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nux  3.0.0
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Color.h File Reference
#include <string>
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class  nux::color::Color
class  nux::color::RedGreenBlue
class  nux::color::HueSaturationValue
class  nux::color::HueLightnessSaturation


namespace  nux
 The Writer singleton is responsible for controlling where the logging message go.
namespace  nux::color


enum  nux::color::Model { nux::color::RGB, nux::color::HSV, nux::color::HLS, nux::color::YUV }
enum  nux::color::Channel {
  nux::color::RED, nux::color::GREEN, nux::color::BLUE, nux::color::HUE,
  nux::color::SATURATION, nux::color::LIGHT, nux::color::VALUE
enum  nux::color::Format { nux::color::FLOAT, nux::color::HEX, nux::color::INT }


bool nux::color::operator== (const Color &lhs, const Color &rhs)
bool nux::color::operator!= (const Color &lhs, const Color &rhs)
Color nux::color::operator+ (Color const &lhs, Color const &rhs)
Color nux::color::operator+ (float scalar, Color const &c)
Color nux::color::operator+ (Color const &c, float scalar)
Color nux::color::operator- (Color const &lhs, Color const &rhs)
Color nux::color::operator- (float scalar, Color const &c)
Color nux::color::operator- (Color const &c, float scalar)
Color nux::color::operator* (float scalar, Color const &c)
Color nux::color::operator* (Color const &c, float scalar)
Color nux::color::RandomColor ()
unsigned int nux::color::RandomColorINT ()