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moin  1.9.0~rc2
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Static Public Attributes

string name = 'ANTLR'
list aliases = ['antlr']
list filenames = []

Static Private Attributes

string _id = r'[A-Za-z][A-Za-z_0-9]*'
string _TOKEN_REF = r'[A-Z][A-Za-z_0-9]*'
string _RULE_REF = r'[a-z][A-Za-z_0-9]*'
string _STRING_LITERAL = r'\'(?:\\\\|\\\'|[^\']*)\''
string _INT = r'[0-9]+'

Detailed Description

Generic `ANTLR`_ Lexer.
Should not be called directly, instead
use DelegatingLexer for your target language.

*New in Pygments 1.1.*

.. _ANTLR:

Definition at line 325 of file

Member Data Documentation

string = r'[A-Za-z][A-Za-z_0-9]*' [static, private]

Definition at line 340 of file

string = r'[0-9]+' [static, private]

Definition at line 344 of file

string = r'[a-z][A-Za-z_0-9]*' [static, private]

Definition at line 342 of file

string = r'\'(?:\\\\|\\\'|[^\']*)\'' [static, private]

Definition at line 343 of file

string = r'[A-Z][A-Za-z_0-9]*' [static, private]

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