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openldap  2.4.31
Debug Macros
MDB Internals
Collaboration diagram for Debug Macros:


#define MDB_DEBUG   0
 Enable debug output.
#define DPRINTF   (void) /* Vararg macros may be unsupported */
#define DPUTS(arg)   DPRINTF("%s", arg)
 Print a debug string.

Define Documentation

#define DPRINTF   (void) /* Vararg macros may be unsupported */

Definition at line 260 of file mdb.c.

#define DPUTS (   arg)    DPRINTF("%s", arg)

Print a debug string.

The string is printed literally, with no format processing.

Definition at line 274 of file mdb.c.

#define MDB_DEBUG   0

Enable debug output.

Set this to 1 for copious tracing. Set to 2 to add dumps of all IDLs read from and written to the database (used for free space management).

Definition at line 256 of file mdb.c.