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openldap  2.4.31
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lber-int.h File Reference
#include "lber.h"
#include "ldap_log.h"
#include "lber_pvt.h"
#include "ldap_queue.h"
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struct  lber_options
struct  berelement
struct  sockbuf


#define LDAP_MEMORY_DEBUG_ASSERT(expr)   ((void) 0)
#define LBER_INITIALIZED   0x1
#define LBER_VALID_SOCKBUF   0x3
#define ber_int_debug   ber_int_options.lbo_debug
#define ber_valid   ber_opts.lbo_valid
#define ber_options   ber_opts.lbo_options
#define ber_debug   ber_opts.lbo_debug
#define ber_sos_inner   ber_len /* reused for binary compat */
#define LBER_VALID(ber)   ((ber)->ber_valid==LBER_VALID_BERELEMENT)
#define ber_pvt_ber_remaining(ber)   ((ber)->ber_end - (ber)->ber_ptr)
#define ber_pvt_ber_total(ber)   ((ber)->ber_end - (ber)->ber_buf)
#define ber_pvt_ber_write(ber)   ((ber)->ber_ptr - (ber)->ber_buf)
#define sb_valid   sb_opts.lbo_valid
#define sb_options   sb_opts.lbo_options
#define sb_debug   sb_opts.lbo_debug
#define SOCKBUF_VALID(sb)   ( (sb)->sb_valid == LBER_VALID_SOCKBUF )
#define LBER_OID_COMPONENT_MAX   ((unsigned long)-1 - 128)
#define ber_log_printf   ber_pvt_log_printf
#define LBER_MALLOC(s)   ber_memalloc((s))
#define LBER_CALLOC(n, s)   ber_memcalloc((n),(s))
#define LBER_REALLOC(p, s)   ber_memrealloc((p),(s))
#define LBER_FREE(p)   ber_memfree((p))
#define LBER_VFREE(v)   ber_memvfree((void**)(v))
#define LBER_STRDUP(s)   ber_strdup((s))
#define LBER_STRNDUP(s, l)   ber_strndup((s),(l))


 LBER_V (BER_ERRNO_FN) ber_int_errno_fn
 LBER_F (int) ber_pvt_log_output(const char *subsystem
 LBER_V (struct lber_options) ber_int_options
ber_realloc LDAP_P ((BerElement *ber, ber_len_t len))
 LBER_F (char *) ber_start LDAP_P((BerElement *))
 LBER_F (void) ber_rewind LDAP_P((BerElement *))
ber_log_bprint LDAP_P ((int errlvl, int loglvl, const char *data, ber_len_t len))
ber_log_dump LDAP_P ((int errlvl, int loglvl, BerElement *ber, int inout))
 LBER_V (BER_LOG_FN) ber_int_log_proc
 LBER_V (FILE *) ber_pvt_err_file
 LBER_V (BerMemoryFunctions *) ber_int_memory_fns
ber_int_sb_init LDAP_P ((Sockbuf *sb))
ber_int_sb_read LDAP_P ((Sockbuf *sb, void *buf, ber_len_t len))


LDAP_BEGIN_DECL typedef void(* BER_LOG_FN )(FILE *file, const char *subsys, int level, const char *fmt,...)
int level
int const char * fmt

Class Documentation

struct lber_options

Definition at line 56 of file lber-int.h.

Class Members
int lbo_debug
unsigned short lbo_options
short lbo_valid
struct berelement

Definition at line 76 of file lber-int.h.

Class Members
char * ber_buf
char * ber_end
ber_len_t ber_len
void * ber_memctx
char * ber_ptr
char * ber_rwptr
char * ber_sos_ptr
ber_tag_t ber_tag
ber_tag_t ber_usertag
struct sockbuf

Definition at line 129 of file lber-int.h.

Collaboration diagram for sockbuf:
Class Members
ber_socket_t sb_fd
Sockbuf_IO_Desc * sb_iod
ber_len_t sb_max_incoming
unsigned int sb_trans_needs_read:1
unsigned int sb_trans_needs_write:1

Define Documentation

#define ber_debug   ber_opts.lbo_debug

Definition at line 80 of file lber-int.h.

