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moin  1.9.0~rc2
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MoinMoin._tests.test_packages.TestUnsafePackage Class Reference

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def setup_class
def teardown_class
def testBasicPackageThings

Detailed Description

Tests various things in the packages package. Note that this package does
    not care to clean up and needs to run in a test wiki because of that. 

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Member Function Documentation

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00065     def setup_class(self):
00066         if not getattr(self.request.cfg, 'is_test_wiki', False):
00067             py.test.skip('This test needs to be run using the test wiki.')

Definition at line 68 of file

00069     def teardown_class(self):
00070         DebugPackage(self.request, u"""moinmoinpackage|1
00071 DeletePage|FooPage|Test ...
00072 """).installPackage()

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00074     def testBasicPackageThings(self):
00075         become_superuser(self.request)
00076         myPackage = DebugPackage(self.request, 'test')
00077         myPackage.installPackage()
00078         assert myPackage.msg == u'foo\nFooPage added \n'
00079         testseite2 = Page(self.request, 'TestSeite2')
00080         assert testseite2.getPageText() == "Hello world, I am the file testdatei"
00081         assert testseite2.isUnderlayPage()

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