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CH.ifa.draw.applet.TestApplet Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

void init ()
void paletteUserSelected (PaletteButton button)
 Handles a user selection in the palette.
void paletteUserOver (PaletteButton button, boolean inside)
 Handles when the mouse enters or leaves a palette button.

Static Public Attributes

static final String IMAGES = "images/"

Private Attributes

transient ToolButton fDefaultToolButton
Iconkit fIconkit

Static Private Attributes

static final String fgDrawPath = "/CH/ifa/draw/"

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

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        fIconkit = new Iconkit(this);
       ImageIcon icon = new ImageIcon( IMAGES.substring(1)+"SEL1.gif");
       JButton fred = new JButton(icon);
        fDefaultToolButton = new ToolButton(this, IMAGES+"SEL",
                                       "Selection Tool",

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void CH.ifa.draw.applet.TestApplet.paletteUserOver ( PaletteButton  button,
boolean  inside 
) [inline]

Handles when the mouse enters or leaves a palette button.

See also:

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        if (inside)
            showStatus(((ToolButton) button).name());
           showStatus("Not over");
void CH.ifa.draw.applet.TestApplet.paletteUserSelected ( PaletteButton  button) [inline]

Handles a user selection in the palette.

See also:

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Member Data Documentation

transient ToolButton CH.ifa.draw.applet.TestApplet.fDefaultToolButton [private]

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final String CH.ifa.draw.applet.TestApplet.fgDrawPath = "/CH/ifa/draw/" [static, private]

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final String CH.ifa.draw.applet.TestApplet.IMAGES = "images/" [static]

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