#define ber_int_debug   ber_int_options.lbo_debug

Definition at line 73 of file lber-int.h.

Definition at line 172 of file lber-int.h.

#define ber_options   ber_opts.lbo_options

Definition at line 79 of file lber-int.h.

#define ber_pvt_ber_remaining (   ber)    ((ber)->ber_end - (ber)->ber_ptr)

Definition at line 125 of file lber-int.h.

#define ber_pvt_ber_total (   ber)    ((ber)->ber_end - (ber)->ber_buf)

Definition at line 126 of file lber-int.h.

#define ber_pvt_ber_write (   ber)    ((ber)->ber_ptr - (ber)->ber_buf)

Definition at line 127 of file lber-int.h.

#define ber_sos_inner   ber_len /* reused for binary compat */

Definition at line 118 of file lber-int.h.

#define ber_valid   ber_opts.lbo_valid

Definition at line 78 of file lber-int.h.

#define LBER_CALLOC (   n,
)    ber_memcalloc((n),(s))

Definition at line 198 of file lber-int.h.

#define LBER_FREE (   p)    ber_memfree((p))

Definition at line 200 of file lber-int.h.

#define LBER_INITIALIZED   0x1

Definition at line 68 of file lber-int.h.

#define LBER_MALLOC (   s)    ber_memalloc((s))

Definition at line 197 of file lber-int.h.

#define LBER_OID_COMPONENT_MAX   ((unsigned long)-1 - 128)

Definition at line 153 of file lber-int.h.

#define LBER_REALLOC (   p,
)    ber_memrealloc((p),(s))

Definition at line 199 of file lber-int.h.

#define LBER_STRDUP (   s)    ber_strdup((s))

Definition at line 202 of file lber-int.h.

#define LBER_STRNDUP (   s,
)    ber_strndup((s),(l))

Definition at line 203 of file lber-int.h.


Definition at line 67 of file lber-int.h.

#define LBER_VALID (   ber)    ((ber)->ber_valid==LBER_VALID_BERELEMENT)

Definition at line 123 of file lber-int.h.


Definition at line 69 of file lber-int.h.

#define LBER_VALID_SOCKBUF   0x3

Definition at line 70 of file lber-int.h.

#define LBER_VFREE (   v)    ber_memvfree((void**)(v))

Definition at line 201 of file lber-int.h.

#define LDAP_MEMORY_DEBUG_ASSERT (   expr)    ((void) 0)

Definition at line 53 of file lber-int.h.

#define sb_debug   sb_opts.lbo_debug

Definition at line 134 of file lber-int.h.

#define sb_options   sb_opts.lbo_options

Definition at line 133 of file lber-int.h.

#define sb_valid   sb_opts.lbo_valid

Definition at line 132 of file lber-int.h.

#define SOCKBUF_VALID (   sb)    ( (sb)->sb_valid == LBER_VALID_SOCKBUF )

Definition at line 145 of file lber-int.h.

Function Documentation

LBER_F ( int  ) const
LBER_F ( char *  )
LBER_F ( void  )
LBER_V ( struct lber_options  )
LBER_V ( FILE *  )
ber_realloc LDAP_P ( (BerElement *ber, ber_len_t len )
ber_log_bprint LDAP_P ( (int errlvl, int loglvl, const char *data, ber_len_t len )
ber_log_dump LDAP_P ( (int errlvl, int loglvl, BerElement *ber, int inout)  )
ber_int_sb_init LDAP_P ( (Sockbuf *sb )
ber_int_sb_read LDAP_P ( (Sockbuf *sb, void *buf, ber_len_t len )

Variable Documentation

Definition at line 194 of file lber-int.h.

LDAP_BEGIN_DECL typedef void(* BER_LOG_FN)(FILE *file, const char *subsys, int level, const char *fmt,...)

Definition at line 36 of file lber-int.h.

Definition at line 195 of file lber-int.h.

int const char* fmt

Definition at line 64 of file lber-int.h.

Definition at line 64 of file lber-int.h.