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moin  1.9.0~rc2
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MoinMoin.wikiutil.Version Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

def parse_version
def __new__
def __str__

Static Public Attributes



 major = property(lambda self: self[0])
 minor = property(lambda self: self[1])
 release = property(lambda self: self[2])
 additional = property(lambda self: self[3])

Detailed Description

Version objects store versions like 1.2.3-4.5alpha6 in a structured
way and support version comparisons and direct version component access.
1: major version (digits only)
2: minor version (digits only)
3: (maintenance) release version (digits only)
4.5alpha6: optional additional version specification (str)

You can create a Version instance either by giving the components, like:
or by giving the composite version string, like:

Version subclasses tuple, so comparisons to tuples should work.
Also, we inherit all the comparison logic from tuple base class.

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Member Function Documentation

def MoinMoin.wikiutil.Version.__new__ (   cls,
  major = 0,
  minor = 0,
  release = 0,
  additional = '',
  version = None 

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02585     def __new__(cls, major=0, minor=0, release=0, additional='', version=None):
02586         if version:
02587             major, minor, release, additional = cls.parse_version(version)
02588         return tuple.__new__(cls, (major, minor, release, additional))

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02596     def __str__(self):
02597         version_str = "%d.%d.%d" % (self.major, self.minor, self.release)
02598         if self.additional:
02599             version_str += "-%s" % self.additional
02600         return version_str
def MoinMoin.wikiutil.Version.parse_version (   cls,

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02578     def parse_version(cls, version):
02579         match = cls.VERSION_RE.match(version)
02580         if match is None:
02581             raise ValueError("Unexpected version string format: %r" % version)
02582         v = match.groupdict()
02583         return int(v['major']), int(v['minor']), int(v['release']), str(v['additional'] or '')

Member Data Documentation

Initial value:
        r"""(?P<major>\d+)    \.    (?P<minor>\d+)    \.    (?P<release>\d+)    (-     (?P<additional>.+)    )?""",

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Property Documentation

MoinMoin.wikiutil.Version.additional = property(lambda self: self[3]) [static]

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MoinMoin.wikiutil.Version.major = property(lambda self: self[0]) [static]

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MoinMoin.wikiutil.Version.minor = property(lambda self: self[1]) [static]

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MoinMoin.wikiutil.Version.release = property(lambda self: self[2]) [static]

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