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moin  1.9.0~rc2
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Public Member Functions

def analyse_text

Static Public Attributes

string name = 'Embedded Ragel'
list aliases = ['ragel-em']
list filenames = ['*.rl']
dictionary tokens

Detailed Description

A lexer for `Ragel`_ embedded in a host language file.

This will only highlight Ragel statements. If you want host language
highlighting then call the language-specific Ragel lexer.

*New in Pygments 1.1.*

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Member Function Documentation

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00209     def analyse_text(text):
00210         return '@LANG: indep' in text or 0.1

Member Data Documentation

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Initial value:
        'root': [
            (r'(' + r'|'.join(( # keep host code in largest possible chunks
                r'[^%\'"/#]+', # exclude unsafe characters                r'%(?=[^%]|$)', # a single % sign is okay, just not 2 of them                # strings and comments may safely contain unsafe characters                r'"(\\\\|\\"|[^"])*"', # double quote string                r"'(\\\\|\\'|[^'])*'", # single quote string                r'/\*(.|\n)*?\*/', # multi-line javadoc-style comment                r'//.*$\n?', # single line comment                r'\#.*$\n?', # ruby/ragel comment                r'/(?!\*)(\\\\|\\/|[^/])*/', # regular expression                # / is safe now that we've handled regex and javadoc comments                r'/',            )) + r')+', Other),            # Single Line FSM.            # Please don't put a quoted newline in a single line FSM.            # That's just mean. It will break this.            (r'(%%)(?![{%])(.*)($|;)(\n?)', bygroups(Punctuation,                                                     using(RagelLexer),                                                     Punctuation, Text)),            # Multi Line FSM.            (r'(%%%%|%%){', Punctuation, 'multi-line-fsm'),        ],        'multi-line-fsm': [            (r'(' + r'|'.join(( # keep ragel code in largest possible chunks.                r'(' + r'|'.join((                    r'[^}\'"\[/#]', # exclude unsafe characters

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