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opendkim  2.6.4
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dkim-types.h File Reference
#include "build-config.h"
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <regex.h>
#include <openssl/pem.h>
#include <openssl/rsa.h>
#include <openssl/bio.h>
#include <openssl/err.h>
#include <openssl/sha.h>
#include "dkim.h"
#include "dkim-internal.h"
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struct  dkim_xtag
struct  dkim_queryinfo
struct  dkim_pstate
struct  dkim_dstring
struct  dkim_header
struct  dkim_plist
struct  dkim_set
struct  dkim_siginfo
struct  dkim_sha1
struct  dkim_canon
struct  dkim_rsa
struct  dkim_test_dns_data
struct  dkim_unbound_cb_data
struct  dkim
struct  dkim_lib


#define DKIM_HDR_SIGNED   0x01


static char dkim_types_h_id [] = "@(#)$Id: dkim-types.h,v 1.23 2010/10/28 02:41:25 cm-msk Exp $"

Class Documentation

struct dkim_xtag

Definition at line 55 of file dkim-types.h.

Collaboration diagram for dkim_xtag:
Class Members
struct dkim_xtag * xt_next
const char * xt_tag
const char * xt_value
struct dkim_queryinfo

Definition at line 63 of file dkim-types.h.

Class Members
const char dq_name
int dq_type
struct dkim_pstate

Definition at line 70 of file dkim-types.h.

Class Members
DKIM * ps_dkim
unsigned int ps_pflags
dkim_policy_t ps_policy
int ps_qstatus
int ps_state
struct dkim_dstring

Definition at line 80 of file dkim-types.h.

Class Members
int ds_alloc
unsigned char * ds_buf
DKIM * ds_dkim
int ds_len
int ds_max
struct dkim_header

Definition at line 90 of file dkim-types.h.

Collaboration diagram for dkim_header:
Class Members
u_char * hdr_colon
int hdr_flags
size_t hdr_namelen
struct dkim_header * hdr_next
u_char * hdr_text
size_t hdr_textlen
struct dkim_plist

Definition at line 104 of file dkim-types.h.

Collaboration diagram for dkim_plist:
Class Members
struct dkim_plist * plist_next
u_char * plist_param
u_char * plist_value
struct dkim_set

Definition at line 112 of file dkim-types.h.

Collaboration diagram for dkim_set:
Class Members
_Bool set_bad
u_char * set_data
const char * set_name
struct dkim_set * set_next
struct dkim_plist * set_plist
dkim_set_t set_type
void * set_udata
struct dkim_siginfo

Definition at line 124 of file dkim-types.h.

Collaboration diagram for dkim_siginfo:
Class Members
u_char * sig_b64key
size_t sig_b64keylen
u_int sig_bh
struct dkim_canon * sig_bodycanon
dkim_canon_t sig_bodycanonalg
void * sig_context
int sig_dnssec_key
u_char * sig_domain
u_int sig_error
u_int sig_flags
u_int sig_hashtype
struct dkim_canon * sig_hdrcanon
dkim_canon_t sig_hdrcanonalg
u_char * sig_key
u_int sig_keybits
size_t sig_keylen
struct dkim_set * sig_keytaglist
u_int sig_keytype
dkim_query_t sig_query
u_char * sig_selector
u_char * sig_sig
size_t sig_siglen
dkim_alg_t sig_signalg
void * sig_signature
struct dkim_set * sig_taglist
uint64_t sig_timestamp
u_int sig_version
struct dkim_sha1

Definition at line 166 of file dkim-types.h.

Class Members
SHA_CTX sha1_ctx
u_char sha1_out
BIO * sha1_tmpbio
int sha1_tmpfd
struct dkim_canon

Definition at line 187 of file dkim-types.h.

