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nordugrid-arc-nox  1.1.0~rc6
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slcs.h File Reference
#include <arc/infosys/RegisteredService.h>
#include <arc/credential/Credential.h>
#include <arc/infosys/InformationInterface.h>
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class  ArcSec::Service_SLCS
 A Service which signs the short-lived certificate; it accepts the certificate signing request (CSR) from from client side through soap, signs a short-lived certificate and sends back through soap. This service is supposed to be deployed together with the SPService and saml2sso.serviceprovider handler, in order to sign certificate based on the authentication result from saml2sso profile. Also the saml attribute (inside the saml assertion from saml2sso profile) will be put into the signed short-lived certificate. By deploying this service together with SPService and saml2sso.serviceprovider handler, we can get the convertion from username/password ------> x509 certificate. More...


namespace  ArcSec
 ArcRequest, Parsing the specified Arc request format.