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nux  3.0.0
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Memory.h File Reference
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namespace  nux
 The Writer singleton is responsible for controlling where the logging message go.


#define NUX_SAFE_DELETE(mem)
#define NUX_SAFE_DELETE_ARRAY(mem_array)


unsigned int nux::Memcmp (const void *Buf1, const void *Buf2, unsigned int Count)
bool nux::MemIsZero (const void *V, size_t Count)
void * nux::Memmove (void *Dest, const void *Src, size_t Count)
void nux::Memset (void *Dest, int C, size_t Count)
void nux::Memzero (void *Dest, size_t Count)
void nux::Memcpy (void *Dest, const void *Src, size_t Count)
void nux::Memswap (void *Ptr1, void *Ptr2, size_t Size)
bool nux::IsMemoryAligned (void *data, unsigned int alignment)
 Check that the alignment is a power of two.
void * nux::Malloc (size_t Count, unsigned int Alignment)
void * nux::Realloc (void *Original, size_t Count, unsigned int Alignment)

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Definition at line 26 of file Memory.h.

#define NUX_SAFE_DELETE (   mem)
if(mem)             \
                                {                   \
                                    delete(mem);    \
                                    (mem) = 0;      \

Definition at line 28 of file Memory.h.

#define NUX_SAFE_DELETE_ARRAY (   mem_array)
if(mem_array)               \
                                            {                           \
                                                delete[](mem_array);    \
                                                (mem_array) = 0;        \

Definition at line 33 of file Memory.h.