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moin  1.9.0~rc2
Static Public Attributes Class Reference
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Static Public Attributes

string name = 'Befunge'
list aliases = ['befunge']
list filenames = ['*.befunge']
list mimetypes = ['application/x-befunge']
dictionary tokens

Detailed Description

Lexer for the esoteric `Befunge <>`_

*New in Pygments 0.7.*

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Member Data Documentation

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list = ['application/x-befunge'] [static]

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Initial value:
        'root': [
            (r'[0-9a-f]', Number),
            (r'[\+\*/%!`-]', Operator), # Traditional math
            (r'[<>^v?\[\]rxjk]', Name.Variable), # Move, imperatives
            (r'[:\\$.,n]', Name.Builtin), # Stack ops, imperatives
            (r'[|_mw]', Keyword),
            (r'[{}]', Name.Tag), # Befunge-98 stack ops
            (r'".*?"', String.Double), # Strings don't appear to allow escapes
            (r'\'.', String.Single), # Single character
            (r'[#;]', Comment), # Trampoline... depends on direction hit
            (r'[pg&~=@iotsy]', Keyword), # Misc
            (r'[()A-Z]', Comment), # Fingerprints
            (r'\s+', Text), # Whitespace doesn't matter

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