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moin  1.9.0~rc2
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Public Member Functions

def get_tokens_unprocessed

Static Public Attributes

string name = 'Makefile'
list aliases = ['make', 'makefile', 'mf', 'bsdmake']
list filenames = ['*.mak', 'Makefile', 'makefile', 'Makefile.*', 'GNUmakefile']
list mimetypes = ['text/x-makefile']
tuple r_special
tuple r_comment = re.compile(r'^\s*@?#')

Detailed Description

Lexer for BSD and GNU make extensions (lenient enough to handle both in
the same file even).

*Rewritten in Pygments 0.10.*

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Member Function Documentation

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00132     def get_tokens_unprocessed(self, text):
00133         ins = []
00134         lines = text.splitlines(True)
00135         done = ''
00136         lex = BaseMakefileLexer(**self.options)
00137         backslashflag = False
00138         for line in lines:
00139             if self.r_special.match(line) or backslashflag:
00140                 ins.append((len(done), [(0, Comment.Preproc, line)]))
00141                 backslashflag = line.strip().endswith('\\')
00142             elif self.r_comment.match(line):
00143                 ins.append((len(done), [(0, Comment, line)]))
00144             else:
00145                 done += line
00146         for item in do_insertions(ins, lex.get_tokens_unprocessed(done)):
00147             yield item

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Member Data Documentation

list = ['make', 'makefile', 'mf', 'bsdmake'] [static]

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list = ['*.mak', 'Makefile', 'makefile', 'Makefile.*', 'GNUmakefile'] [static]

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tuple = re.compile(r'^\s*@?#') [static]

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Initial value:
        # BSD Make
        # GNU Make

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