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moin  1.9.0~rc2
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test_utils.TestUniqueIDGenerator Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

def setup_method
def testGeneration
def testStack
def testDocuments

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Member Function Documentation

def test_utils.TestUniqueIDGenerator.setup_method (   self,

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00015     def setup_method(self, method):
00016         self.uid_gen = utils.UniqueIDGenerator('TestPage')

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00029     def testDocuments(self):
00030         py.test.skip("TODO: needs implementation")

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00018     def testGeneration(self):
00019         TESTCASES = [('somebase', 'somebase'), ('other', 'other'),
00020                      ('somebase', 'somebase-1'), ('another', 'another'),
00021                      ('other', 'other-1'), ('other', 'other-2'),
00022                      ('somebase', 'somebase-2')]
00023         for base, expected in TESTCASES:
00024             assert self.uid_gen(base) == expected

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00026     def testStack(self):
00027         py.test.skip("TODO: needs implementation")

Member Data Documentation

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