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nux  3.0.0
nux::CairoFont Member List
This is the complete list of members for nux::CairoFont, including all inherited members.
CairoFont(const std::string &family, double size, Style style, Weight weight)nux::CairoFont
Destroy()nux::CairoFont [inline, virtual]
font_nux::CairoFont [private]
GetFontDescription() const nux::CairoFont [inline]
GetPointSize() const nux::CairoFont [inline, virtual]
GetStyle() const nux::CairoFont [inline, virtual]
GetWeight() const nux::CairoFont [inline, virtual]
size_nux::CairoFont [private]
Style enum namenux::CairoFont
style_nux::CairoFont [private]
STYLE_ITALIC enum valuenux::CairoFont
STYLE_NORMAL enum valuenux::CairoFont
Weight enum namenux::CairoFont
weight_nux::CairoFont [private]
WEIGHT_BOLD enum valuenux::CairoFont
WEIGHT_NORMAL enum valuenux::CairoFont
~CairoFont()nux::CairoFont [virtual]