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openldap  2.4.31
LDAPCtrl Member List
This is the complete list of members for LDAPCtrl, including all inherited members.
freeLDAPControlStruct(LDAPControl *ctrl)LDAPCtrl [static]
getControlStruct() const LDAPCtrl
getData() const LDAPCtrl
getOID() const LDAPCtrl
hasData() const LDAPCtrl
isCritical() const LDAPCtrl
LDAPCtrl(const char *oid, bool critical=false, const char *data=0, int length=0)LDAPCtrl
LDAPCtrl(const std::string &oid, bool critical, const std::string &data)LDAPCtrl
LDAPCtrl(const LDAPControl *ctrl)LDAPCtrl
m_dataLDAPCtrl [private]
m_isCriticalLDAPCtrl [private]
m_noDataLDAPCtrl [private]
m_oidLDAPCtrl [private]