line 740 of file slap.h.

#define sat_no_user_mod   sat_atype.at_no_user_mod

Definition at line 750 of file slap.h.

#define sat_obsolete   sat_atype.at_obsolete

Definition at line 742 of file slap.h.

#define sat_oid   sat_atype.at_oid

Definition at line 739 of file slap.h.

#define sat_ordering_oid   sat_atype.at_ordering_oid

Definition at line 745 of file slap.h.

#define sat_single_value   sat_atype.at_single_value

Definition at line 748 of file slap.h.

#define sat_substr_oid   sat_atype.at_substr_oid

Definition at line 746 of file slap.h.

#define sat_sup_oid   sat_atype.at_sup_oid

Definition at line 743 of file slap.h.

#define sat_syntax_oid   sat_atype.at_syntax_oid

Definition at line 747 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 751 of file slap.h.

#define SB_TLS_CRITICAL   2

Definition at line 1610 of file slap.h.

#define SB_TLS_DEFAULT   (-1)

Definition at line 1607 of file slap.h.

#define SB_TLS_OFF   0

Definition at line 1608 of file slap.h.

#define SB_TLS_ON   1

Definition at line 1609 of file slap.h.

#define scr_at_oids_may   scr_crule.cr_at_oids_may

Definition at line 832 of file slap.h.

#define scr_at_oids_must   scr_crule.cr_at_oids_must

Definition at line 831 of file slap.h.

#define scr_at_oids_not   scr_crule.cr_at_oids_not

Definition at line 833 of file slap.h.

#define scr_desc   scr_crule.cr_desc

Definition at line 828 of file slap.h.

#define scr_names   scr_crule.cr_names

Definition at line 827 of file slap.h.

#define scr_obsolete   scr_crule.cr_obsolete

Definition at line 829 of file slap.h.

#define scr_oc_oids_aux   scr_crule.cr_oc_oids_aux

Definition at line 830 of file slap.h.

#define scr_oid   scr_crule.cr_oid

Definition at line 826 of file slap.h.

#define send_ldap_discon (   op,
do { \
              (rs)->sr_err = err; (rs)->sr_text = text; \
              send_ldap_disconnect( op, rs ); \
       } while (0)

Definition at line 2783 of file slap.h.

#define send_ldap_error (   op,
do { \
              (rs)->sr_err = err; (rs)->sr_text = text; \
              ((op)->o_conn->c_send_ldap_result)( op, rs ); \
       } while (0)

Definition at line 2779 of file slap.h.

#define send_ldap_extended (   op,
)    ((op)->o_conn->c_send_ldap_extended)( op, rs )

Definition at line 2805 of file slap.h.

#define send_ldap_intermediate (   op,
)    ((op)->o_conn->c_send_ldap_intermediate)( op, rs )

Definition at line 2807 of file slap.h.

#define send_ldap_result (   op,
)    ((op)->o_conn->c_send_ldap_result)( op, rs )

Definition at line 2799 of file slap.h.

#define send_search_entry (   op,
)    ((op)->o_conn->c_send_search_entry)( op, rs )

Definition at line 2801 of file slap.h.

#define send_search_reference (   op,
)    ((op)->o_conn->c_send_search_reference)( op, rs )

Definition at line 2803 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 103 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 2705 of file slap.h.

#define sl_addr   sl_sa.sa_in_addr

Definition at line 2988 of file slap.h.

#define slap_ad_is_binary (   ad)    ( ((ad)->ad_flags & SLAP_DESC_BINARY) ? 1 : 0 )

Definition at line 876 of file slap.h.

#define slap_ad_is_tag_range (   ad)    ( ((ad)->ad_flags & SLAP_DESC_TAG_RANGE) ? 1 : 0 )

Definition at line 874 of file slap.h.

