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openldap  2.4.31
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back-ndb.h File Reference
#include "slap.h"
#include <mysql.h>
#include <NdbApi.hpp>
#include "proto-ndb.h"
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struct  ndb_ocinfo
struct  ndb_attrinfo
struct  ListNode
struct  ndb_info
struct  NdbRdns
struct  NdbOcs
struct  NdbArgs


#define NDB_MAX_OCSETS   8
#define NDB_INFO_ATLEN   0x01
#define NDB_INFO_ATSET   0x02
#define NDB_INFO_INDEX   0x04
#define NDB_INFO_ATBLOB   0x08
#define NDB_IS_OPEN(ni)   (ni->ni_cluster != NULL)
#define NDB_MAX_RDNS   16
#define NDB_RDN_LEN   128
#define NDB_MAX_OCS   64
#define DN2ID_TABLE   "OL_dn2id"
#define EID_COLUMN   0U
#define VID_COLUMN   1U
#define OCS_COLUMN   1U
#define RDN_COLUMN   2U
#define NEXTID_TABLE   "OL_nextid"
#define NDB_OC_BUFLEN   1026 /* 1024 data plus 2 len bytes */
#define INDEX_NAME   "OL_index"
#define NDB_NO_SUCH_OBJECT   626
#define NDB_ALREADY_EXISTS   630


typedef struct ndb_ocinfo NdbOcInfo
typedef struct ndb_attrinfo NdbAttrInfo
typedef struct ListNode ListNode
typedef struct NdbRdns NdbRdns
typedef struct NdbOcs NdbOcs
typedef struct NdbArgs NdbArgs

Class Documentation

struct ndb_ocinfo

Definition at line 50 of file back-ndb.h.

Collaboration diagram for ndb_ocinfo:
Class Members
struct ndb_attrinfo ** no_attrs
int no_flag
int no_nattrs
int no_nsets
ObjectClass * no_oc
struct ndb_ocinfo * no_sets
struct ndb_attrinfo

Definition at line 66 of file back-ndb.h.

Collaboration diagram for ndb_attrinfo:
Class Members
AttributeType * na_attr
int na_column
AttributeDescription * na_desc
int na_flag
int na_ixcol
int na_len
NdbOcInfo * na_oi
struct ListNode

Definition at line 77 of file back-ndb.h.

Collaboration diagram for ListNode:
Class Members
void * ln_data
struct ListNode * ln_next
struct ndb_info

Definition at line 84 of file back-ndb.h.

Collaboration diagram for ndb_info:
Class Members
ldap_pvt_thread_rdwr_t ni_ai_rwlock
Avlnode * ni_ai_tree
ListNode * ni_attrblobs
ListNode * ni_attridxs
ListNode * ni_attrlens
ListNode * ni_attrsets
unsigned long ni_clflag
Ndb_cluster_connection ** ni_cluster
ldap_pvt_thread_mutex_t ni_conn_mutex
char * ni_connectstr
char * ni_dbname
char * ni_hostname
int ni_nconns
int ni_nextconn
ldap_pvt_thread_rdwr_t ni_oc_rwlock
Avlnode * ni_oc_tree
NdbOcInfo * ni_opattrs
char * ni_password
unsigned int ni_port
void * ni_search_stack
int ni_search_stack_depth
char * ni_socket
MYSQL ni_sql
char * ni_username
struct NdbRdns

Definition at line 138 of file back-ndb.h.

Class Members
char nr_buf
short nr_num
struct NdbOcs

Definition at line 143 of file back-ndb.h.

Collaboration diagram for NdbOcs:
Class Members
NdbOcInfo * no_info
int no_ninfo
int no_nitext
int no_ntext
struct NdbArgs

Definition at line 152 of file back-ndb.h.

Collaboration diagram for NdbArgs:
Class Members
Entry * e
int erdns
Ndb * ndb
struct berval * ocs
NdbRdns * rdns
NdbTransaction * txn

Define Documentation


Definition at line 103 of file back-ndb.h.

#define DN2ID_TABLE   "OL_dn2id"

Definition at line 125 of file back-ndb.h.

#define EID_COLUMN   0U

Definition at line 126 of file back-ndb.h.


Definition at line 130 of file back-ndb.h.

#define INDEX_NAME   "OL_index"

Definition at line 136 of file back-ndb.h.

Definition at line 104 of file back-ndb.h.

#define NDB_ALREADY_EXISTS   630

Definition at line 162 of file back-ndb.h.

#define NDB_INFO_ATBLOB   0x08

Definition at line 64 of file back-ndb.h.

#define NDB_INFO_ATLEN   0x01

Definition at line 61 of file back-ndb.h.

#define NDB_INFO_ATSET   0x02

Definition at line 62 of file back-ndb.h.

#define NDB_INFO_INDEX   0x04

Definition at line 63 of file back-ndb.h.

#define NDB_IS_OPEN (   ni)    (ni->ni_cluster != NULL)

Definition at line 82 of file back-ndb.h.

#define NDB_MAX_OCS   64

Definition at line 123 of file back-ndb.h.

#define NDB_MAX_OCSETS   8

Definition at line 46 of file back-ndb.h.

#define NDB_MAX_RDNS   16

Definition at line 121 of file back-ndb.h.

#define NDB_NO_SUCH_OBJECT   626

Definition at line 161 of file back-ndb.h.

#define NDB_OC_BUFLEN   1026 /* 1024 data plus 2 len bytes */

Definition at line 134 of file back-ndb.h.

#define NDB_RDN_LEN   128

Definition at line 122 of file back-ndb.h.

#define NEXTID_TABLE   "OL_nextid"

Definition at line 132 of file back-ndb.h.

#define OCS_COLUMN   1U

Definition at line 128 of file back-ndb.h.

#define RDN_COLUMN   2U

Definition at line 129 of file back-ndb.h.

#define VID_COLUMN   1U

Definition at line 127 of file back-ndb.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct ListNode ListNode
typedef struct NdbArgs NdbArgs
typedef struct ndb_attrinfo NdbAttrInfo
typedef struct ndb_ocinfo NdbOcInfo
typedef struct NdbOcs NdbOcs
typedef struct NdbRdns NdbRdns