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xptinvoke.cs File Reference

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struct  Mozilla.XPCOM.XPTCMiniVariant
struct  Mozilla.XPCOM.XPTCVariant
class  Mozilla.XPCOM.Invoker


package  Mozilla.XPCOM

Class Documentation

struct Mozilla::XPCOM::XPTCMiniVariant

Definition at line 16 of file xptinvoke.cs.

Class Members
Int32 b
byte c
double d
float f
Int16 i16
Int32 i32
Int64 i64
sbyte i8
IntPtr p
string str
UInt16 u16
UInt32 u32
UInt64 u64
byte u8
char wc
struct Mozilla::XPCOM::XPTCVariant

Definition at line 51 of file xptinvoke.cs.

Collaboration diagram for Mozilla.XPCOM.XPTCVariant:
Class Members
sbyte flags
IntPtr ptr
XPTType type
XPTCMiniVariant val