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moin  1.9.0~rc2
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def __init__
def close
def __iter__
def next

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Detailed Description

This class can be used to convert a :class:`file`-like object into
an iterable.  It yields `buffer_size` blocks until the file is fully

You should not use this class directly but rather use the
:func:`wrap_file` function that uses the WSGI server's file wrapper
support if it's available.

.. versionadded:: 0.5

:param file: a :class:`file`-like object with a :meth:`` method.
:param buffer_size: number of bytes for one iteration.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def (   self,
  buffer_size = 8192 

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00373     def __init__(self, file, buffer_size=8192):
00374         self.file = file
00375         self.buffer_size = buffer_size

Member Function Documentation

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00381     def __iter__(self):
00382         return self

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00377     def close(self):
00378         if hasattr(self.file, 'close'):
00379             self.file.close()

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00384     def next(self):
00385         data =
00386         if data:
00387             return data
00388         raise StopIteration()

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Member Data Documentation

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