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openldap  2.4.31
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ldap_schema.h File Reference
#include <ldap_cdefs.h>
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struct  ldap_schema_extension_item
struct  ldap_syntax
struct  ldap_matchingrule
struct  ldap_matchingruleuse
struct  ldap_attributetype
struct  ldap_objectclass
struct  ldap_contentrule
struct  ldap_nameform
struct  ldap_structurerule


#define LDAP_SCHERR_EMPTY   10
#define LDAP_SCHEMA_NO   0
#define LDAP_SCHEMA_YES   1
#define LDAP_SCHEMA_ALLOW_NONE   0x00U /* Strict parsing */
#define LDAP_SCHEMA_ALLOW_NO_OID   0x01U /* Allow missing oid */
#define LDAP_SCHEMA_ALLOW_QUOTED   0x02U /* Allow bogus extra quotes */
#define LDAP_SCHEMA_ALLOW_DESCR   0x04U /* Allow descr instead of OID */
#define LDAP_SCHEMA_ALLOW_DESCR_PREFIX   0x08U /* Allow descr as OID prefix */
#define LDAP_SCHEMA_ALLOW_OID_MACRO   0x10U /* Allow OID macros in slapd */
#define LDAP_SCHEMA_ALLOW_OUT_OF_ORDER_FIELDS   0x20U /* Allow fields in most any order */
#define LDAP_SCHEMA_ALLOW_ALL   0x3fU /* Be very liberal in parsing */
#define LDAP_SCHEMA_SKIP   0x80U /* Don't malloc any result */


typedef struct
typedef struct ldap_syntax LDAPSyntax
typedef struct ldap_matchingrule LDAPMatchingRule
typedef struct ldap_matchingruleuse LDAPMatchingRuleUse
typedef struct ldap_attributetype LDAPAttributeType
typedef struct ldap_objectclass LDAPObjectClass
typedef struct ldap_contentrule LDAPContentRule
typedef struct ldap_nameform LDAPNameForm
typedef struct ldap_structurerule LDAPStructureRule


ldap_syntax2name LDAP_P ((LDAPSyntax *syn))
ldap_matchingrule2name LDAP_P ((LDAPMatchingRule *mr))
ldap_matchingruleuse2name LDAP_P ((LDAPMatchingRuleUse *mru))
ldap_attributetype2name LDAP_P ((LDAPAttributeType *at))
ldap_objectclass2name LDAP_P ((LDAPObjectClass *oc))
ldap_contentrule2name LDAP_P ((LDAPContentRule *cr))
ldap_nameform2name LDAP_P ((LDAPNameForm *nf))
ldap_structurerule2name LDAP_P ((LDAPStructureRule *sr))
ldap_matchingruleuse_free LDAP_P ((LDAPMatchingRuleUse *mr))
ldap_str2structurerule LDAP_P ((LDAP_CONST char *s, int *code, LDAP_CONST char **errp, LDAP_CONST unsigned flags))
ldap_structurerule2bv LDAP_P ((LDAPStructureRule *sr, struct berval *bv))
ldap_nameform2bv LDAP_P ((LDAPNameForm *nf, struct berval *bv))
ldap_contentrule2bv LDAP_P ((LDAPContentRule *cr, struct berval *bv))
ldap_objectclass2bv LDAP_P ((LDAPObjectClass *oc, struct berval *bv))
ldap_attributetype2bv LDAP_P ((LDAPAttributeType *at, struct berval *bv))
ldap_syntax2bv LDAP_P ((LDAPSyntax *syn, struct berval *bv))
ldap_matchingrule2bv LDAP_P ((LDAPMatchingRule *mr, struct berval *bv))
ldap_matchingruleuse2bv LDAP_P ((LDAPMatchingRuleUse *mru, struct berval *bv))
ldap_scherr2str LDAP_P ((int code)) LDAP_GCCATTR((const ))

Class Documentation

struct ldap_schema_extension_item

Definition at line 43 of file ldap_schema.h.

Class Members
char * lsei_name
char ** lsei_values
struct ldap_syntax

Definition at line 48 of file ldap_schema.h.

Collaboration diagram for ldap_syntax:
Class Members
char * syn_desc
LDAPSchemaExtensionItem ** syn_extensions
char ** syn_names
char * syn_oid
struct ldap_matchingrule

Definition at line 55 of file ldap_schema.h.

Collaboration diagram for ldap_matchingrule:
Class Members
char * mr_desc
LDAPSchemaExtensionItem ** mr_extensions
char ** mr_names
int mr_obsolete
char * mr_oid
char * mr_syntax_oid
struct ldap_matchingruleuse

Definition at line 64 of file ldap_schema.h.

Collaboration diagram for ldap_matchingruleuse:
Class Members
char ** mru_applies_oids
char * mru_desc
LDAPSchemaExtensionItem ** mru_extensions
char ** mru_names
int mru_obsolete
char * mru_oid
struct ldap_attributetype

Definition at line 73 of file ldap_schema.h.

