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moin  1.9.0~rc2
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def __init__
def get_rules

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Detailed Description

All URLs provided by this factory have the subdomain set to a
specific domain. For example if you want to use the subdomain for
the current language this can be a good setup::

    url_map = Map([
        Rule('/', endpoint='#select_language'),
        Subdomain('<string(length=2):lang_code>', [
            Rule('/', endpoint='index'),
            Rule('/about', endpoint='about'),
            Rule('/help', endpoint='help')

All the rules except for the ``'#select_language'`` endpoint will now
listen on a two letter long subdomain that helds the language code
for the current request.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def (   self,

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00248     def __init__(self, subdomain, rules):
00249         self.subdomain = subdomain
00250         self.rules = rules

Member Function Documentation

Subclasses of `RuleFactory` have to override this method and return
an iterable of rules.

Reimplemented from

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00252     def get_rules(self, map):
00253         for rulefactory in self.rules:
00254             for rule in rulefactory.get_rules(map):
00255                 rule.subdomain = self.subdomain
00256                 yield rule

Member Data Documentation

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