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nordugrid-arc-nox  1.1.0~rc6
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DataPointGridFTP.cpp File Reference
#include <openssl/ssl.h>
#include <arc/Logger.h>
#include <arc/StringConv.h>
#include <arc/UserConfig.h>
#include <arc/data/DataBuffer.h>
#include <arc/globusutils/GlobusErrorUtils.h>
#include <arc/globusutils/GlobusWorkarounds.h>
#include <arc/globusutils/GSSCredential.h>
#include <arc/crypto/OpenSSL.h>
#include "DataPointGridFTP.h"
#include "Lister.h"

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namespace  Arc
 ARCJSDLParser The ARCJSDLParser class, derived from the JobDescriptionParser class, is primarily a job description parser for the consolidated job description language (ARCJSDL), derived from JSDL, described in the following document


static bool Arc::remove_last_dir (std::string &dir)
static bool Arc::add_last_dir (std::string &dir, const std::string &path)


static bool Arc::proxy_initialized = false
Arc::PluginDescriptor PLUGINS_TABLE_NAME []

Variable Documentation

Initial value:
  { "gridftp", "HED:DMC", 0, &Arc::DataPointGridFTP::Instance },
  { NULL, NULL, 0, NULL }

Definition at line 849 of file DataPointGridFTP.cpp.