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moin  1.9.0~rc2
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test_pysupport.TestImportNameFromPlugin Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def setup_method
def checkPackage
def pluginExists
def pluginFilePath

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

string name = 'Parser'

Detailed Description

Base class for import plugin tests 

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Member Function Documentation

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00053     def checkPackage(self, path):
00054         for item in (path, os.path.join(path, '')):
00055             if not os.path.exists(item):
00056                 py.test.skip("Missing or wrong permissions: %s" % item)

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00058     def pluginExists(self):
00059         return (os.path.exists(self.pluginFilePath('.py')) or
00060                 os.path.exists(self.pluginFilePath('.pyc')))

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00062     def pluginFilePath(self, suffix):
00063         return os.path.join(self.pluginDirectory, self.plugin + suffix)

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Check for valid plugin package 

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00048     def setup_method(self, method):
00049         """ Check for valid plugin package """
00050         self.pluginDirectory = os.path.join(self.request.cfg.data_dir, 'plugin', 'parser')
00051         self.checkPackage(self.pluginDirectory)

Member Data Documentation

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