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moin  1.9.0~rc2
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MoinMoin._tests.test_wikiutil.TestPageLinkMarkup Class Reference

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def test_pagelinkmarkup

Private Member Functions

def _check

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Definition at line 918 of file

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def MoinMoin._tests.test_wikiutil.TestPageLinkMarkup._check (   self,
) [private]

Definition at line 935 of file

00936     def _check(self, params, expected):
00937         assert expected == wikiutil.pagelinkmarkup(*params)

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Definition at line 919 of file

00920     def test_pagelinkmarkup(self):
00921         tests = [
00922             # pagename (no link text), expected markup
00923             (('SomePage', ), 'SomePage'),
00924             (('Somepage', ), '[[Somepage]]'),
00925             (('somepage', ), '[[somepage]]'),
00926             (('Some Page', ), '[[Some Page]]'),
00927             # with link text
00928             (('SomePage', 'SomePage'), 'SomePage'),
00929             (('SomePage', 'some page'), '[[SomePage|some page]]'),
00930             (('Some Page', 'Some Page'), '[[Some Page]]'),
00931             (('Some Page', 'some Page'), '[[Some Page|some Page]]'),
00932         ]
00933         for params, expected in tests:
00934             yield self._check, params, expected

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