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nordugrid-arc-nox  1.1.0~rc6
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ArcRule.h File Reference
#include <arc/XMLNode.h>
#include <list>
#include <arc/security/ArcPDP/policy/Policy.h>
#include <arc/security/ArcPDP/fn/Function.h>
#include <arc/security/ArcPDP/alg/CombiningAlg.h>
#include <arc/security/ArcPDP/attr/AttributeFactory.h>
#include <arc/security/ArcPDP/fn/FnFactory.h>
#include <arc/security/ArcPDP/Evaluator.h>
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class  ArcSec::ArcRule
 ArcRule class to parse Arc specific <Rule> node. More...


namespace  ArcSec
 ArcRequest, Parsing the specified Arc request format.


typedef std::pair
< AttributeValue *, Function * > 
 Pair Match include the AttributeValue object in <Rule> and the Function which is used to handle the AttributeValue, default function is "Equal", if some other function is used, it should be explicitly specified, e.g. <Subject type="string" function="Match">/vo.knowarc/usergroupA</Subject>
typedef std::list< Match > ArcSec::AndList
 "And" relationship means the request should satisfy all of the items <Subject> <SubFraction type="X500DN">/O=Grid/OU=KnowARC/CN=XYZ</SubFraction> <SubFraction type="ShibName">urn:mace:shibboleth:examples</SubFraction> </Subject>
typedef std::list< AndList > ArcSec::OrList
 OrList - include items inside one <Subjects> (or <Resources> <Actions> <Conditions>)


enum  ArcSec::Id_MatchResult { ArcSec::ID_MATCH = 0, ArcSec::ID_PARTIAL_MATCH = 1, ArcSec::ID_NO_MATCH = 2 }