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nordugrid-arc-nox  1.1.0~rc6
Arc::URL Member List
This is the complete list of members for Arc::URL, including all inherited members.
AddLDAPAttribute(const std::string &attribute)Arc::URL
AddOption(const std::string &option, const std::string &value, bool overwrite=true)Arc::URL
base enum valueArc::URL
BaseDN2Path(const std::string &)Arc::URL [protected, static]
ChangeHost(const std::string &newhost)Arc::URL
ChangeLDAPFilter(const std::string &newfilter)Arc::URL
ChangeLDAPScope(const Scope newscope)Arc::URL
ChangePath(const std::string &newpath)Arc::URL
ChangePort(int newport)Arc::URL
ChangeProtocol(const std::string &newprot)Arc::URL
CommonLocOption(const std::string &option, const std::string &undefined="") const Arc::URL
commonlocoptionsArc::URL [protected]
CommonLocOptions() const Arc::URL
ConnectionURL() const Arc::URL [virtual]
FullPath() const Arc::URL
fullstr() const Arc::URL [virtual]
hostArc::URL [protected]
Host() const Arc::URL
HTTPOption(const std::string &option, const std::string &undefined="") const Arc::URL
HTTPOptions() const Arc::URL
httpoptionsArc::URL [protected]
ip6addrArc::URL [protected]
IsSecureProtocol() const Arc::URL
LDAPAttributes() const Arc::URL
ldapattributesArc::URL [protected]
LDAPFilter() const Arc::URL
ldapfilterArc::URL [protected]
LDAPScope() const Arc::URL
ldapscopeArc::URL [protected]
Locations() const Arc::URL
locationsArc::URL [protected]
MetaDataOption(const std::string &option, const std::string &undefined="") const Arc::URL
MetaDataOptions() const Arc::URL
metadataoptionsArc::URL [protected]
onelevel enum valueArc::URL
operator bool() const Arc::URL
operator!() const Arc::URL
operator<(const URL &url) const Arc::URL
operator<<(std::ostream &out, const URL &u)Arc::URL [friend]
operator==(const URL &url) const Arc::URL
Option(const std::string &option, const std::string &undefined="") const Arc::URL
Options() const Arc::URL
OptionString(const std::map< std::string, std::string > &options, char separator)Arc::URL [static]
ParseOptions(const std::string &optstring, char separator)Arc::URL
passwdArc::URL [protected]
Passwd() const Arc::URL
Path() const Arc::URL
pathArc::URL [protected]
Path2BaseDN(const std::string &)Arc::URL [protected, static]
Port() const Arc::URL
portArc::URL [protected]
Protocol() const Arc::URL
protocolArc::URL [protected]
Scope enum nameArc::URL
str() const Arc::URL [virtual]
subtree enum valueArc::URL
URL(const std::string &url)Arc::URL
urloptionsArc::URL [protected]
Username() const Arc::URL
usernameArc::URL [protected]
validArc::URL [protected]
~URL()Arc::URL [virtual]