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nux  3.0.0
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NTChar.h File Reference
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namespace  nux
 The Writer singleton is responsible for controlling where the logging message go.


TCHAR nux::ToUpperCase (TCHAR c)
TCHAR nux::ToLowerCase (TCHAR c)
bool nux::IsUpperCase (TCHAR c)
bool nux::IsLowerCase (TCHAR c)
bool nux::IsAlphaChar (TCHAR c)
bool nux::IsDigitChar (TCHAR c)
bool nux::IsAlphanumericChar (TCHAR c)
bool nux::IsWhitespaceChar (TCHAR c)
bool nux::IsLinebreakChar (TCHAR c)
bool nux::IsSpaceChar (TCHAR c)
 Returns nonzero if character is a space character.