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munin  2.0.1
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munin.DataSource Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

def get_config
def get_value

Static Private Attributes

list __slots__
list _draw_modes

Detailed Description

Represents a single data source.

This class should not be directly created by the user - this is done
transparently by the Plugin-class.

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Member Function Documentation

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00034     def get_config(self):
00035         if hasattr(self, "draw"):
00036             assert self.draw in self._draw_modes
00038         data = dict()
00040         for attr in self.__slots__:
00041             if attr == 'value':
00042                 continue
00043             if hasattr(self, attr):
00044                 data[attr] = self.__getattribute__(attr)
00046         return data

Here is the call graph for this function:

def munin.DataSource.get_value (   self,

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00048     def get_value(self, data_source_name):
00049         assert hasattr(self, "value")
00051         if callable(self.value):
00052             return self.value(data_source_name)
00054         return self.value

Member Data Documentation

list munin.DataSource.__slots__ [static, private]
Initial value:
['label', 'cdef', 'draw', 'graph', 'info', 'extinfo', 'max',
            'min', 'negative', 'type', 'warning', 'critical', 'colour',
            'skipdraw', 'sum', 'stack', 'line', 'value']

Definition at line 23 of file

list munin.DataSource._draw_modes [static, private]
Initial value:
['AREA', 'STACK', \
            'LINE1', 'LINE2', 'LINE3', \
            'LINESTACK1', 'LINESTACK2', 'LINESTACK3', \

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