#define slap_ad_is_tagged (   ad)    ( (ad)->ad_tags.bv_len != 0 )

Definition at line 873 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_AD_NOINSERT   0x02U

Definition at line 861 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_AD_PROXIED   0x01U

Definition at line 860 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_AD_UNDEF   0x00U

Definition at line 859 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 2325 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_ALLOW_BIND_ANON_CRED   0x0002U /* cred should be empty */

Definition at line 1916 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_ALLOW_BIND_ANON_DN   0x0004U /* dn should be empty */

Definition at line 1917 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_ALLOW_BIND_V2   0x0001U /* LDAPv2 bind */

Definition at line 1915 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_ALLOW_PROXY_AUTHZ_ANON   0x0010U /* allow anonymous proxyAuthz */

Definition at line 1920 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_ALLOW_UPDATE_ANON   0x0008U /* allow anonymous updates */

Definition at line 1919 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_AN_OCEXCLUDE   0x01

Definition at line 863 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_AN_OCINITED   0x02

Definition at line 864 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_AT_ABSTRACT   0x0100U /* cannot be instantiated */

Definition at line 708 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_AT_DELETED   0x20000U

Definition at line 733 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_AT_DYNAMIC   0x0400U /* dynamically generated */

Definition at line 715 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_AT_FINAL   0x0200U /* cannot be subtyped */

Definition at line 709 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_AT_HARDCODE   0x10000U /* hardcoded schema */

Definition at line 732 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_AT_HIDE   0x8000U /* hide attribute */

Definition at line 713 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_AT_MANAGEABLE   0x0800U /* no-user-mod can be by-passed */

Definition at line 717 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_AT_NONE   0x0000U

Definition at line 707 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_AT_ORDERED   0x0003U /* value has order index */

Definition at line 728 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_AT_ORDERED_SIB   0x0002U /* siblings are ordered */

Definition at line 727 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_AT_ORDERED_VAL   0x0001U /* values are ordered */

Definition at line 726 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_AT_SORTED_VAL   0x0010U /* values should be sorted */

Definition at line 730 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 1163 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 1164 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_ATTR_IXADD   0x1U

Definition at line 1161 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_ATTR_IXDEL   0x2U

Definition at line 1162 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 1168 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_ATTR_SORTED_VALS   0x10U /* values are sorted */

Definition at line 1165 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_ATTRS_UNDEFINED   (0x00U)

Definition at line 2089 of file slap.h.

static BackendInfo bi;      \
	int \
	init_module( int argc, char *argv[] ) \
       { \
              bi.bi_type = #b ; \
              bi.bi_init = b ## _back_initialize; \
              backend_add( &bi ); \
              return 0; \

Definition at line 3319 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_BFLAG_ALIASES   0x1000U

Definition at line 2309 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_BFLAG_CONFIG   0x0002U /* a config backend */

Definition at line 2305 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_BFLAG_DYNAMIC   0x8000U

Definition at line 2312 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_BFLAG_FRONTEND   0x0004U /* the frontendDB */

Definition at line 2306 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_BFLAG_INCREMENT   0x0100U

Definition at line 2308 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_BFLAG_MONITOR   0x0001U /* a monitor backend */

Definition at line 2304 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 2307 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_BFLAG_REFERRALS   0x2000U

Definition at line 2310 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 2311 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_BFLAGS (   be)    ((be)->bd_info->bi_flags)

Definition at line 2320 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_CALLOC (   n,
)    ber_memcalloc((n),(s))

Definition at line 92 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_CANCEL_ACK   0x02

Definition at line 2655 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_CANCEL_DONE   0x03

Definition at line 2656 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_CANCEL_NONE   0x00

Definition at line 2653 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_CANCEL_REQ   0x01

Definition at line 2654 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_CB_BYPASS   0x08800

Definition at line 2410 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_CB_CONTINUE   0x08000

Definition at line 2411 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_CONF_UNKNOWN   (-1026)

Definition at line 152 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 2322 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 141 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 140 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 2674 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_CONTROL_DATA0   0x10

Definition at line 2679 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_CONTROL_DATA1   0x20

Definition at line 2680 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_CONTROL_DATA2   0x40

Definition at line 2681 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_CONTROL_DATA3   0x80

Definition at line 2682 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 2672 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 2675 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 2673 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 2671 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_CONTROL_SHIFT   4 /* shift to reach data bits */

Definition at line 2678 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 74 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 73 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_CR_HARDCODE   0x10000U

Definition at line 836 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_CSN_COMMIT   2

Definition at line 2431 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_CSN_PENDING   1

