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nordugrid-arc-nox  1.1.0~rc6
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WSA.h File Reference
#include <arc/XMLNode.h>
#include <arc/message/SOAPEnvelope.h>
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class  Arc::WSAEndpointReference
 Interface for manipulation of WS-Adressing Endpoint Reference. More...
class  Arc::WSAHeader
 Interface for manipulation WS-Addressing information in SOAP header. More...


namespace  Arc
 ARCJSDLParser The ARCJSDLParser class, derived from the JobDescriptionParser class, is primarily a job description parser for the consolidated job description language (ARCJSDL), derived from JSDL, described in the following document


#define WSA_NAMESPACE   ""


enum  Arc::WSAFault {
  Arc::WSAFaultNone, Arc::WSAFaultUnknown, Arc::WSAFaultInvalidAddressingHeader, Arc::WSAFaultInvalidAddress,
  Arc::WSAFaultInvalidEPR, Arc::WSAFaultInvalidCardinality, Arc::WSAFaultMissingAddressInEPR, Arc::WSAFaultDuplicateMessageID,
  Arc::WSAFaultActionMismatch, Arc::WSAFaultOnlyAnonymousAddressSupported, Arc::WSAFaultOnlyNonAnonymousAddressSupported, Arc::WSAFaultMessageAddressingHeaderRequired,
  Arc::WSAFaultDestinationUnreachable, Arc::WSAFaultActionNotSupported, Arc::WSAFaultEndpointUnavailable
 WS-Addressing possible faults. More...


void Arc::WSAFaultAssign (SOAPEnvelope &mesage, WSAFault fid)
 Makes WS-Addressing fault.
WSAFault Arc::WSAFaultExtract (SOAPEnvelope &message)
 Gets WS-addressing fault.

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#define WSA_NAMESPACE   ""

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