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moin  1.9.0~rc2
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Public Member Functions

def xml
def lxml
def json

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

tuple xml = cached_property(xml)
tuple lxml = cached_property(lxml)
tuple json = cached_property(json)

Detailed Description

Pass this to `werkzeug.test.Client` for easier unittesting.

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Member Function Documentation

Get the result of simplejson.loads if possible.

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00054     def json(self):
00055         """Get the result of simplejson.loads if possible."""
00056         if 'json' not in self.mimetype:
00057             raise AttributeError('Not a JSON response')
00058         try:
00059             from simplejson import loads
00060         except:
00061             from json import loads
        return loads(

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Get an lxml etree if possible.

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00040     def lxml(self):
00041         """Get an lxml etree if possible."""
00042         if ('html' not in self.mimetype and 'xml' not in self.mimetype):
00043             raise AttributeError('Not an HTML/XML response')
00044         from lxml import etree
00045         try:
00046             from lxml.html import fromstring
00047         except ImportError:
00048             fromstring = etree.HTML
00049         if self.mimetype=='text/html':
00050             return fromstring(
        return etree.XML(
A mixin class for response objects that provides a couple of useful
accessors for unittesting.
Get an etree if possible.

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00025     def xml(self):
00026         """Get an etree if possible."""
00027         if 'xml' not in self.mimetype:
00028             raise AttributeError(
00029                 'Not a XML response (Content-Type: %s)'
00030                 % self.mimetype)
00031         for module in ['xml.etree.ElementTree', 'ElementTree',
00032                        'elementtree.ElementTree']:
00033             etree = import_string(module, silent=True)
00034             if etree is not None:
00035                 return etree.XML(self.body)
00036         raise RuntimeError('You must have ElementTree installed '
                           'to use TestResponse.xml')

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Member Data Documentation

tuple = cached_property(json) [static, inherited]

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tuple = cached_property(lxml) [static, inherited]

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tuple = cached_property(xml) [static, inherited]

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