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nux  3.0.0
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NUnicode.h File Reference
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class  nux::UnicharToAnsicharConvertion
class  nux::AnsicharToUnicharConvertion
 ANSICHAR to UNICHAR conversion. More...
class  nux::TCharToAnsiConvertion
 TCHAR to ANSI conversion. More...
class  nux::TCharToUnicharConvertion
 TCHAR to Unichar conversion. More...
class  nux::AnsiToTCharConversion
 ANSI to TCHAR conversion. More...
class  nux::NCharacterConversion< CONVERT_TO, CONVERT_FROM, BASE_CONVERTER, DefaultConversionSize >
 Convert from one string format to another. More...


namespace  nux
 The Writer singleton is responsible for controlling where the logging message go.


enum  { nux::UNICODE_UTF32_BE = 0x0000FEFF }
enum  { nux::UNICODE_UTF32_LE = 0xFFFE0000 }
enum  { nux::UNICODE_UTF16_BE = 0xFEFF }
enum  { nux::UNICODE_UTF16_LE = 0xFFFE }
enum  { nux::UNICODE_UTF8 = 0xEFBBBF }
enum  { nux::UNICODE_BOM = 0xfeff }


TCHAR nux::ConvertUnicodeCharToTCHAR (UNICHAR In)
UNICHAR nux::ConvertTCHARToUnicodeChar (TCHAR In)
TCHAR nux::ConvertAnsiCharToTCHAR (ANSICHAR In)
ANSICHAR nux::ConvertTCHARToAnsiChar (TCHAR In)
ANSICHAR nux::ConvertUnicodeCharToAnsiChar (UNICHAR In)
 Convert a single UNICHAR to ANSICHAR.
UNICHAR nux::ConvertAnsiCharToUnicodeChar (ANSICHAR In)
 Convert a single ANSICHAR to UNICHAR.


const BYTE nux::UTF32_BE [] = {0x04 , 0x00, 0x00, 0xFE, 0xFF }
const BYTE nux::UTF32_LE [] = {0x04 , 0xFF, 0xFE, 0x00, 0x00 }
const BYTE nux::UTF16_BE [] = {0x02 , 0xFE, 0xFF }
const BYTE nux::UTF16_LE [] = {0x02 , 0xFF, 0xFE }
const BYTE nux::UTF8 [] = {0x03 , 0xEF, 0xBB, 0xBF }