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bytes.h File Reference
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#define LITTLE_ENDIAN   1234 /* LSB first: i386, vax */
#define BIG_ENDIAN   4321 /* MSB first: 68000, ibm, net */
#define PDP_ENDIAN   3412 /* LSB first in word, MSW first in long */


typedef AC_INT4_TYPE ac_int4
typedef signed AC_INT4_TYPE ac_sint4
typedef unsigned AC_INT4_TYPE ac_uint4

Define Documentation

#define BIG_ENDIAN   4321 /* MSB first: 68000, ibm, net */

Definition at line 65 of file bytes.h.


Definition at line 73 of file bytes.h.

#define LITTLE_ENDIAN   1234 /* LSB first: i386, vax */

Definition at line 64 of file bytes.h.

#define PDP_ENDIAN   3412 /* LSB first in word, MSW first in long */

Definition at line 66 of file bytes.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef AC_INT4_TYPE ac_int4

Definition at line 35 of file bytes.h.

typedef signed AC_INT4_TYPE ac_sint4

Definition at line 36 of file bytes.h.

typedef unsigned AC_INT4_TYPE ac_uint4

Definition at line 37 of file bytes.h.