Collaboration diagram for ldap_attributetype:
Class Members
int at_collective
char * at_desc
char * at_equality_oid
LDAPSchemaExtensionItem ** at_extensions
char ** at_names
int at_no_user_mod
int at_obsolete
char * at_oid
char * at_ordering_oid
int at_single_value
char * at_substr_oid
char * at_sup_oid
int at_syntax_len
char * at_syntax_oid
int at_usage
struct ldap_objectclass

Definition at line 92 of file ldap_schema.h.

Collaboration diagram for ldap_objectclass:
Class Members
char ** oc_at_oids_may
char ** oc_at_oids_must
char * oc_desc
LDAPSchemaExtensionItem ** oc_extensions
int oc_kind
char ** oc_names
int oc_obsolete
char * oc_oid
char ** oc_sup_oids
struct ldap_contentrule

Definition at line 104 of file ldap_schema.h.

Collaboration diagram for ldap_contentrule:
Class Members
char ** cr_at_oids_may
char ** cr_at_oids_must
char ** cr_at_oids_not
char * cr_desc
LDAPSchemaExtensionItem ** cr_extensions
char ** cr_names
int cr_obsolete
char ** cr_oc_oids_aux
char * cr_oid
char ** cr_sup_oids
struct ldap_nameform

Definition at line 117 of file ldap_schema.h.

Collaboration diagram for ldap_nameform:
Class Members
char ** nf_at_oids_may
char ** nf_at_oids_must
char * nf_desc
LDAPSchemaExtensionItem ** nf_extensions
char ** nf_names
char * nf_objectclass
int nf_obsolete
char * nf_oid
struct ldap_structurerule

Definition at line 128 of file ldap_schema.h.

Collaboration diagram for ldap_structurerule:
Class Members
char * sr_desc
LDAPSchemaExtensionItem ** sr_extensions
char * sr_nameform
char ** sr_names
int sr_nsup_ruleids
int sr_obsolete
int sr_ruleid
int * sr_sup_ruleids

Define Documentation


Definition at line 150 of file ldap_schema.h.

#define LDAP_SCHEMA_ALLOW_ALL   0x3fU /* Be very liberal in parsing */

Definition at line 165 of file ldap_schema.h.

#define LDAP_SCHEMA_ALLOW_DESCR   0x04U /* Allow descr instead of OID */

Definition at line 161 of file ldap_schema.h.

#define LDAP_SCHEMA_ALLOW_DESCR_PREFIX   0x08U /* Allow descr as OID prefix */

Definition at line 162 of file ldap_schema.h.

#define LDAP_SCHEMA_ALLOW_NO_OID   0x01U /* Allow missing oid */

Definition at line 159 of file ldap_schema.h.

#define LDAP_SCHEMA_ALLOW_NONE   0x00U /* Strict parsing */

Definition at line 158 of file ldap_schema.h.

#define LDAP_SCHEMA_ALLOW_OID_MACRO   0x10U /* Allow OID macros in slapd */

Definition at line 163 of file ldap_schema.h.

#define LDAP_SCHEMA_ALLOW_OUT_OF_ORDER_FIELDS   0x20U /* Allow fields in most any order */

Definition at line 164 of file ldap_schema.h.

#define LDAP_SCHEMA_ALLOW_QUOTED   0x02U /* Allow bogus extra quotes */

Definition at line 160 of file ldap_schema.h.


Definition at line 152 of file ldap_schema.h.

Definition at line 146 of file ldap_schema.h.

Definition at line 147 of file ldap_schema.h.


Definition at line 148 of file ldap_schema.h.

#define LDAP_SCHEMA_NO   0

Definition at line 142 of file ldap_schema.h.

#define LDAP_SCHEMA_SKIP   0x80U /* Don't malloc any result */

Definition at line 166 of file ldap_schema.h.


Definition at line 151 of file ldap_schema.h.

Definition at line 145 of file ldap_schema.h.

#define LDAP_SCHEMA_YES   1

Definition at line 143 of file ldap_schema.h.


Definition at line 36 of file ldap_schema.h.


Definition at line 35 of file ldap_schema.h.


Definition at line 37 of file ldap_schema.h.


Definition at line 38 of file ldap_schema.h.

#define LDAP_SCHERR_EMPTY   10

Definition at line 39 of file ldap_schema.h.


Definition at line 40 of file ldap_schema.h.


Definition at line 34 of file ldap_schema.h.


Definition at line 32 of file ldap_schema.h.


Definition at line 33 of file ldap_schema.h.


Definition at line 41 of file ldap_schema.h.


Definition at line 30 of file ldap_schema.h.


Definition at line 31 of file ldap_schema.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct ldap_nameform LDAPNameForm
typedef struct ldap_syntax LDAPSyntax

Function Documentation

ldap_syntax2bv LDAP_P ( (LDAPSyntax *syn, struct berval *bv )
ldap_scherr2str LDAP_P ( (int code ) const