Definition at line 2430 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_CTRL_ABANDON   0x00000001U

Definition at line 3019 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 3032 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_CTRL_ADD   0x00002002U

Definition at line 3020 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_CTRL_BIND   0x00000004U

Definition at line 3021 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_CTRL_COMPARE   0x00001008U

Definition at line 3022 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_CTRL_DELETE   0x00002010U

Definition at line 3023 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_CTRL_GLOBAL   0x00800000U

Definition at line 3015 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_CTRL_GLOBAL_SEARCH   0x00010000U /* for NOOP */

Definition at line 3016 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_CTRL_HIDE   0x80000000U

Definition at line 3010 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 3029 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_CTRL_MODIFY   0x00002020U

Definition at line 3024 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 3018 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_CTRL_RENAME   0x00002040U

Definition at line 3025 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_CTRL_REQUIRES_ROOT   0x40000000U /* for Relax */

Definition at line 3013 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_CTRL_SEARCH   0x00001080U

Definition at line 3026 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_CTRL_UNBIND   0x00000100U

Definition at line 3027 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 3030 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 1859 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 1879 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 1878 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_DBFLAG_ACL_ADD   0x20000U /* check attr ACLs on adds */

Definition at line 1851 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_DBFLAG_CLEAN   0x10000U /* was cleanly shutdown */

Definition at line 1850 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_DBFLAG_DYNAMIC   0x0400U /* this db allows dynamicObjects */

Definition at line 1843 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_DBFLAG_GLOBAL_OVERLAY   0x0200U /* this db struct is a global overlay */

Definition at line 1842 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_DBFLAG_GLUE_ADVERTISE   0x0080U /* advertise in rootDSE */

Definition at line 1840 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_DBFLAG_GLUE_INSTANCE   0x0010U /* a glue backend */

Definition at line 1837 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_DBFLAG_GLUE_LINKED   0x0040U /* child is connected to parent */

Definition at line 1839 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_DBFLAG_GLUE_SUBORDINATE   0x0020U /* child of a glue hierarchy */

Definition at line 1838 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_DBFLAG_HIDDEN   0x0004U

Definition at line 1835 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_DBFLAG_MONITORING   0x0800U /* custom monitoring enabled */

Definition at line 1844 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_DBFLAG_MULTI_SHADOW   0x80000U /* uses mirrorMode/multi-master */

Definition at line 1853 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 1834 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 1833 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_DBFLAG_ONE_SUFFIX   0x0008U

Definition at line 1836 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_DBFLAG_OVERLAY   0x0100U /* this db struct is an overlay */

Definition at line 1841 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_DBFLAG_SHADOW   0x8000U /* a shadow */

Definition at line 1845 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 1849 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_DBFLAG_SINGLE_SHADOW   0x4000U /* a single-master shadow */

Definition at line 1846 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_DBFLAG_SLURP_SHADOW   0x2000U /* a slurp shadow */

Definition at line 1848 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_DBFLAG_SYNC_SHADOW   0x1000U /* a sync shadow */

Definition at line 1847 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_DBFLAG_SYNC_SUBENTRY   0x40000U /* use subentry for context */

Definition at line 1852 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_DBFLAGS (   be)    ((be)->be_flags)

Definition at line 1855 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 1858 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 1862 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_DESC_BINARY   0x01U

Definition at line 850 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_DESC_NONE   0x00U

Definition at line 849 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_DESC_TAG_RANGE   0x80U

Definition at line 851 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_DESC_TEMPORARY   0x1000U

Definition at line 852 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_DISALLOW_AUX_WO_CR   0x4000U

Definition at line 1931 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_DISALLOW_BIND_ANON   0x0001U /* no anonymous */

Definition at line 1922 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_DISALLOW_BIND_SIMPLE   0x0002U /* simple authentication */

Definition at line 1923 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 1929 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 1928 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_DISALLOW_TLS_2_ANON   0x0010U /* StartTLS -> Anonymous */

Definition at line 1925 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_DISALLOW_TLS_AUTHC   0x0020U /* TLS while authenticated */

Definition at line 1926 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 75 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 2328 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_ESCAPE_CHAR   ('\\')

Definition at line 168 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_ESCAPE_HI (   c)    ( SLAP_ESCAPE_LO((c)>>4) )

