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moin  1.9.0~rc2
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test_multiconfig.TestPasswordChecker Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def testBuiltinPasswordChecker

Static Public Attributes

string username = u"SomeUser"
list tests_builtin

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

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00030     def testBuiltinPasswordChecker(self):
00031         pw_checker = self.request.cfg.password_checker
00032         if not pw_checker:
00033             py.test.skip("password_checker is disabled in the configuration, not testing it")
00034         else:
00035             for pw, result in self.tests_builtin:
00036                 pw_error = pw_checker(self.request, self.username, pw)
00037                 print "%r: %s" % (pw, pw_error)
00038                 assert result == (pw_error is None)

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Member Data Documentation

Initial value:
        (u'', False), # empty
        (u'1966', False), # too short
        (u'asdfghjk', False), # keyboard sequence
        (u'QwertZuiop', False), # german keyboard sequence, with uppercase
        (u'mnbvcx', False), # reverse keyboard sequence
        (u'12345678', False), # keyboard sequence, too easy
        (u'aaaaaaaa', False), # not enough different chars
        (u'BBBaaaddd', False), # not enough different chars
        (username, False), # username == password
        (username[1:-1], False), # password in username
        (u"XXX%sXXX" % username, False), # username in password
        (u'Moin-2007', True), # this should be OK

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string test_multiconfig.TestPasswordChecker.username = u"SomeUser" [static]

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