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nux  3.0.0
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NuxGraphics.h File Reference
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namespace  nux
 The Writer singleton is responsible for controlling where the logging message go.


#define NUX_FINDRESOURCELOCATION(a)   GNuxGraphicsResources.FindResourceLocation(a, false)()
#define NUX_FIND_RESOURCE_LOCATION_NOFAIL(a)   GNuxGraphicsResources.FindResourceLocation(a, true)()


GraphicsDisplay * nux::GetGraphicsDisplay ()
 nux::inlDeclareThreadLocalStorage (GraphicsDisplay *, 1, _TLS_GraphicsDisplay)
void nux::NuxGraphicsInitialize ()

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#define NUX_FIND_RESOURCE_LOCATION_NOFAIL (   a)    GNuxGraphicsResources.FindResourceLocation(a, true)()

Definition at line 34 of file NuxGraphics.h.

#define NUX_FINDRESOURCELOCATION (   a)    GNuxGraphicsResources.FindResourceLocation(a, false)()

Definition at line 33 of file NuxGraphics.h.