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moin  1.9.0~rc2
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MoinMoin.parser.text_moin_wiki.Parser Class Reference

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int caching = 1
 Dependencies = Dependencies
tuple quickhelp

Detailed Description

    Parse wiki format markup (and call the formatter to generate output).

    All formatting commands can be parsed one line at a time, though
    some state is carried over between lines.

    Methods named like _*_repl() are responsible to handle the named regex patterns.

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Initial value:
 Emphasis:: <<Verbatim('')>>''italics''<<Verbatim('')>>; <<Verbatim(''')>>'''bold'''<<Verbatim(''')>>; <<Verbatim(''''')>>'''''bold italics'''''<<Verbatim(''''')>>; <<Verbatim('')>>''mixed ''<<Verbatim(''')>>'''''bold'''<<Verbatim(''')>> and italics''<<Verbatim('')>>; <<Verbatim(----)>> horizontal rule. Headings:: = Title 1 =; == Title 2 ==; === Title 3 ===; ==== Title 4 ====; ===== Title 5 =====. Lists:: space and one of: * bullets; 1., a., A., i., I. numbered items; 1.#n start numbering at n; space alone indents. Links:: <<Verbatim(JoinCapitalizedWords)>>; <<Verbatim([[target|linktext]])>>. Tables:: || cell text |||| cell text spanning 2 columns ||;    no trailing white space allowed after tables or titles.(!) For more help, see HelpOnEditing or HelpOnMoinWikiSyntax.""")

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