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openldap  2.4.31
lutil_ldap.h File Reference
#include <ldap_cdefs.h>
#include <lber_types.h>
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LDAP_BEGIN_DECL lutil_sasl_freedefs LDAP_P ((void *defaults))
lutil_sasl_defaults LDAP_P ((LDAP *ld, char *mech, char *realm, char *authcid, char *passwd, char *authzid))
lutil_sasl_interact LDAP_P ((LDAP *ld, unsigned flags, void *defaults, void *p))

Function Documentation

LDAP_BEGIN_DECL lutil_sasl_freedefs LDAP_P ( (void *defaults )
lutil_sasl_defaults LDAP_P ( (LDAP *ld, char *mech, char *realm, char *authcid, char *passwd, char *authzid )
lutil_sasl_interact LDAP_P ( (LDAP *ld, unsigned flags, void *defaults, void *p)  )