Definition at line 170 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_ESCAPE_LO (   c)    ( "0123456789ABCDEF"[SLAP_NIBBLE(c)] )

Definition at line 169 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_EXOP_HIDE   0x8000

Definition at line 2049 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_EXOP_WRITES   0x0001 /* Exop does writes */

Definition at line 2051 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_FREE (   p)    ber_memfree((p))

Definition at line 94 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 2323 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 235 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 236 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 1871 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 1865 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 1869 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 1867 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 2324 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_INDEX_ADD_OP   0x0001

Definition at line 2300 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_INDEX_APPROX   0x0008UL

Definition at line 245 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_INDEX_APPROX_PREFIX   '~' /* prefix for approx keys */

Definition at line 284 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_INDEX_CONT_PREFIX   '.' /* prefix for continuation keys */

Definition at line 288 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 249 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_INDEX_DELETE_OP   0x0002

Definition at line 2301 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_INDEX_EQUALITY   0x0004UL

Definition at line 244 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_INDEX_EQUALITY_PREFIX   '=' /* prefix for equality keys */

Definition at line 283 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_INDEX_EXTENDED   0x0020UL

Definition at line 247 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_INDEX_FLAGS   0xF000UL

Definition at line 275 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 273 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_INDEX_NOSUBTYPES   0x1000UL /* don't use index w/ subtypes */

Definition at line 276 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_INDEX_NOTAGS   0x2000UL /* don't use index w/ tags */

Definition at line 277 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_INDEX_PRESENT   0x0002UL

Definition at line 243 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_INDEX_SUBSTR   0x0010UL

Definition at line 246 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 256 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 269 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 270 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 257 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 287 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 266 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 265 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 255 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 286 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_INDEX_SUBSTR_PREFIX   '*' /* prefix for substring keys */

Definition at line 285 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 253 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_INDEX_TYPE   0x00FFUL

Definition at line 241 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 242 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_IS_AUTHZ_BACKEND (   op)
( (op)->o_bd != NULL \
              && (op)->o_bd->be_private != NULL \
              && (op)->o_conn != NULL \
              && (op)->o_conn->c_authz_backend != NULL \
              && ( (op)->o_bd->be_private == (op)->o_conn->c_authz_backend->be_private \
                     || (op)->o_bd->be_private == (op)->o_conn->c_authz_cookie ) )

Definition at line 615 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 603 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 608 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 605 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 611 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 617 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 1861 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 1860 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_LASTMOD (   be)    (!SLAP_NOLASTMOD(be))

Definition at line 1857 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 2330 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_LDAPDN_MAXLEN   8192

Definition at line 3002 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_LDAPDN_PRETTY   0x1

Definition at line 3001 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_LIMIT_SIZE   2

Definition at line 1671 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_LIMIT_TIME   1

Definition at line 1670 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 1701 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_LIMITS_ANY   0x0008U

Definition at line 1703 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 1696 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_LIMITS_CHILDREN   0x0004U

Definition at line 1699 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_LIMITS_EXACT   0x0001U

Definition at line 1695 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_LIMITS_MASK   0x000FU

Definition at line 1704 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_LIMITS_ONE   0x0002U

Definition at line 1697 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_LIMITS_REGEX   0x0005U

Definition at line 1700 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_LIMITS_SUBTREE   0x0003U

Definition at line 1698 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 1707 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_LIMITS_TYPE_GROUP   0x0010U

Definition at line 1708 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 1710 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_LIMITS_TYPE_SELF   0x0000U

Definition at line 1706 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_LIMITS_TYPE_THIS   0x0020U

Definition at line 1709 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 1694 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_LIMITS_USERS   0x0007U

Definition at line 1702 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_MALLOC (   s)    ber_memalloc((s))

Definition at line 91 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_MAX_CIDS   32 /* Maximum number of supported controls */

Definition at line 1767 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_MAX_LIMIT   2147483647

Definition at line 1689 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 3005 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 135 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_MOD_ADD_IF_NOT_PRESENT   0x1002

Definition at line 127 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_MOD_INTERNAL   0x01

Definition at line 1233 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_MOD_MANAGING   0x02

