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moin  1.9.0~rc2
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def www_authenticate

Detailed Description

Adds a :attr:`www_authenticate` property to a response object.

Definition at line 1160 of file

Member Function Documentation

The `WWW-Authenticate` header in a parsed form.

Definition at line 1164 of file

01165     def www_authenticate(self):
01166         """The `WWW-Authenticate` header in a parsed form."""
01167         def on_update(www_auth):
01168             if not www_auth and 'www-authenticate' in self.headers:
01169                 del self.headers['www-authenticate']
01170             elif www_auth:
01171                 self.headers['WWW-Authenticate'] = www_auth.to_header()
01172         header = self.headers.get('www-authenticate')
01173         return parse_www_authenticate_header(header, on_update)

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