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openldap  2.4.31
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proto-shell.h File Reference
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int shell_back_init_cf (BackendInfo *bi)


LDAP_BEGIN_DECL BI_init shell_back_initialize
BI_open shell_back_open
BI_close shell_back_close
BI_destroy shell_back_destroy
BI_db_init shell_back_db_init
BI_db_destroy shell_back_db_destroy
BI_op_bind shell_back_bind
BI_op_unbind shell_back_unbind
BI_op_search shell_back_search
BI_op_compare shell_back_compare
BI_op_modify shell_back_modify
BI_op_modrdn shell_back_modrdn
BI_op_add shell_back_add
BI_op_delete shell_back_delete

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Definition at line 133 of file config.c.

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