Definition at line 1234 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_MOD_SOFTADD   0x1000

Definition at line 119 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_MOD_SOFTDEL   0x1001

Definition at line 123 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_MODE   0x0003

Definition at line 1598 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 2321 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 600 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_MR_ASSOCIATED (   mr,
)    (((mr) == (amr)) || ((mr)->smr_associated == (amr)))

Definition at line 640 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 601 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 582 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_MR_EQUALITY   0x0100U

Definition at line 552 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 561 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_MR_EXT   0x0800U /* implicitly extensible */

Definition at line 555 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_MR_HIDE   0x8000U

Definition at line 542 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 594 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 586 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 584 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_MR_IS_VALUE_OF_SYNTAX (   usage)    (1)

Definition at line 592 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 545 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_MR_NONE   0x0000U

Definition at line 551 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_MR_ORDERED_INDEX   0x1000U

Definition at line 556 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_MR_ORDERING   0x0200U

Definition at line 553 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_MR_SUBSTR   0x0400U

Definition at line 554 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_MR_SUBSTR_ANY   ( SLAP_MR_SUBSTR | 0x0020U )

Definition at line 564 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 565 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 563 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_MR_SUBTYPE_MASK   0x00F0U

Definition at line 548 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_MR_TYPE_MASK   0x0F00U

Definition at line 547 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_MR_USAGE   0x000FU

Definition at line 549 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 579 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 580 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 581 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 1877 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_NIBBLE (   c)    ((c)&0x0f)

Definition at line 167 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_NO_LIMIT   -1

Definition at line 1688 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 1863 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 1856 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 2329 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_NUMERIC (   c)    ( ASCII_DIGIT(c) || ASCII_SPACE(c) )

Definition at line 196 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_OC__END   0x0100

Definition at line 806 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_OC__MASK   0x00FF

Definition at line 805 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_OC_ALIAS   0x0001

Definition at line 797 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 801 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_OC_DELETED   0x20000U

Definition at line 814 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_OC_DYNAMICOBJECT   0x0008

Definition at line 800 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_OC_GLUE   0x0020

Definition at line 802 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_OC_HARDCODE   0x10000U /* This is hardcoded schema */

Definition at line 813 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_OC_HIDE   0x8000

Definition at line 811 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_OC_OPERATIONAL   0x4000

Definition at line 807 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_OC_REFERRAL   0x0002

Definition at line 798 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_OC_SUBENTRY   0x0004

Definition at line 799 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 804 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 803 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_OCF_CHECK_SUP   0x2

Definition at line 794 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 795 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_OCF_SET_FLAGS   0x1

Definition at line 793 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_OM_HARDCODE   0x10000U /* This is hardcoded schema */

Definition at line 388 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 2095 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 2094 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_OPATTRS_NO   (0x01U)

Definition at line 2090 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_OPATTRS_YES   (0x02U)

Definition at line 2091 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_PRINTABLE (   c)
( ASCII_ALNUM(c) || (c) == '\'' || \
       (c) == '(' || (c) == ')' || (c) == '+' || (c) == ',' || \
       (c) == '-' || (c) == '.' || (c) == '/' || (c) == ':' || \
       (c) == '?' || (c) == ' ' || (c) == '=' )

Definition at line 198 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_PRINTABLES (   c)    ( SLAP_PRINTABLE(c) || (c) == '$' )

Definition at line 202 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_REALLOC (   p,
)    ber_memrealloc((p),(s))

Definition at line 93 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 2326 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_REQUIRE_AUTHC   0x0004U /* authentication before op */

Definition at line 1936 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_REQUIRE_BIND   0x0001U /* bind before op */

Definition at line 1934 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_REQUIRE_LDAP_V3   0x0002U /* LDAPv3 before op */

Definition at line 1935 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_REQUIRE_SASL   0x0008U /* SASL before op */

Definition at line 1937 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_REQUIRE_STRONG   0x0010U /* strong authentication before op */

Definition at line 1938 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 1898 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 1899 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 1896 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 1895 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 1897 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_RESTRICT_OP_ADD   0x0001U

Definition at line 1883 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_RESTRICT_OP_BIND   0x0002U

