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nordugrid-arc-nox  1.1.0~rc6
http_test.cpp File Reference
#include <string>
#include <iostream>
#include <arc/loader/Loader.h>
#include <arc/message/PayloadRaw.h>
#include <arc/ArcConfig.h>
#include <arc/StringConv.h>
#include <arc/URL.h>

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void test1 (void)
int main (void)

Function Documentation

int main ( void  )

Definition at line 86 of file http_test.cpp.

  return 0;

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void test1 ( void  )

! l["http"]->process(request,response);

Definition at line 14 of file http_test.cpp.

  std::cout<<"------ Testing simple file download ------"<<std::endl;

  Arc::URL url("");

  Arc::NS ns;
  Arc::Config c(ns);
  Arc::XMLNode cfg = c;
  Arc::XMLNode mgr = cfg.NewChild("ModuleManager");
  Arc::XMLNode pth1 = mgr.NewChild("Path");
  pth1 = "../tcp/.libs";
  Arc::XMLNode pth2 = mgr.NewChild("Path");
  pth2 = ".libs";
  Arc::XMLNode plg1 = cfg.NewChild("Plugins");
  Arc::XMLNode mcctcp = plg1.NewChild("Name");
  mcctcp = "mcctcp";
  Arc::XMLNode plg2 = cfg.NewChild("Plugins");
  Arc::XMLNode mcchttp = plg2.NewChild("Name");
  mcchttp = "mcchttp";
  Arc::XMLNode chn = cfg.NewChild("Chain");

  Arc::XMLNode tcp = chn.NewChild("Component");
  Arc::XMLNode tcpname = tcp.NewAttribute("name");
  tcpname = "tcp.client";
  Arc::XMLNode tcpid = tcp.NewAttribute("id");
  tcpid = "tcp";
  Arc::XMLNode tcpcnt = tcp.NewChild("Connect");
  Arc::XMLNode tcphost = tcpcnt.NewChild("Host");
  tcphost = url.Host();
  Arc::XMLNode tcpport = tcpcnt.NewChild("Port");
  tcpport = Arc::tostring(url.Port());

  Arc::XMLNode http = chn.NewChild("Component");
  Arc::XMLNode httpname = http.NewAttribute("name");
  httpname = "http.client";
  Arc::XMLNode httpid = http.NewAttribute("id");
  httpid = "http";
  Arc::XMLNode httpentry = http.NewAttribute("entry");
  httpentry = "http";
  Arc::XMLNode httpnext = http.NewChild("next");
  Arc::XMLNode httpnextid = httpnext.NewAttribute("id");
  httpnextid = "tcp";
  Arc::XMLNode httpmeth = http.NewChild("Method");
  httpmeth = "GET";
  Arc::XMLNode httpep = http.NewChild("Endpoint");
  httpep = url.str();

  std::cout<<"------ Configuration ------"<<std::endl;
  std::string cfgstr;
  std::cerr << cfgstr << std::endl;

  Arc::Loader l(c);

  Arc::Message request;
  Arc::PayloadRaw msg;
  Arc::MessageAttributes attributes;
  Arc::MessageContext context;
  Arc::Message response;

  std::cout<<"*** RESPONSE ***"<<std::endl;
  Arc::PayloadRaw& payload =
  for(int n = 0;n<payload.Size();++n) std::cout<<payload[n];

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