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openldap  2.4.31
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shell.h File Reference
#include "proto-shell.h"
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struct  shellinfo


pid_t forkandexec LDAP_P ((char **args, FILE **rfp, FILE **wfp))
void print_suffixes LDAP_P ((FILE *fp, BackendDB *bd))
int read_and_send_results LDAP_P ((Operation *op, SlapReply *rs, FILE *fp))

Class Documentation

struct shellinfo

Definition at line 38 of file shell.h.

Class Members
char ** si_add
char ** si_bind
char ** si_compare
char ** si_delete
char ** si_modify
char ** si_modrdn
char ** si_search
char ** si_unbind

Function Documentation

pid_t forkandexec LDAP_P ( (char **args, FILE **rfp, FILE **wfp)  )
void print_suffixes LDAP_P ( (FILE *fp, BackendDB *bd)  )