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nordugrid-arc-nox  1.1.0~rc6
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arc.FileInfo Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__
def GetName
def GetLastName
def GetURLs
def AddURL
def CheckSize
def GetSize
def SetSize
def CheckCheckSum
def GetCheckSum
def SetCheckSum
def CheckCreated
def GetCreated
def SetCreated
def CheckValid
def GetValid
def SetValid
def CheckType
def GetType
def SetType
def CheckLatency
def GetLatency
def SetLatency
def GetMetaData
def SetMetaData

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

 file_type_unknown = _arc.FileInfo_file_type_unknown
 file_type_file = _arc.FileInfo_file_type_file
 file_type_dir = _arc.FileInfo_file_type_dir

Static Private Attributes

dictionary __swig_setmethods__ = {}
tuple __setattr__ = lambdaself,name,value:_swig_setattr(self, FileInfo, name, value)
dictionary __swig_getmethods__ = {}
tuple __getattr__ = lambdaself,name:_swig_getattr(self, FileInfo, name)
 __repr__ = _swig_repr
 __swig_destroy__ = _arc.delete_FileInfo
 __del__ = lambdaself:None;

Detailed Description

Definition at line 3928 of file

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def arc.FileInfo.__init__ (   self,

Definition at line 3937 of file

03938     def __init__(self, *args): 
03939         this = _arc.new_FileInfo(*args)
03940         try: self.this.append(this)
        except: self.this = this

Member Function Documentation

def arc.FileInfo.AddURL (   args)

Definition at line 3946 of file

    def AddURL(*args): return _arc.FileInfo_AddURL(*args)

Definition at line 3950 of file

    def CheckCheckSum(*args): return _arc.FileInfo_CheckCheckSum(*args)
def arc.FileInfo.CheckCreated (   args)

Definition at line 3953 of file

    def CheckCreated(*args): return _arc.FileInfo_CheckCreated(*args)
def arc.FileInfo.CheckLatency (   args)

Definition at line 3962 of file

    def CheckLatency(*args): return _arc.FileInfo_CheckLatency(*args)
def arc.FileInfo.CheckSize (   args)

Definition at line 3947 of file

    def CheckSize(*args): return _arc.FileInfo_CheckSize(*args)
def arc.FileInfo.CheckType (   args)

Definition at line 3959 of file

    def CheckType(*args): return _arc.FileInfo_CheckType(*args)
def arc.FileInfo.CheckValid (   args)

Definition at line 3956 of file

    def CheckValid(*args): return _arc.FileInfo_CheckValid(*args)
def arc.FileInfo.GetCheckSum (   args)

Definition at line 3951 of file

    def GetCheckSum(*args): return _arc.FileInfo_GetCheckSum(*args)
def arc.FileInfo.GetCreated (   args)

Definition at line 3954 of file

    def GetCreated(*args): return _arc.FileInfo_GetCreated(*args)
def arc.FileInfo.GetLastName (   args)

Definition at line 3944 of file

    def GetLastName(*args): return _arc.FileInfo_GetLastName(*args)
def arc.FileInfo.GetLatency (   args)

Definition at line 3963 of file

    def GetLatency(*args): return _arc.FileInfo_GetLatency(*args)
def arc.FileInfo.GetMetaData (   args)

Definition at line 3965 of file

    def GetMetaData(*args): return _arc.FileInfo_GetMetaData(*args)
def arc.FileInfo.GetName (   args)

Definition at line 3943 of file

    def GetName(*args): return _arc.FileInfo_GetName(*args)
def arc.FileInfo.GetSize (   args)

Definition at line 3948 of file

    def GetSize(*args): return _arc.FileInfo_GetSize(*args)
def arc.FileInfo.GetType (   args)

Definition at line 3960 of file

    def GetType(*args): return _arc.FileInfo_GetType(*args)
def arc.FileInfo.GetURLs (   args)

Definition at line 3945 of file

    def GetURLs(*args): return _arc.FileInfo_GetURLs(*args)
def arc.FileInfo.GetValid (   args)

Definition at line 3957 of file

    def GetValid(*args): return _arc.FileInfo_GetValid(*args)
def arc.FileInfo.SetCheckSum (   args)

Definition at line 3952 of file

    def SetCheckSum(*args): return _arc.FileInfo_SetCheckSum(*args)
def arc.FileInfo.SetCreated (   args)

Definition at line 3955 of file

    def SetCreated(*args): return _arc.FileInfo_SetCreated(*args)
def arc.FileInfo.SetLatency (   args)

Definition at line 3964 of file

    def SetLatency(*args): return _arc.FileInfo_SetLatency(*args)
def arc.FileInfo.SetMetaData (   args)

Definition at line 3966 of file

    def SetMetaData(*args): return _arc.FileInfo_SetMetaData(*args)
def arc.FileInfo.SetSize (   args)

Definition at line 3949 of file

    def SetSize(*args): return _arc.FileInfo_SetSize(*args)
def arc.FileInfo.SetType (   args)

Definition at line 3961 of file

    def SetType(*args): return _arc.FileInfo_SetType(*args)
def arc.FileInfo.SetValid (   args)

Definition at line 3958 of file

    def SetValid(*args): return _arc.FileInfo_SetValid(*args)

Member Data Documentation

arc.FileInfo.__del__ = lambdaself:None; [static, private]

Definition at line 3942 of file

tuple arc.FileInfo.__getattr__ = lambdaself,name:_swig_getattr(self, FileInfo, name) [static, private]

Definition at line 3932 of file

arc.FileInfo.__repr__ = _swig_repr [static, private]

Definition at line 3933 of file

tuple arc.FileInfo.__setattr__ = lambdaself,name,value:_swig_setattr(self, FileInfo, name, value) [static, private]

Definition at line 3930 of file

arc.FileInfo.__swig_destroy__ = _arc.delete_FileInfo [static, private]

Definition at line 3941 of file

dictionary arc.FileInfo.__swig_getmethods__ = {} [static, private]

Definition at line 3931 of file

dictionary arc.FileInfo.__swig_setmethods__ = {} [static, private]

Definition at line 3929 of file

arc.FileInfo.file_type_dir = _arc.FileInfo_file_type_dir [static]

Definition at line 3936 of file

arc.FileInfo.file_type_file = _arc.FileInfo_file_type_file [static]

Definition at line 3935 of file

arc.FileInfo.file_type_unknown = _arc.FileInfo_file_type_unknown [static]

Definition at line 3934 of file

Definition at line 3940 of file

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