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moin  1.9.0~rc2
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test_sendmail.TestdecodeSpamSafeEmail Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

def testDecodeSpamSafeMail

Static Private Attributes

tuple _tests

Detailed Description

mail.sendmail: testing mail

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Member Function Documentation

mail.sendmail: decoding spam safe mail

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00039     def testDecodeSpamSafeMail(self):
00040         """mail.sendmail: decoding spam safe mail"""
00041         for coded, expected in self._tests:
00042             assert sendmail.decodeSpamSafeEmail(coded) == expected

Member Data Documentation

Initial value:
        ('', ''),
        ('AT', '@'),
        ('DOT', '.'),
        ('DASH', '-'),
        ('CAPS', ''),
        ('Mixed', 'Mixed'),
        ('lower', 'lower'),
        ('Firstname DOT Lastname AT example DOT net',
        ('Firstname . Lastname AT exa mp le DOT n e t',
        ('Firstname I DONT WANT SPAM . Lastname@example DOT net',
        ('First name I Lastname DONT AT WANT SPAM example DOT n e t',
        ('', ''),
        ('first . last @ example . com', ''),

Definition at line 18 of file

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