Definition at line 1884 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 1885 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 1886 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 1887 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 1891 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 1888 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 1901 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 1889 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 1890 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_RESTRICT_READONLY   0x80000000U

Definition at line 1893 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_SB_MAX_INCOMING_AUTH   ((1<<24) - 1)

Definition at line 138 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_SB_MAX_INCOMING_DEFAULT   ((1<<18) - 1)

Definition at line 137 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_SERVER_MODE   0x0001

Definition at line 1596 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 1873 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 1876 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_SLAB_SIZE   (1024*1024)

Definition at line 3041 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_SLAB_STACK   1

Definition at line 3042 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 1875 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_STRDUP (   s)    ber_strdup((s))

Definition at line 96 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_STRING_UNKNOWN   "unknown"

Definition at line 110 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_STRNDUP (   s,
)    ber_strndup((s),(l))

Definition at line 97 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 2327 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_SYNC_RID_MAX   999

Definition at line 1741 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 1874 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_SYNC_SID_MAX   4095 /* based on liblutil/csn.c field width */

Definition at line 1742 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 1880 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 1750 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 291 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_SYNTAX_BER   0x0004U /* stored in BER encoding (certificate) */

Definition at line 430 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_SYNTAX_BINARY   0x0002U /* binary transfer required (certificate) */

Definition at line 429 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_SYNTAX_BLOB   0x0001U /* syntax treated as blob (audio) */

Definition at line 428 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 294 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_SYNTAX_DN   0x20000U /* Treat like a DN */

Definition at line 437 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_SYNTAX_HARDCODE   0x10000U /* This is hardcoded schema */

Definition at line 436 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_SYNTAX_HIDE   0x8000U /* hide (do not publish) */

Definition at line 434 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 460 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 459 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 458 of file slap.h.

#define slap_syntax_is_flag (   s,
)    ((int)((s)->ssyn_flags & (flag)) ? 1 : 0)

Definition at line 457 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 461 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 290 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 293 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_SYNTAX_NONE   0x0000U

Definition at line 427 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 292 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_TEXT_BUFLEN   (256)

Definition at line 143 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_TOOL_MODE   0x0002

Definition at line 1597 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_TOOL_NO_SCHEMA_CHECK   0x1000

Definition at line 1604 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_TOOL_QUICK   0x0800

Definition at line 1603 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_TOOL_READMAIN   0x0200

Definition at line 1601 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_TOOL_READONLY   0x0400

Definition at line 1602 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_TOOL_VALUE_CHECK   0x2000

Definition at line 1605 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_TRUNCATE_MODE   0x0100

Definition at line 1600 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_UNDEFINED_MODE   0x0000

Definition at line 1595 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 2097 of file slap.h.

Definition at line 2096 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_USERATTRS_NO   (0x10U)

Definition at line 2092 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_USERATTRS_YES   (0x20U)

Definition at line 2093 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_VFREE (   v)    ber_memvfree((void**)(v))

Definition at line 95 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_ZONE_ALLOC   1

Definition at line 3044 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_ZONE_DELTA   0x800000 /* 8MB */

Definition at line 3277 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_ZONE_INITSIZE   0x800000 /* 8MB */

Definition at line 3275 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_ZONE_MAXSIZE   0x80000000/* 2GB */

Definition at line 3276 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_ZONE_SHIFT   19

Definition at line 3274 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_ZONE_SIZE   0x80000 /* 512KB */

Definition at line 3273 of file slap.h.

#define SLAP_ZONE_ZOBLOCK   256

Definition at line 3278 of file slap.h.

#define SLAPD_ABANDON   (-1024)

Definition at line 146 of file slap.h.

#define SLAPD_ANONYMOUS   ""

Definition at line 104 of file slap.h.

#define SLAPD_COMPARE_UNDEFINED   ((ber_int_t) -1)

Definition at line 1102 of file slap.h.

#define SLAPD_DISCONNECT   (-1025)

Definition at line 149 of file slap.h.

#define SLAPD_DN_SYNTAX   ""

Definition at line 205 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 1052 of file slap.h.

#define SLAPD_FILTER_MASK   0x7fff

Definition at line 1053 of file slap.h.


Definition at line 1054 of file slap.h.