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nordugrid-arc-nox  1.1.0~rc6
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isis.cpp File Reference
#include <sstream>
#include <map>
#include <math.h>
#include <algorithm>
#include <arc/loader/Loader.h>
#include <arc/data/FileCacheHash.h>
#include <arc/message/PayloadSOAP.h>
#include <arc/message/MCCLoader.h>
#include <arc/client/ClientInterface.h>
#include <arc/Thread.h>
#include <arc/Utils.h>
#include <arc/StringConv.h>
#include "security.h"
#include "isis.h"

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class  ISIS::Service_data
class  ISIS::Thread_data
class  ISIS::Soft_State


namespace  ISIS


#define RegisterXMLPath   "RegEntry/MetaSrcAdv/ServiceID"
#define RemoveXMLPath   "ServiceID"


std::string ISIS::Current_Time (time_t parameter_time=time(NULL))
static void ISIS::message_send_thread (void *arg)
void ISIS::SendToNeighbors (Arc::XMLNode &node, std::vector< Arc::ISIS_description > neighbors_, Arc::Logger &logger_, Arc::ISIS_description isis_desc, Neighbor_Container *not_availables_neighbors, std::string endpoint, std::multimap< std::string, Arc::ISIS_description > &hash_table)
static void ISIS::soft_state_thread (void *data)
static bool ISIS::IsOwnID (Arc::XMLNode node, const std::string &path, const std::string &id)
static Arc::PluginISIS::get_service (Arc::PluginArgument *arg)


static Arc::Logger ISIS::thread_logger (Arc::Logger::rootLogger,"ISIS_Thread")
Arc::PluginDescriptor PLUGINS_TABLE_NAME []

Class Documentation

class ISIS::Service_data

Definition at line 89 of file isis.cpp.

Collaboration diagram for ISIS::Service_data:
Class Members
string peerID
ISIS_description service
string serviceID
class ISIS::Thread_data

Definition at line 96 of file isis.cpp.

Collaboration diagram for ISIS::Thread_data:
Class Members
vector< ISIS_description > isis_list
XMLNode node
Neighbor_Container * not_av_neighbors
class ISIS::Soft_State

Definition at line 212 of file isis.cpp.

Collaboration diagram for ISIS::Soft_State:
Class Members
bool * available_provider_
XmlDatabase * database
string function
ISIService * isis
bool * kill_thread
bool * neighbors_update_needed_
vector< ISIS_description > * providers
string query
int sleep
int * threads_count

Define Documentation

#define RegisterXMLPath   "RegEntry/MetaSrcAdv/ServiceID"

Definition at line 821 of file isis.cpp.

#define RemoveXMLPath   "ServiceID"

Definition at line 822 of file isis.cpp.

Variable Documentation

Initial value:
    { "isis", "HED:SERVICE", 0, &ISIS::get_service },
    { NULL, NULL, 0, NULL }

Definition at line 1364 of file isis.cpp.