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openldap  2.4.31
LDAPUrl Member List
This is the complete list of members for LDAPUrl, including all inherited members.
attrs enum valueLDAPUrl [protected]
base enum valueLDAPUrl [protected]
components2Url() const LDAPUrl [protected]
extensions enum valueLDAPUrl [protected]
filter enum valueLDAPUrl [protected]
getAttrs() const LDAPUrl
getDN() const LDAPUrl
getExtensions() const LDAPUrl
getFilter() const LDAPUrl
getHost() const LDAPUrl
getPort() const LDAPUrl
getScheme() const LDAPUrl
getScope() const LDAPUrl
getURLString() const LDAPUrl
LDAPUrl(const std::string &url="")LDAPUrl
m_AttrsLDAPUrl [protected]
m_DNLDAPUrl [protected]
m_ExtensionsLDAPUrl [protected]
m_FilterLDAPUrl [protected]
m_HostLDAPUrl [protected]
m_PortLDAPUrl [protected]
m_SchemeLDAPUrl [protected]
m_ScopeLDAPUrl [protected]
m_urlStringLDAPUrl [mutable, protected]
mode enum nameLDAPUrl [protected]
parseUrl()LDAPUrl [protected]
percentDecode(const std::string &src, std::string &dest)LDAPUrl
percentEncode(const std::string &src, std::string &dest, int flags=0) const LDAPUrl
regenerateLDAPUrl [mutable, protected]
scope enum valueLDAPUrl [protected]
setAttrs(const StringList &attrs)LDAPUrl
setDN(const std::string &dn)LDAPUrl
setExtensions(const StringList &ext)LDAPUrl
setFilter(const std::string &filter)LDAPUrl
setHost(const std::string &host)LDAPUrl
setPort(int port)LDAPUrl
setScheme(const std::string &scheme)LDAPUrl
setScope(const std::string &scope)LDAPUrl
setURLString(const std::string &url)LDAPUrl
string2list(const std::string &src, StringList &sl, bool percentDecode=false)LDAPUrl [protected]