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moin  1.9.0~rc2
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Public Member Functions

def __init__
def filter

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Detailed Description

Convert keywords to lowercase or uppercase or capitalize them, which
means first letter uppercase, rest lowercase.

This can be useful e.g. if you highlight Pascal code and want to adapt the
code to your styleguide.

Options accepted:

`case` : string
   The casing to convert keywords to. Must be one of ``'lower'``,
   ``'upper'`` or ``'capitalize'``.  The default is ``'lower'``.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

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00121     def __init__(self, **options):
00122         Filter.__init__(self, **options)
00123         case = get_choice_opt(options, 'case', ['lower', 'upper', 'capitalize'], 'lower')
00124         self.convert = getattr(unicode, case)

Member Function Documentation

def (   self,

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00126     def filter(self, lexer, stream):
00127         for ttype, value in stream:
00128             if ttype in Keyword:
00129                 yield ttype, self.convert(value)
00130             else:
00131                 yield ttype, value

Member Data Documentation

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