Collaboration diagram for dkim_canon:
Class Members
_Bool canon_blankline
u_int canon_blanks
int canon_bodystate
struct dkim_dstring * canon_buf
dkim_canon_t canon_canon
_Bool canon_done
void * canon_hash
u_char * canon_hashbuf
size_t canon_hashbuflen
size_t canon_hashbufsize
u_int canon_hashtype
_Bool canon_hdr
u_char * canon_hdrlist
int canon_lastchar
ssize_t canon_length
struct dkim_canon * canon_next
ssize_t canon_remain
struct dkim_header * canon_sigheader
ssize_t canon_wrote
struct dkim_rsa

Definition at line 211 of file dkim-types.h.

Class Members
BIO * rsa_keydata
int rsa_keysize
u_char rsa_pad
EVP_PKEY * rsa_pkey
RSA * rsa_rsa
u_char * rsa_rsain
size_t rsa_rsainlen
u_char * rsa_rsaout
size_t rsa_rsaoutlen
struct dkim_test_dns_data

Definition at line 237 of file dkim-types.h.

Collaboration diagram for dkim_test_dns_data:
Class Members
int dns_class
struct dkim_test_dns_data * dns_next
int dns_prec
u_char * dns_query
u_char * dns_reply
int dns_type
struct dkim_unbound_cb_data

Definition at line 248 of file dkim-types.h.

Class Members
u_char * ubd_buf
size_t ubd_buflen
int ubd_done
int ubd_id
const char * ubd_jobid
int ubd_rcode
u_int ubd_result
DKIM_STAT ubd_stat
int ubd_type
struct dkim

Definition at line 262 of file dkim-types.h.

Collaboration diagram for dkim:
Class Members
u_char * dkim_b64key
u_char * dkim_b64sig
size_t dkim_b64siglen
dkim_canon_t dkim_bodycanonalg
_Bool dkim_bodydone
ssize_t dkim_bodylen
struct dkim_dstring * dkim_canonbuf
struct dkim_canon * dkim_canonhead
struct dkim_canon * dkim_canontail
int dkim_chunkcrlf
int dkim_chunksm
int dkim_chunkstate
void * dkim_closure
int dkim_dnssec_policy
struct dkim_test_dns_data * dkim_dnstesth
struct dkim_test_dns_data * dkim_dnstestt
u_char * dkim_domain
_Bool dkim_eoh_reentry
size_t dkim_errlen
u_char * dkim_error
struct dkim_dstring * dkim_hdrbuf
dkim_canon_t dkim_hdrcanonalg
int dkim_hdrcnt
u_char * dkim_hdrlist
struct dkim_header * dkim_hhead
struct dkim_header * dkim_htail
const u_char * dkim_id
u_char * dkim_key
void * dkim_keydata
size_t dkim_keylen
DKIM_LIB * dkim_libhandle
size_t dkim_margin
int dkim_minsiglen
int dkim_mode
_Bool dkim_partial
int dkim_presult
dkim_query_t dkim_querymethod
u_char * dkim_reportaddr
u_char * dkim_selector
u_char * dkim_sender
struct dkim_header * dkim_senderhdr
struct dkim_set * dkim_sethead
struct dkim_set * dkim_settail
u_int dkim_sigcount
struct dkim_siginfo ** dkim_siglist
dkim_alg_t dkim_signalg
DKIM_SIGINFO * dkim_signature
u_char * dkim_signer
ssize_t dkim_signlen
struct dkim_set * dkim_sigset
_Bool dkim_skipbody
int dkim_state
_Bool dkim_subdomain
int dkim_timeout
uint64_t dkim_timestamp
u_char * dkim_tmpdir
u_char * dkim_user
const void * dkim_user_context
u_int dkim_version
struct dkim_xtag * dkim_xtags
u_char * dkim_zdecode

Define Documentation

#define DKIM_HDR_SIGNED   0x01

Definition at line 101 of file dkim-types.h.

Variable Documentation

char dkim_types_h_id[] = "@(#)$Id: dkim-types.h,v 1.23 2010/10/28 02:41:25 cm-msk Exp $" [static]

Definition at line 12 of file dkim-types.h.