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moin  1.9.0~rc2
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jabberbot.commands.NotificationCommandI18n Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__
def translate

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Detailed Description

Notification request that should be translated by the XMPP bot

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def jabberbot.commands.NotificationCommandI18n.__init__ (   self,
  msg_type = "normal",
  async = True 
A constructor

Params as in NotificationCommand.

Reimplemented from jabberbot.commands.NotificationCommand.

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00037     def __init__(self, jids, notification, msg_type="normal", async=True):
00038         """A constructor
00040         Params as in NotificationCommand.
00042         """
00043         NotificationCommand.__init__(self, jids, notification, msg_type, async)

Member Function Documentation

def jabberbot.commands.NotificationCommandI18n.translate (   self,
Translate the message using a provided gettext function

@param gettext_func: a unary gettext function
@return: translated message and subject
@rtype: tuple

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00045     def translate(self, gettext_func):
00046         """Translate the message using a provided gettext function
00048         @param gettext_func: a unary gettext function
00049         @return: translated message and subject
00050         @rtype: tuple
00051         """
00052         if self.notification.has_key('data'):
00053             msg =  gettext_func(self.notification['text']) % self.notification['data']
00054         else:
00055             msg = gettext_func(self.notification['text'])
00057         return (msg, gettext_func(self.notification.get('subject', '')))

Member Data Documentation

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